Anderson Cooper on Ellen, Reveals Watching Real Housewives of Atlanta

It’s amazing what you learn while watching the Ellen show. Today CNN’s Anderson Cooper dropped by to talk about the election and while he was at it revealed he watches The Real Housewives of Atlanta and asks Ellen if she had seen NeNe.

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    Yeah, but I find them a thousand times more likeable and entertaining than the Real Housewives from the first season (never saw the NY one)

    And Jamey don’t you live in Atlanta? Everytime they throw a party, I’ll be looking for you, lol

  2. Profile photo of BigDede

    Kim can’t sing for jack! Oh and I truly believe Quincy Jones is her Big Poppa. I heard rumors but after NeNe sung that great song about Kim in the limo saying how Dallas is helping Kim because of her man, it has to be Q. He has that kind of pull.

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