ABC Drops Alyssa Milano Sitcom, Will General Hospital Buzz Resume?

ABC Studios has pulled the plug on the highly-anticipated Alyssa Milano sitcom Single With Parents due to "creative differences" among the show’s producers, says The Hollywood Reporter. Rumors had the Who’s The Boss? and Melrose Place alum atop the list to recreate the role of General Hospital‘s Brenda Barrett just prior to her booking the sitcom deal, on the strength of her career-reviving turn in the Lifetime TV movie Wisegal.

Since it doesn’t look like Vanessa Marcil is returning anytime soon and GH is currently in a ratings free fall, I say ABC daytime honcho Brian Frons should offer Milano the sun, moon and even an uncontested spot on Dancing With the Stars in order to get her on GH before VH1 can attempt to help her find love. Milano is one of a select few actresses who could fully embody the character of Brenda Barrett with the same spunk and spirit of Marcil’s original interpretation. Recast Brenda already! I love Marcil, but the show, er soap must go on!

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    “Recast Brenda already!’


    Your sweaty balls are showing again, Jamey!


    Obama! Obama!

    If you don’t know ask yo mama!

    So there won’t be no drama!

    Obama! Obama!

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    Jamey a couple weeks ago bob guza said i quote if vanessa said im filming for spielberg i’ll be tied up for two years hed wait.In a nut shell guza wont have another actress play brenda because he can only envison vanessa in that role.Plus vanessa is a ratings goldmine for gh

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    I don’t see it, either, but if she can conjure up her inner Samantha Micelli, I might buy it.


    Obama! Obama!

    If you don’t know ask yo mama!

    So there won’t be no drama!

    Obama! Obama!

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    As a huge Alyssa Milano fan, I love the idea of her being on GH and me getting to see her everyday, just not as Brenda. I can’t, er won’t, accept anyone except Vanessa Marcil in that role. There are just some characters you can’t recast.
    And I’m not saying this because of Sonny/Brenda scenes,I’m saying it for Jason/Brenda ones. I don’t think anyone could have the same specific chemistry Steve and Vanessa have. Those are the scenes I would be most excited about if Vanessa ever returned. Fingers crossed :).

    Tequila and dominoes-we will never forget.

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    You know I heard sometime last year they WERE bringing her (Alyssa) on GH and I thought for the Brenda role then they changed there minds to make her a sister Barret… That’s the time they showed a foot with a tag on it in the morgue and it was marked Barret but no more was brought from that either.

    Do you remember that??? It was during the time when Logan and the other guy…. Coop Barret were on early after the Mr Craig/Metro Court fiasco.

    I think they should bring Alyssa on as Brenda YES YES YES!!!

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    Highly-anticipated, who exactly was highly antcipating it?

    In one word, noooooooooo!!!!!!! Good God no, that woman is awful, mighty awful. Sure recast Brenda, at this point I just don’t care, but not with Alyssa Milano.

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    I think Alyssa could do a good job as Brenda. If they’re going to bring Brenda back again, it has to be long enough for the storyline to make sense. Because otherwise, I’d rather they didn’t even bother.

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    They could totally do recast! Remember in Season 1 of Nightshift they had someone in bandages? That gives a huge door for a recast. Plus I think AM would do a fantastic job and give Sason a run for their money!!

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    I am going to beat my drum again LOL Let Sam’s dad be Jeff Webber. Then, if they want to bring AM on, bring her on as Sarah. VM is the only Brenda and while she has history with every character on the show, she has no family ties or necessity to the plot. The character works because of VM and only because of VM. Sarah and Lizard always want what the other has. If they arent going with JaSam, let Sarah go after jason. Sonny already has Olivia, Claudia, Carly and Kate for pairings, he doesnt really need Brenda in the mix at this point.

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    “I am going to beat my drum again.”


    Talk about your sex life on your own time. Save the dirty talk for Playboy’s blog, this is about soaps!:P

    And I have to disagree. Sonny needs Brenda now more than ever! His character is going down the drain and I think Brenda the Plumber is the only one that can help.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Oh GAWD please do not attach SPAM to another core family! Making her a Cassadine reeked of desperation and Brian Frons’ unending need to forever tie this, this BRENDA BOT to the core of GH. If he makes her a Webber I’ll never be rid of Sam and her crotch crickets! LOL

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    Jamey Giddens

    Season my Sam-hate perplexes me because I think Kemo is not only strikingly beautiful, but talented, however I don’t think there is a character in the history of soaps I have loathed as much as Sam McCall. She is sooooo pathetic and such a whiny crybaby! I do love her when she is written more badass, ala taking on Manny.

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    Elizablech’s boring va-jay-jay has turned Jason into a zombie. He needs someone to put the pep back in his step since he is use to a real woman like SAM. I figured if we surround Elizablech with two exciting characters as siblings some of it may rub off on her and she might not be such a llama.

    Sonny needs VM’s Brenda but IMHO not just
    any Brenda

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    Ok, I love VM/Brenda but do we really need Brenda back? What would be the point? She would just get sucked into the mob orbit with all those people I’m tired of looking at day in and day out. Now, if she can come back with Jax’s little girl, get him away from Carly, and they have their own s/l getting L&B Records up and running again, then I would be ok with it. Plus, do we really need another woman all up in Sonny’s face? Give me a break .

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    First of all there are some characters that cannot be recast and Brenda is one of them IMO – Vanessa is and always be the only Brenda that works.

    Second, isn’t Alyssa a little young to be swapping spit with Maurice… that would be even more disturbing than the lame attempt at Sonny/Emily. Yuk, just give me back Sonny with Kate!

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    Alyssa will be 36 next month. She’s only 9 years younger than Maurice. I always thought it would be an interesting idea if Brenda had gotten pregnant w/ Jax’s baby and had an abortion because she was afraid the child would go nuts like her mother.

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    I don’t know if I could take a Brenda recast. I do think AM is an excellent choice if they did go that route. My only concern with AM is that even if she did sign on I can’t see her sticking it out for years on end. I don’t see any point on recasting Brenda if we aren’t going to get a reasonably reliable long term Brenda.

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    Jamey Giddens

    JaSamLover I do notice that what perplexes me about Sam, i.e. the whines, the needines, etc. are the same thing the Liz-haters think about my beloved Lizzie Beth! LOL I think at the end of the day we all just connect to the soap characters we connect to . There’s no rhyme or reason. However, I am SO torn about Luke, Laura and Tracy! I love him with both women, but he and Laura are so iconic.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I have to say I LOVED Kelly as Livvie on PC. If they wrote her as a bitch on wheels, I would eat it up, soaps NEED more rivalries. I loved to hate Sam when she was going after Liz, but before that, when she was whining about her GED and Alexis I just hated her. Nowadays I am pretty ambivalent (Sam and Lucky bore me to tears) and I would actually relish seeing her going after Jason…just not getting him! :p

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    I cant wait to see how the laura/luke/tracy stuff plays out. Laura makes Luke want to be better and to see a better world, which I would imagine would be compelling to him…she is his light. Tracy however is the only woman that has ever loved him just as he is. Would she like it if he was in PC more – yes – but she takes him as is. I dont know why Laura would want Luke the way he is the way tracy does, so I guess I am rooting for Tracy.

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    Wow, that cracked me up Jamey.
    Mostly because the reasons I hate Liz are the reasons you hate Sam, with some extra stuff mixed in.
    We’re like hate soul mates, lol.

    Tequila and dominoes-we will never forget.

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    I know what you mean Jamey. Sometimes I have irrational hatred for a character that I barely know anything about, and sometimes I like a character just because they’re really pretty! Lol.
    The way I’m looking at this Luk/Laura/Tracy thing at the moment is..Laura is going to be gone soon. I love Luke&Tracy too much to put effort back into Luke&Laura when I know GH wont keep Genie Francis around for long periods of time :(.
    Plus, even if they did, I think I’d still want Luke with Tracy :).

    Tequila and dominoes-we will never forget.

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    They could pretty much write Sam anyway they wanted to now, and I would still love her.I guess its just a combination of KeMo, Livvie, and my past love for Sam. I will love her no matter what :).

    My favorite characters on soaps are the baddies. The bitches, divas,villians,etc. are the best part.

    Which I think is my frustration with Liz. During the whole Quad thing, and prob. even before, it was clear she wanted to be with Jason. I would have liked her so much better, respected her more, if she had done every back-handed, conniving, bitchy, homwrecking thing to get him instead of just being boring and whiny all the time, ugh.

    And I wanna like Liz, I do.Becky Herbst is so unbelievably gorgeous, and I loved Liz back in the day when Jonathan Jackson was Lucky, she’s just so fake now I can’t take it.

    Tequila and dominoes-we will never forget.

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