The Young and the Restless: Wed’s Preview

That Pert/Pantene girl’s got some chutzpah doesn’t she?

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    Jillian Bowe

    I pray my beloved Heather Tom comes back to Y&R! I think the Bell co should do a swap and have Amelia as Katie and Heather back as Victoria. I’ve been doing my rain dance for that to go down… Amelia makes a better Katie than Victoria.

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    I’m with you Jillian.

    I suppose this is where Nikki calls Ashley to intervene? I so want to see Ashley and Victor together again although I know it won’t last. I can dream can’t I?

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    Jillian Bowe

    Jorpa, you ain’t got me with that Ashley mess! *LOL* I know what you mean in regards to Victoria just messing with you. Ashley? No ma’am. She needs a new man in her life and not to go back up under Victor as a consolation prize because his life with Mon Cherie hasn’t worked out. I’d like to see her with Paul or hell bring back Joseph C. Phillips back as a love interest damnit!

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    I love Heather. :-) I keep praying for the day when she finally punches Victoria and breaks her nose…oh my…can you tell I hate Victoria? hahaha

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    Jamey Giddens

    Heather is bringing it this week. I was impressed with the way Vail handled Michelle in the scenes from yesterday. Someone is finally reading their Acting for Hair Models pamphlet I sent up there to that studio!

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    Anybody sees anything remotely logical or intelligent about what the Newman are doing?

    They don’t even know were Victor is, WTH is up with trying to misdirect the police. For all they know, they try to misdirect the police where Victor is!

    I am the only one thinking that I never saw such a contrive story where all characters make only moronics decisions!

    The Newman family is stuck on stupid.

    And I agree Victoria is the worst! Recast on Y&R is horrendous!

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    I agree that Amelia Heinle is woefully miscast as Victoria Newman (please bring back Heather Tom now!) but I wouldn’t say she’s the worst recast. That gal who is undeservedly in the role of Colleen (please bring back Adrianne Leon!) is one of the worst recasts this show has ever seen.

    Gosh, Victoria and JT are BORING!!! Something’s gotta happen to shake things up with these two. For two married people in real life, they sure lack on screen chemistry.

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    i with you that AH is not gelling in the role as Victoria Newman. It comes as flat and they need to recast just as Colleen and Heather needs to be recast. The show is better than most of the soaps, but it still needs some work to make it great again and to move on with this dumb s/l of everyone being dumb to save Victor’s ass. I just feel it is making the characters dumb as usual and makes me want them to get caught. I am so sick of Victor’s whiny and moping around because I do believe he love Sabrina, but I think he love Sabrina being in love with the great Victor Newman and was singing his praises. I think Victor like to control women and always want them to be under him. figuratively speaking.


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