Wishful Casting: Should Andrea Evans Pull Double Duty on Y& R?

Now that ABC has finally confirmed what TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco reported weeks ago concerning the departure of Andrea Evans from the Gotham-based One Life to Live, could a West Coast soap be in the cards for the actress?

She played Paul Williams’ (Doug Davidson) little sister and Jack’s (Peter Bergman) one time love Patty on The Young and the Restless and Amber’s (Adrienne Frantz) trashy mother Tawny on Y&R’s sister soap The Bold and the Beautiful.

What if Tawny and Patty were twins? Tawny’s mother could have been a nurse’s aide who stole Tawny from Mary Williams at birth and made off to Death Valley with her. That would make Amber, Paul’s niece and Heather’s cousin, thus cementing the brilliant Frantz to the Genoa City tapestry.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Oooh, good idea Alistair! Maybe Patty got knocked up without being married and couldn’t bear to face Mary because of her psycho religiosity! She moved to the Desert and had Amber!

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    Wishful thinking. Maria Arena Bell and Hogan Sheffer should read this and make this happen. Would be awesome to have Andrea Evens in Geona City. And it could be an awesome story line, when Tawny really would turn out to be Patty.

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    Hmmm…could def work but Y&R has just been overrun with twins and look-alikes in the past years. I think Evans should just go back to being Patty and re-cast Amber’s mom if/when the show needs her. I pretty much suggest Donna Mills for every blond re-cast and this time is no different!! Personally, the magic of Evans is lost on me. All i remember is her shameless vogueing on Passions and I’m not an OLTL watcher, but from what I’ve seen of her in prpmos and snppets – looks like the same thing, I’m afraid.

    Just to re-cap the look-alike/twin s/l’s on Y&R in the past few years:

    Carmen/That-look-alike cousin I can’t remmeber ehr name

    That’s alot! Did i miss any?? LOL!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Andrea was one of my few reasons to get a chuckle out of Passions, but I agree her acting style is very similar from show to show. Tawny was just a trailer park version of Rebecca, who was no doubt a campier version of Tina. Still, she is a daytime legend, with an amazing fanbase and Y&R could use her in my opinion. At least she knows how to make campy fun and doesn’t chew scenery like certain Y&R over-the-top actresses, achoo, Judith!

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    I loved Andrea’s (Tawney) on B&B and think she would be great playing Ambers mom on Y&R. Wonder how Phyllis and Tawney would get along. I could see Tawney and Gloria become BFF’s. It would be interesting to see Amber have to interact with family. It would also be interesting if Tawney was Pauls sister. He needs more of a s/l and now with the Abbots and Winters family being built back up the Williams family needs to be as well.

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