Sandra Ferguson Cast on Days of Our Lives

Sandra Ferguson, now Robinson, has been cast on Days of Our Lives as Dr. Charlotte Taylor. Fans of Ferguson remember her as Amanda Cory on Another World and as the temporary re-cast of Felicia Jones Scorpio on General Hospital and for Brooke Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful.

According to Soap Opera Digest, Dr. Taylor hits Salem on December 1st.

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    I hope she’s there to console Sami when she goes crazy and tries to kill herself after realizing she f***ed her rapist and got pregnant with his spawn.

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    You do realize that your screen name is the name of a rapist right?

    Why are you so gun ho on beating down EJ? yea he raped her, they talked about it and have moved on, its time for the viewers to do so as well.

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    Oh this is so weird, I was thinking of Ferguson about a week ago, wondering what she was doing now. She’s a likeable actress, I’m sure she’ll do a good job. Though I’m still concerned about all the new faces popping up in Salem…

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    Jamey Giddens

    OH MY AMANDA CORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn, I have to start watching Days now. Only question is why the hell didn’t the cast her as JENNIFER ROSE??? Oh well, welcome home Sandy Reinhardt, er Ferguson, er Robinson, shit, I can’t keep up!

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    Jamey, the role of Jennifer belongs to Melissa Reeves. It would be a waste of airtime and budget to try to recast.

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    Today’s Suds Report says Days is (was?) casting for a 40-something psychiatrist. Sounds like they found their actor.

    The quote in question: Marlena Black should be worried: DAYS is casting a 40 year-old psychiatrist, claims Soap Opera Digest. Hopefully, the therapist can cure what ails Salem!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Alistair, I adore Missy, Luke can tell you she is one of my favorite actors, but she left on her own accord and Jennifer is a Horton, she is too essential to the show for her return to simply be tied to an actor’s life choices. I’m from the Bill Bell/James Reilly school. I’d recast Susan Lucci if I had to. The Show Must Go On!

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    Oh yeah, more new people…..

    They don’t use any of the vets, they destroy the characters they do write for, and we are now in the midst of a Passion’s invasion. Sure what’s one more new person I don’t give a crap about.

    I hope your right ang! ;)

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    Too essential? I like Jennifer/Melissa too, but Jennifer hasn’t been essential to Days the early 90s.

    It would be a better use of history to bring back Melissa in a supporting role since Mickey and Maggie are around, while Laura and Bill are not.

    I’d also argue, and Stephanie Cameron proves this, that an enormous amount of Jennifer’s appeal comes from Missy Reeves, not the fact that she’s a Horton.

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    LOL @ the poster who said Sami and EJ talked about it and then moved on. Like that’s supposed to make it alright for a woman to fall in love with her rapist and then have his baby. It’s bad enough OLTL has the Marty/Todd storyline!

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    @Syrus —

    I am not justifying what E.J. did at all, heck i am not a ejamier ((thou strangely i have been told i have ejami luv…………..)) ask anyone who post on the forums lol.

    BUT in the crappy writing we have been getting post-rape, at least they had a discussion about it (and then went on to create new baby and have Lucas walk in and be all “Why Sami?” and start yelling and Sami started crying again and ughhhh hated that s/l), and we know we are not going to get alot more then what we have gotten.

    E.J. has as a character tried to ‘redeem’ himself, yea he has done some bad things but he is a dimera, its in his blood.

    The rape did happen, it was horrible and i still can’t enjoy post-rape Ejami anymore ;( once in awhile i really enjoy their ‘fun’ scenes ((like in the ‘safe’ house when Ej was playing with the kids and he was happy)) but most of the time i am not ‘pro ejami’.

    But atleast EJ has more redeeming qualities then the whole todd/marty s/l.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Stephanie Cameron couldn’t act to save her life. A capable actress like Sandra Ferguson, Jensen Buchanan, Kristina Wagner, Krista Tesreau or MacKenzie Westmore could recreate the role of Jennifer opposite Matt Ashford and it could work.

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    Clearly you don’t know Days fans because the recast of a popular role would be universally panned!

    It’s best that Jenn remains off-canvas til Melissa Reeves decides to return. If they want Jack and Abby back, they should kill Jennifer off.

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    I beg to differ, And I am pretty sure out of most people that post on this blog Jamey knows what he is talking about.

    And if we are going to talk popular recast on days here are a few off the top of my head.

    Roman (including the Joman years), Bo, Billie , and many others.

    Missie is recastable, in the days when we have recast Lily’s running around ATWT i am pretty sure a character that has been off our screens since 06 they could attempt to recast and imo they SHOULD, i really liked J&J, i think that was due to the actors involved but I would still love to have the characters back.

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    I agree, Jennifer is definitely a recastable role. As ssjohn mentioned, *Bo* was successfully recast and believe me, people thought that was heresy at the time, lol!

    Under the right circumstances (good casting, good story, recast has chemistry with costars, etc…) the majority of roles are recastable.

    I’d have to disagree with Jamey slightly. Stephanie Cameron (from what I remember) wasn’t a bad actress. I thought she was perfectly adequate. The problem was that she just wasn’t Jennifer. Missy Reeves still has that sweet, innocent good girl thing going. Cameron was likeable but she had a “been around the block” vibe to her that just didn’t fit – it was almost as if we weren’t watching Jenn, but another character altogether.

    I think actually a really talented unknown would be a good idea for a Jennifer recast.

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    But there’s just no need for Jenn when her role is already filled by Hope.

    Again I say, keep her off the canvas til Missy returns. Otherwise, it’ll be botched, and then there’ll be a big scandal when the “real” Jennifer returns.

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    Yes, Jamey!!!!!
    Mackenzie is a bit young, but dammit, she could definitely pull of Jennifer Rose for me. I said that MONTHS ago!!!
    And Lindze Leatherman as Abby!

    ***///The Hunt 4 Dixie Martin Is On!\\\***

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