CW and Paramount in Talks For Melrose Place Update!

First a Brenda vs. Kelly rematch, now Amanda vs. Alison?
Every nubile young actress and brooding twentysomething stud in Hollyweird will soon be heading out for fresh head shots as The CW and CBS Paramount Network TV are in early talks to rejuvenate another series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise, Melrose Place. Entertainment Weekly spoiler guru Michael Ausiello revealed an update of the wildly popular 90’s sudser is being explored as we type. If this doesn’t make my girl Heather Locklear start working her 12 Steps I don’t know what will! As much as I loved the original series, I have to wonder, if The CW keeps updating all of our favorite shows from yesteryear, who’s gonna be on the next season of Dancing With the Stars?

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    Oh Jamey…. if they can somehow capture the madness, dark humor, and creep-factor of season three without it running out of steam too quickly, then I am so there!!!

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    They need to stop w/the remakes.
    That 90210 mess doesn’t even hold a candle to the original and when I enjoy Gossip Girl than the remake of the show that created the damn teen show genre, there’s a problem.

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    Oh don’t worry Jamey, once you start to like the show Dawn O will be sure to swing the axe and kill it, and if the show gets a cult following, well you can be sure its dead :)..

    *Still pissed over Everwood/Veronica Mars/ 7th Heaven/Reba/ countless other stuff the network has done -.-*

    Anyways i never watched the original, working on watching the original 90210 now once i finish that i will check out MP (For some reason i can’t type MP without thinking of a special part that belongs to certain characters on daytime *cough* Sonny, EJ *cough* )

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    I hope this doesn’t happen Beverly Hills i was a fan of, but MP i absolutly loved and with the 90210 remake being as good as it is (that is a joke)I dont want them to destroy the MP franchise. How about this let the old 90’s sudser’s stay buried, an maybe just maybe COME UP WITH NEW IDEAS FOR PRIMETIME SOAPS????!!!!!!!!!!

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    Am I the only one that loves the new 90210? maybe its because i didn’t watch the original ‘live’ but i am really enjoying it more then the original (i have one episode left on s1 to watch -.-))

    I am finding it a really enjoyable show all around, yea there are a few ‘low’ points but imo the good outshines the bad.

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    For the love of god – enough already! Leave Melrose Place alone! How could they even do that in a way that makes sense?! Are Amanda and Alison’s long-lost cousins going to be the frenemies of the show? What’s next a remake of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose? Or How about Married with Children? I guess the CW doesn’t need to come up with any new ideas, they can just re-do Fox’s entire 90s line up.

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