Caption This: The Brothers Drake

Caption This scene between General Hospital’s the brothers Drake (Jason Thompson and Jason Cook). Take your best shot!

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    Matt: Do you think I am boring?
    Patrick: I know you are, but you are my brother and I cannot say so! TIIC even put you in one of MY surgery in hope that you get my hotness cooties!

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    Matt; How was your date with Addison it was great we dance we had dinner and we necked affterwards ,Patrick is she a great kisser ,Matt yah bro she is ,Patrick that`s great. ;) ;) ;) ;)

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    Patrick: No way! Sam is wayyyy sluttier than Liz!

    Matt: I don’t know… she hasn’t been knocked up nearly enough as Liz!

    Leyla: Is someone going to perform surgery or WHAT?!




    //**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

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