Elisabeth Hasselbeck Death Threats!

Hollyscoop is reporting that Whoopi Goldberg revealed at a Cooper Union discussion panel that conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck receives more death threats than any other The View host.

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    I watched on Entertainment Tonight (last night) that Whoopi’s words were taken out of context. She never said this and it’s another story that’s spiraled out of hands.

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    Neo-cons are not the most popular people in the planet right now considering their poster boy has run this country right into the ground. I’m sure it doesn’t help that she is constantly spewing whatever vitriolic “reports” she hears on Fox “News” verbatim and with such conviction.

    Aside from that, I’m simply annoyed that she is “famous” for losing on Survivor. Seriously, what did we do to deserve this, Barbara?

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    Tolerance includes everyone’s opinions. Even when you disagree. That doesn’t make the other person hateful, stupid, or a liar. Elisabeth stands up for what she believes in just like the rest of the View panel. I don’t like the strong partisanship that comes out of any of them.

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    Maybe it’s the bow?

    Seriously though the two best ways to hated and stalked in this country is to speak openly about being a Christian or a Conservative.

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