Elisabeth Hasselbeck Responds to Obama Win

All eye and ears were tuned in on The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her reaction to Obama’s election win. Needless to say, it may not be what some expect.

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    exactly. and suddenly, with all the spewing she’s done, she’s excited about the direction of the country, now.. whatever.

    at this point, I’ll be honest, she’s annoyed me to the point that she’s damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t.

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    i expected that from her just because she probably knew everyone was goin to be watching her to see what her reaction was. After Obama won (whoo-hoo!!!) one of the first things i said was oooohh i can’t wait to see elizabeths reaction on the view…but on another note Sherri Sheppard had me in tears

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    Sounded a lot like McCain’s consession speech. I will say like McCain’s speech she did it very classy (Joy didn’t need to put her two cents in!), unlike, others who lost in the past against Obama. Yeah, I’m talking to you Hilary!


    Obama! Obama!

    If you don’t know ask yo mama!

    So there won’t be no drama!

    Obama! Obama!

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    Courtney fan4life

    season1217 as a former Hillary supporter her speech NEEDED to be about her supporters NOT about obama. i still hold a grudge over the fact that she lost simply for the fact that she was waaaaay more qualified than obama ever was.

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    No, her speech needed to be about unifying the Democratic Party. Also, her speech was not about her supporters but about herself. She couldn’t let go. I understand when you’ve wanted something for so long that it’s hard to let go but there is a little thing called maturity. She showed none of that during what should have been her concession speech.

    McCain may have played dirty, calling Obama practically every name in the book, but when the results were out he bowed out gracefully and showed that uniting this country is more important than just one group of people or one’s own ego. Unfortunately, some of his supporters didn’t get the memo. McCain understood that history was taking place and that it was bigger than him, than Republicans, than Democrats, than, even, Obama or any of us.

    A black man becoming President of a country that didn’t even see us as human beings, who beat, bruised and tried to break us. Last night, was the dream of the slaves, of my 87 year-old grandmother who never thought she lived to see the day, her father, who lived in a small town in Virginia and had to endure being called a nigger at any given time and accept it, to all those who have endured oppression whether black, white, female, male, gay, straight, young, old.

    Sorry, I know that wasn’t necessarily on topic but it is what it is.:)

    Also, Hilary not winning wasn’t about her over qualifications. Obama didn’t just speak to people minds but to their hearts, their imagination. Whatever the outcome of his Presidency is, he spoke to me. Yes, we can is so much more than a slogan. When I heard him deliver his speech last night I felt like now was the time. For a moment in time people around the world were unified. They believed that, yes, they can and will! God bless, Hilary and the history that awaits her but she could never have done what he did last night!


    Obama! Obama!

    If you don’t know ask yo mama!

    So there won’t be no drama!

    Obama! Obama!

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    I am not always a fan of Elisabeth’s opinions (definitely a fan of her right to state them) but I thought she really took the high road yesterday (much like McCain) and I appreciated that a lot.

    I work with many people who sulked and pouted all day yesterday. One woman acted like someone close to her had died. Those are the kind of reactions that surprise and sadden me.

    Like McCain (and Elisabeth, and Oprah) said, I really hope that we can all come together as a nation and work towards something good.

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