Caption This: Let's Play a Game!

Here is Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) and Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) in the Java Cafe on Monday's episode of Days of Our Lives. What would you have Philip saying here? Here's a few that came to my mind:

1. Philip: "Pick a hand! Pick a hand!"

2. Philip: "Cuff me and take me down to the Salem PD so I don't have to talk to Melanie anymore. We all know she wont follow me down there!"

3. Philip: "Heyyyyy Macarena!"

Give it your best shot!


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Philip: Save a horse ride a cowboy.

Philip: Vroooooooooom! like my bike?

Meh i got nothin lol.

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Philip: Meet me in the mall. It's goin' down.


//**SIZ FOR LIFE**\\

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HA! Hilarious!

Phillip: Let's fist bump. I'd hug you, but I'm afraid we might start accidentally making out again.

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Phillip: This is what I look like when I'm riding a motorcycle. Vroom! Vroom!

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He's so DAMN CUTE!