Smackdown: Tracy vs. Olivia

Watching General Hospital has been more than a little pleasure as of late. Between Tracy (Jane Elliot) hunting down Luke and giving him a hard time and Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) sticking it to Sonny every chance she gets I'm thoroughly enjoying most of the show these days. But seeing these two strong willed women on my screen got me to wondering....

Who would win in a fight?


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Tracy because ain't nothing like an old school... I'm sure you can fill in the rest!Wink


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28 February 2008
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Tracy!!! agree, old school - been doing it for 20+ years. You go girl!

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3 February 2008
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I think they're pretty evenly matched, but Tracy would ultimately win. Olivia would come out scratching and clawing, but Tracy would just lay her out with one of those snarky remarks of hers and then she'd wipe the floor with her.

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I loves me some Liv, but the only thing that she has over Tracy is age. Mrs. Spencer would definitely tag that ass...

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Tracy's one of a kind. No one can beat her. I've seen Olivia before, and her name is CarlyClaudiaLuluSam. She's the new doll in Bob Guza's "Feisty Annoying Chicks of PC" series. He'll be on QVC next week with Joan Rivers to sell the entire collection.

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Tracy would win - hands down! She'd do whatever it takes to win, where as Olivia strikes me as someone who might have a bit of a conscience - lol!

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Tracy would kick that bitch ass