DAYS November Sweeps Video Preview

There are no words to describe how much this video preview of Days of Our Lives November Sweeps annoys me.

Posted on the NBC Days website here, the video starts with Philip in bed with Melanie, then Dr Dan and Chloe are making eyes at each other, Rafe and Sami begin their ‘The Bodyguard’ sexual tension thing, and then you’re left with the lasting image of EJ and Nicole getting jiggy with it… UGH! NO!

I do not care about Melanie (no offense to Molly Burnett) and I don’t want her with Philip. Is this pairing with Chloe meaning they’re giving up on Daniel and Kate already? Rafe and Sami could be interesting but I don’t think Sami needs another love interest, and as for the EJ and Nicole stuff – well that’s just EW. More important is what we don’t see on this preview. Where is Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, John and Marlena? Tony and Anna? Stefano? Victor? Caroline? It’s like everyone over 40 has been sent back to Melaswen – and personally I think they’ve sent the wrong characters.

What do you think? Does this preview make you excited about Sweeps?

DAYS November Sweeps Video Preview

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  • Parts of it look okay (10%, 48 Votes)
  • No, it looks like crap (74%, 347 Votes)
  • Yes, I'm excited (9%, 43 Votes)
  • Don't care (5%, 19 Votes)

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27 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Tripp

    I love EJole and seeing Sami squirm for awhile doens’t bother me. WTH are they doing with Philip/Melanie? That scene is from a “dream” Philip has about her. Are they seriously gonna put them as a couple? MEanwhile what the HELL are they doing putting Chloe with Daniel? Do they not realize how bad this makes BOTH characters look? I’m not a Chloe fan at all, but they are making her out to be a slut!

  2. Profile photo of ssjohn

    I love Doc Dan, he just needs a good storyline.

    Yay a November of ZzzzzzzzzzZ’s on Days of our lives.

    Why no preview of Brady’s return?? “Eric Marstof returns to NBC.” come on do something interesting NBC.

    Anyways the music in the background wasn’t bad :) but it came off more as a fanmade youtube video then a actual promotion of what’s to come lol.

  3. Profile photo of dellygrim

    I think they should bring Carrie back for Dr. Dan. My gut says they’d have great chemistry. Carrie could pull off being the woman who gets kidnapped once a year and I know SC can be the hero.

  4. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    This is what you get, Corday, for putting in a hack on the show and this is what he gets. I feel sorry for the actors to play this crap on tv and they are probably saying, “What the hell we do to get this woman on this show”. I just don’t think the show is not going to last if this is the writing keeps at this level. The only thing I am digging is Rafe and Sami test chemistry because I am sick of Sami whine and cry over EJ and Rafe is bringing back the spark and scheming Sami we know and love and not the shrieking and crying thing she is always doing around EJ and Lucas.


  5. Profile photo of GiJoe8

    People!!! Do you even really watch days? How long have you been fans? It doesn’t make sense on this board or the NBC board everyone freakling out about this sweeps preview.

    Its typical soap opera storytelling. You pull two characters away and push them with someone you don’t like. Some of the couples click and the others don’t. Eventually the ones that should be together – end up together. If everything was perfect, no one would watch.

    I think the impatience with Ejami is justified. BUT what if theres a chance that Sami really clicks with Galens character? Why not just enjoy the ride.

    Everyone gets their panties in a twist about this show, when its been playing the same couples games since it began. Just enjoy the show and stop spending so much time worrying about whos with who- it will work out somehow, the writers definitely pay attention to the fans.

    If the show is so stinky- why are the ratings skyrocketing and Days is #1 with all females? Im keeping the faith.

  6. Profile photo of Tripp

    Why is it wrong for Chloe to be with another man?

    Because if you count Brady (who’s coming back soon) this would make the fourth guy she’ll be seeing in a year’s time. I honestly had no problems if they wanted to try Dan and Chloe when he first came on (instead of torturing us with Chan which nearly ate the show). Now I can’t deny putting him with Chelsea’s grandmother is not problematic but it’s happened. How can he flirting it up with yet another woman WHILE KATE IS DYING be good for his character as well as Chloe “Standing by” two brothers who have ‘had her’ this past year to possibly being cozy with their mother’s doctor who also happens to be her boyfriend?

  7. Profile photo of ssjohn

    @ GiJoe8– Why is days #1 in a few demos??? because the rating system is broken, more Guys 18+ watch Guiding Light then General Mobster and OLTL???????????????

    I am looking forward to Sami and Raf, I hope it does work out, but outside of Sami/Raf there is nothing i want to watch.

  8. Profile photo of angmc

    Jamey – we’ll see how Days does during Sweeps. I have a feeling they will lose ground in all categories again thanks to Dena’s brilliance.

  9. Profile photo of snowi

    I don’t even know what to say about this anymore. There were so many things wrong with this promo I don’t know where to start. Well let’s try….

    Why does Days pull this crap? None of these so-called “couples” are what the audience wants to see! Seriously it’s like they are spitting in the face of every fanbase of this show. This just sucks.

    As an EJami fan, I’m beyond disgusted. As a former Chloe fan, I’m left scratching my head, and as a wannabe Dr. Dan fan, I just give up.

    And what is with Dena and this Melanie chick? Just give it a rest already! Nicole is just plain annoying and is destroying my favorite character (EJ). I hope the rage that this promo is causing might actually get Dena and TPTB to take a pause and think.

  10. Profile photo of kidizdcchick

    How can he flirting it up with yet another woman WHILE KATE IS DYING be good for his character?

    Didn’t he bang the grandma when the grandbaby was in the hospital claiming he has feeling for her? I don’t even know if the writers know what they are doing. I wish they chose a better way to end Nick and Chelsea. That was my problem and what bothered me because I felt like Blake deserve better than that, not so much she was with an older guy. If they didn’t rush it that could have worked, well I guess we never know.

  11. Profile photo of kidizdcchick

    If the show is so stinky- why are the ratings skyrocketing and Days is #1 with all females? Im keeping the faith.

    Even though Days is #1 with 18 to 40 or so. I think, it is still on the bottom, and I am still having a hard time believing it is # 1 in the female categories

  12. Profile photo of wekng1

    Well that was boring as hell. I see that I will be doing other things during November. Dr. Dan and Chloe, Philip and Melanie and worst of all EJ and Nicole. EW!!!! As an EJami fan, it sickens me to see those two share the same air let alone having a romp in a bed. The elevator was horrific enough. This is just another slap in the face to the EJami fan base. I see no chemistry what so ever between Rafe and Sami. NONE!!! Sweeps are supposed to be exciting, not make people ill and put them to sleep. I guess I’ll be getting my holiday planning and shopping done early this year. Thanks Days!

  13. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Wow, the It Looks Like Crap is winning by a landslide!!

    Well I put Parts of it Look Okay. The Chloe/Dr. Dan moment, Hubba Hubba/Yum Yum!! I doubt that they’re actually going to pair these two, but they would look beautiful together!! So far I haven’t liked Chloe and Lucas, and Dan with either Kate or Chelsea hasn’t worked for me at all. At this point they might just be randomly testing Dan with a bunch of different women to see what clicks.

    And I liked the ever so brief Sami/Rafe moment. I still haven’t watched Friday’s episode, but I’m anxious to see Galen :) The Sami/EJ/Nicole stuff is getting old and boring, so maybe Rafe can add a spark to it.

    Melanie/Philip – *gag* *gag* how GROSS!!

  14. Profile photo of kittycat

    :jawdrop: My jaw-dropped in a bad way. See when Dena does things like this, I thank the soap Gods for shows like AMC, OLTL(I’m talking about the current OLTL without DH writing for the show), GH. You know shows that make actual progress. All of the likely pairings make me sick to the core. I don’t want to see Phillip with Mel, nor Chloe with Doc Dan, this poor excuse for the bodyguard attempt with Sami and Rafe is weird, and Ej and Nicole all I have to say is puke much! I’m officially taking Days off of my DVR. Until Dena learns the nature of the characters I won’t watch her own personal version of the show. I understand she is new to the show, but go study the history of the show. It’s like she wished she could have brain wipe everyone on the show like she did John to start with a clean slate. When Ej start being Ej who is bad a H-E- DOUBLE HOCKEY STICK who is heart belongs to Sami the kids, and Sami start being the bad girl who has a good heart but now belongs to Ej, then we get John and Marlena back on the screen with Kayla and Steve and don’t forget Stefano, Tony and Anna not being the background of a story then I will watch. I’m 24yrs old with a very demanding career and lifestyle. I watch soaps to relief me of my everyday life. My favorite couples are Ej and Sami, John and Marlena, Steve and Kayla, Jack and Jennifer, Chloe and Brady. Now I know Jack and Jennifer are gone, but everyone else is there, or going to be there in the near future so when ever they stop screwing up my show I will watch! Until then I’m tuned out and turned off!

    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get!

  15. Profile photo of Steph

    I think the poll option says it all for me. Pure crap. None of these pairings are remotely interesting and EJ and Nicole are beyond tiring and nauseating. Quit trying to shove them down our throat Dena. In this case, you can’t make a silk’s purse out of a sow’s ear. And I see zero chemistry with Sami and Rafe. Just another of Dena’s boring contrived plot points.

    Not watching.

  16. Profile photo of angmc

    Snowi – you forgot one very important word: forced. As natural a pairing that EJ and Sami were due to the fantastic chemistry of James and Ali, the dynamic dud that is EJ and Nicole is nothing but forced.

    I firmly believe that any ground that Days made up in the past few weeks after their disasterously deceptive “Summer of Romance” campaign will be lost in November as EJami, Phloe, Lumi, Bope, Jarlena,Payla fans etc. all tune out since there is nothing for them to look forward to. Thanks for absolutely nothing Days/Dena!

  17. Profile photo of Tammy101

    Dena and friends are clueless! They have utterly no idea what viewers want to see. I am so sick of random hookups and musical couples I could puke. Give me Hogan back!

  18. Profile photo of ssjohn

    I totally agree, the closest to that type of ‘adventure’ / dramatic storyline i have seen is the ‘gloved hand’ so i am craving something big like that.

    I am hoping something like that will start up soon but I really doubt that will happen with the current regime ;-/

  19. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Sami does NOT need another love interest…
    After FF through Friday’s episode, can I get some Phillip/Stephanie loving????

    ***///The Hunt 4 Dixie Martin Is On!\\\***

  20. Profile photo of kidizdcchick

    Why is it wrong for Chloe to be with another man? Philip was interested in Morgan, so she decided to taste the water with Lucas, and from what I’ve seen she doesn’t have chemistry with him. Why is it wrong for her and not for Dr. Dan who dating the grandmother of his ex-girlfriend? I rather see the good doctor with Chloe or with another female than Granny Kate, because they messed it up when they paired him with Chelsea and then later with her granny.
    (I love SC but Days didn’t know what to do with him, so it is time for him to take a long surfing trip)

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