Guza Said What?

What in Bob Guza hell is going on at General Hospital? First he says the Sweeps Stunt is something never before seen in daytime and now Nelson is reporting that Guza has pushed his big "stunt" back to January of 2009. Is it a Sweeps Stunt if it doesn’t happen during Sweeps or is it just a stunt no one will care about?

“You’ve never seen this [storyline done] before on daytime. It’s way cool, super innovative, and will surely get [your] attention.”

—GH head writer Bob Guza on moving his previously reported big November sweeps-stunt to January 2009 in Soaps In Depth.
Translation: Let me see if I get fired first before I give them my “best” stuff, which I blatently stole from either a movie or a prime-time series.

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    The Tornado that just went threw AMC was a sweep stunt before sweeps and we all seemed to care about that.

    I am looking forward to whatever the storyline is :) hopefully it will excite me and make me want to tune into GH again, thou the Spencer’s storyline is doing that right now so i hope they keep it up.

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    Regan Cellura

    Well if Natty returns the SCOOP is it will be as a new character. I’m not for it… Natty is Emily and I hate old faces returning with new names regardless of their new hair do.

    Now there were RUMORS that this whole last year, since the B&W Ball, has been a really bad long dream of Nikolas’ brought on by his tumor. Those RUMORS are SOOOOO OLD and I have not seen them in months. Would that be a HUGE Stunt? Maybe….

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    But let’s see how much they will have to undo.


    Georgie, Emily , Ephiany’s son (?), Logan, Coop.



    Broken up relationships:

    Matt hunter’s appearance, All of NS2, all the Laura stuff and alooot more.

    If they were to do the ‘its a dream’ i wouldn’t be against it but they have to remember all of this stuff.

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    Regan Cellura

    Oh I am not saying they should do it… they would undoubtly screw something up so I am not for it. That was a RUMOR out there way back when. I would much rather Helena (i’m channeling my inner danielle) be behind it than the dream option. I’m just trying to figure out the "stunt."

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    Regan Cellura

    January is early jump on February sweeps lol.

    A very early jump as Sweeps in 2009 kick off with March Sweeps! They decided to push the Sweeps period that usually happens in February back to March in case there are problems with the digital conversion.

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    In case there are problems with the digital conversion

    I am just waiting for that whole mess to be over, I don’t think there is a ‘in case’ i think there will be some major problems ;-/.

    I didn’t know sweeps got pushed back thou, thanks for the info :)

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    WOW, Guza’s strategy – STALL his inevitable groundbreaking flop which he’ll deem sweep of all sweeps resulting in his long overdue firing.

    Shame on TPTB that go along with it and shame on the fans that keep supporting it. (guess you can count me among them, at least for the moment. My excuse, I’m still in shock over the obsurd all or nothing SKate wedding and aftermath. Guess I am a fool to think that can’t be it???)

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    Let me see if I get fired first before I give them my “best” stuff, which I blatently stole from either a movie or a prime-time series
    Wow, that was my very first thought when I read that Sweeps was being pushed back! Guza needs to get the big heave-ho. He is ruining any chance that GH has of ever getting a full recovery! jmho

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    I agree with sb_fan’s opinion of Guza. This guy has a tremendous ego.

    I remember a year ago he talked about how great the Nik and Emily story would be and how it would be such a great love story that no one had ever seen before. It dragged and dragged and dragged and I found it very unromantic, but that is my opinion.

    He seems to think that just because no one has ever seen his story before, that is means great storytelling – not always.

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