David Lago Emmy Nomatination Scene, 2005

David Lago in one of his Emmy scene submissions with the amazingly talented Lauren Woodland (Brittany Hodges). Boy do I miss those days on The Young and the Restless.

It's really to bad that Lauren wasn't snapped up by another soap after leaving Y&R. This may come as a surprise to many regular readers or listeners, but after Rebecca Budig left All My Children the first time and word broke that the role of Greenlee might be recast, Woodland was one of the only people I would have wanted to see as a Greenlee recast. Who knows, maybe General Hospital could hire her as Elizabeth's sister Sarah. Just throwing it out there.

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Yeah, I miss those days too... That was a teen set that I actually cared about Smile

I'd love to see LW as Marah on GL.

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Oh Brittany should come back! Like, I think it was Jamie, said, she should come back and break up this awful marriage J.T. is in.

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Lauren and David are two of the best actors in daytime. I'm sad to see that David isn't coming back as Raul, but I'm so happy for him to get such a role on GH. Even if I don't watch GH, I'll definitely tune in for his sake.

Lauren needs to get back on daytime asap! I wish I could somehow get a JT/Brittany reunion as I loved those two so much. And JT desperately need a storyline again!
>> Camilla

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Wow they were great!

They had good stories at that time!

Too bad we only have the one story for everyone, it's call the triangle, how creative!