Tristan Rogers gets a "View"

The ABC publicity machine's back at it again. General Hospital: Night Shift star Tristan Rogers (Robert) will appear on the couch with the ladies of The View tomorrow. Rogers seems to have his hands full not only with the uber-popular NS2, but also a new show that's slated to air online.

The actor will helm My Soap Cafe, a show that tackles the present issues in daytime and night time soap operas, as well as anything else that comes his way. Fans will also be able to interact with the show by posting questions that will be read on the show. No word yet on when the show will air or the if show will be a recurring fixture.


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Alright, Tristan! Ths My Soap Cafe sounds good. Hopefully, it will do what I thought Soap Talk would, really tackle juicy behind-the-scenes issues at the shows.

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Soap Cafe sounds very interesting!

Tristan on The View. Dear lord, I don't quite remember where they have had an intelligent conversation with any of their soap stars. The last, a sit down with Andrea Evans, was absolute bullshit on the part of "the ladies."

Watch Joy fidget and/or look bored throughout....

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I guess Joy figures if Ellen Wheeler, Brian Frons, Chris Goutman and Barbara Bloom can all fidget and look bored when asked to talk about soaps, so can she! LOL

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Well there's no need to worry about Joy... Tristan wasn't on the show today. I guess he got bumped or couldn't make it.

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Karen from reported that Tristan taped today and that it will air on Friday.