Night Shift's Mistake

Fans of the General Hospital spin-off, Night Shift, saw Touissant (Billy Dee Williams) holding a picture of a little boy in the Season Two finale who was supposed to be Touissant's son. The picture used was of a 6 year old boy who had been kidnapped and murdered in 2007.  SOAPnet has issued an apology for this mistake.

"We offer our deepest condolences to the Barrios family for their loss, and our sincerest apologies for any pain caused by our mistake," said a statement from the networks. SOAPnet will be running PSAs to raise awareness about missing and exploited children and will permanently edit out the photo from the episode.

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How the hell did that go down. Did they randomly pick pictures of kids of the web for that. Somebody's gonna lose their postion for that, rightfully so.