Jesse Metcalfe: I Don’t Miss ‘Housewives’

Desperate Housewives’ star Jesse Metcalfe told Parade magazine he doesn’t miss his role on the hit ABC show. Check out the quote below.

"Truthfully I don’t [miss it]," he said. Obviously, it was just a huge opportunity for me. And it was a great time, really a lot of fun. But leaving the show was a blessing because I could have still been playing John Rowland five years later. Now I’ve gotten to play some really interesting, complex characters in feature films."

Metcalfe must be the only actor in Hollywood who thinks not having a role on a hit TV show for five years is a bad thing.

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    Oy, he went to rehab to late, his brain cells are lost. Ah, that was harsh. He has no complex characters in film. He only got that god awful John Tucker because he was on Housewives. Maybe if he goes to some acting classes he can get some better roles, what am I saying, he’s just eye candy, barely.

  2. Profile photo of EmmyLoser

    I think, and I haven’t seen them, that he’s actually had some other, less popular and undoubtedly more interesting than John Tucker, movie roles in the last few years. Plus, let’s get real, there’s no way John Rowland would still be on DH now. They would have shipped him off before they got rid of the teens who were actually related to other characters.

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