DC #318: CBS & Days Eye Spy

On today's CBS and Days of Our Lives episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Jamey, Nicki and Melodie discuss Tricia Cast returning to The Young and the Restless, David Lago goes General Hospital, eye spy a CBS logo on The Bold and the Beautiful, Nicki's Save Lizzie campaign for Guiding Light and John Callahan goes to Days of Our Lives.

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Aww my B&B I spy made the podcast and is a title!

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27 January 2008
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Luke, Jesse Soffer never won an Emmy. Bryton McClure was the one that won that year. Wink

But great podcast!

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27 November 2007
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SO why bring back Triaca if you are not bring back Kay`s granddauaghter Mackzenie to that`s what Idon`t understand ,I forgot Nate is older than Collen and Lily someone f--- up on that one . Loved The smother mother podcast and CBS podcast you are just to funnny keep up the great work and keep us laughing thanks guys.

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oh jamey, i long for the days when GL was GOOD. It is so bad right now, I can't even stand to watch it. Can't wait to see how Nina Webster will shake up the Young and the Restless!