The Young and the Restless: Paris Promo

This looks a bit interesting….

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    OMG, where the hell is the spoiler telling me why Phyllis is shouting that way!

    I look forward to see it, I hope it is up to par and
    NOT full of fluff!

    We need real change on Y&R not only stupid plot!

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    Are the writers kidding me, Sharon has been to Paris with Noah when she and Nick broke up, hello what has happened to not insulting the audience

    SOC Daily Recaps Archives:

    April 20, 2006
    Sharon tells Nick that their marriage is over. Nick says he can think of three reasons not to end their marriage-Noah, Sharon and himself. He tries to plead with Sharon that their marriage is worth saving. Sharon has tears in her eyes, but keeps her distance. She tells Nick there is no chance of them ever getting back together. Sharon and Noah are already packed to go away to Paris. After Noah says goodbye to Nick, Nick sits and thinks about Sharon. He calls her and leaves a voice message on her phone, telling her how much he misses her already and hopes she will find the peace she needs to want to come home to her family.

    Phyllis tells Jack that she saw Daniel and that he spoke to her. Jack is happy for Phyllis. Phyllis says that she has quit NVP and is serious about working for Jabot. Jack wants to celebrate, but Phyllis isn’t in the mood. She goes home with a quart of ice cream and drowns her sorrows. Jack calls her to say he’s thinking about her. Then, Nick calls. He says that he needed to talk to a friend. Phyllis listens as Nick tells her about Sharon leaving for Paris. She consoles him, saying that Nick and Sharon have a lot to hold on to. Jack knocks on the door bringing champagne, so Phyllis has to say goodbye.

    April 26, 2006
    Nick arrived home from Newman to find Sharon back from her trip to Paris. She’d dropped Noah off to see his friends. She said she’d relaxed in Paris, and Nick said the separation was good for him, too. He knew how badly he’d hurt her, and if she still wanted a divorce, he wouldn’t fight her. Sharon wondered if that was what Nick wanted and if it had anything to do with Phyllis. Nick said no, it was only Sharon he was thinking of. He didn’t want their marriage to be over, but he didn’t want to hurt her anymore. Sharon confessed that she was no longer sure what she wanted.

    There you have it–all there in black and white…so yeah, she went!

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