The Romance You Never Thought Would Happen

The story you never thought would happen, or wished would never happened, actually went down today flush with flashbacks of Todd (Trevor St. John) and Marty’s (Susan Haskell)  first time. Check them out at your own risk after the jump.

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    I’ll admit I am a casual viewer of OLTL, but I have seen some of it recently. I did not see the build up for Todd and Marty, but I watched regularly when Roger Howarth played Todd so I know their history.

    And I am all for second chances, but, to me, it is just wrong to romance a woman who doesn’t remember YOU were one of the ones who raped her. This just seems so wrong.

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    Posted my thoughts on the forums in my daily ‘thoughts’ post but here is the Tarty excerpt —

    Todd/Marty —

    Okay I have been a supporter of this storyline up to this point, NO , sorry This passed the point of no return, that was horrible, if Marty knew he had raped her then ‘maybe’ i could have accepted it but it felt so wronnnnnnng.

    they discussed it before doing it and Todd really didn’t want to but he gave into Marty and i really wish he hadn’t -.-


    Outside the Tarty scenes i enjoyed the show, i wish they hadn’t crossed the boundary, but they did and I don’t know what they can do to redeem Todd now, or redeem Ron C as a HW, I know this is supposedly Brian Fron’s storyline and that is fine for he screwing things up but the problem is it reflects on Ron C and as of right NOW the Todd/Marty rerape is what he will be remembered for, not anything good that he has done.

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    I don’t even know what to say. I knew it was coming, but I was wishing it wouldn’t. WTH is wrong with Brian Frons? For someone who claims to want to save ABC soaps, he sure does a lot things to ensure no one wants to watch them!

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    You have to wonder ……… When did love int he afternoon become about rapists victimizing their victims over and over and dead babies???

    Hey PTB at ABCD ……… GET A CLUE!!!! This is NOT what we want to see!!!!

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    I had been a fan of the Tarty build up until this point.I think Trevor St.John and Susan Haskell have great chemistry, and there have been some great scenes along the way. Now I havent been watching OLTL for the last couple of weeks, so I didn’t actually see this today, but it is all sorts of wrong.

    Like “ssjohn” said, if Marty knew her past and what Todd had done to her and then started to fall for him (see Spencer, Laura) then maybe I could accept some between the sheets action. But them sleeping together at this point is just disgusting.

    Tequila and dominoes-we will never forget.

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    I remember the gang rape, and I find this story so, so twisted. I don’t understand its purpose, other than shock value. Obviously, Marty will get her memory back and be very, very angry with Todd. And where do they go from there? Does it even matter? This story’s just a poor remake of a previous story.

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    This makes me wonder about how this s/l will be perceived in the future. I was reading on how when The New Yorker published the short story The Lottery by Shirley Jackson the response was overwhelmingly negative. Many readers cancelled their subscriptions and much hate mail was written. It was even banned it some countries. Since then, the story is considered a classic.

    Could Tarty be The Lottery? Could Ron Carlivati be Shirley Jackson? Only time will tell. From my end, I think the premise is very interesting. I just think the execution has been piss poor. I’m not feeling the desperation that I think I’m supposed to feel from Todd that explains his actions.

    Also, there is no way I would accept Marty being w/ Todd even if she got her memory back. They have amazing chemistry but there is just no way Marty would ever be with Todd. Yes, Laura got with Luke and Sami with EJ but Marty is NOT Laura nor is she Sami. She would never do what they did!

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    Also, what is the pay off of this story anyway? Marty finds out and gets extremely mad? I mean, unless she gets so mad that she kills Todd, then I don’t see how there’s any pay off for anyone.

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    I agree with all the questions. I think if they had had Viki play a part in all this instead of having Tess being the one to know, it could have gone in a better direction. Viki is usually (or tries to be) the voice of reason for Todd and they play well off each other. She could have given some advice.

    It’s one thing to play with someone’s heart who has no memory of what you did to her several years ago, but to keep her sequestered from everyone, especially knowing full well that she has a son and seeing how she is hurting – it’s just disgusting.

    I don’t even know what to think about hiring someone to tell their daughter that something happened to their baby so you and the woman you raped years ago can raise it. I think I am going to puke. What HAS happened to this show?

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    This ruined the liking of Todd for me and I will never accept this character or rape-mance of these two and it is disgusting on all levels. With Luke and Laura and EJ and Sami, they know each other and people call it seduction of the males part, but Todd brutally rape Marty and have his friends rape her and now she is going through the same thing over again, but she does not know that the man she is sleeping with is the guy who rape her. It will hurt OLTL in the long run with this s/l because it will seem that rape is ok if you ask for forgiveness and do her without telling her who she is.


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    I’m really surprised Susan Haskell came back and agreed to do this. Perhaps there is some real payback/closure for Marty that motivated her or maybe she just needed work and didn’t care? After how long OLTL took to get her back I wouldn’t think they would stoop to this.

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    Up until the ‘rerape’ i was into this storyline, i liked the chemistry and i was looking forward to the fallout.

    Seeing Marty freak out and then possibly kill Todd.

    Right now i just want it over, i don’t care how it ends i just want it OVER, I felt so weird watching the ‘sex scene’.

    *Sigh* I still love OLTL thou, even with its rerapist lol.

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    Maybe Susan Haskell came back because they already had this whole story mapped out and there is going to be some great aftermath. I mean, who knows, this s/l could result in some of the most emotional and gripping scenes we’ve seen on OLTL in years.

    Marty has to deal with Todd, Marty has to deal with herself for the fact she slept with him. Rape victims often feel guilt after an attack. Maybe she will feel that same sort of guilt and shamefor sleeping with him once she gets her memory back.

    Then of course, we have to deal with Todd, and Todd dealing with everyone else.

    The aftermath of this s/l, not necessarily the s/l itself, could be groundbreaking.

    Tequila and dominoes-we will never forget.

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    That’s what I am thinking, JaSamLover.

    Does anyone know when Tea Delgado is supposed to be back? I heard it was short (maybe she was already on and I missed it). I was wondering if maybe she has to pull Todd out of this mess like she has in the past.

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    Fortunately I skipped this part. This whole story is just so off adn so wrong on so many levels…and then to juxtapose it with live babies, dead babies and puppies? WTH??

    And Andrea Evans gets to deal with puppies instead of the deep story I think she could handle well. It just makes me wonder….how can the stories we had last fall suddenly turn into such crap?

    It doesn’t seem like its even the same writer….I do wonder how much interference Ron C has to deal with. I wish he could get help that supports his talents and knowledge rather than BF just wanting to shove his twisted sh*t in this show too. Let him just go play with GH & leave OLTL ALONE!!

    Todd & Marty having sex??? Just too squicky to contemplate…so I don’t. I turn it off, flip the channel or FF.(Don’t know how I’d be able to watch this show with out my DVR!)

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    I am so grateful that I haven’t been watching this crap. It makes me violently ill just thinking about it. What is wrong with these people?

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

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    I wish ATWT had been better today. I was fortunate enough not to see a second of Todd/Marty rerape but I did catch a scene of Marty telling Todd what a good idea they are. Crap like this makes me miss crap like Passions.

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    Courtney fan4life

    Tarty sex!
    Oh my gosh. I supported this pairing but my ONE wish was that marty and Todd would have sex when she remembered everything.

    But I still support them. A little upset they had sex but still support them. Id take tarty over T&B or John and Marty

    Just look at those pictures and FORGET the past. you cant deny that these two share amazing chemistry.
    Sorry but its a soap. PPl need to stop taking it seriously.

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    I miss passions :( i would sooo have been tuning into that instead of Tarty sex, unfortunately i tuned into ATWT and saw Brad being arrested again for some stupid reason, another pointless dead body and Parker still whining about how he doesn’t want the girl he slept with to be his step-sis.

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    Just look at those pictures and FORGET the past. you cant deny that these two share amazing chemistry.
    Sorry but its a soap. PPl need to stop taking it seriously.

    See that was my argument but here is why that argument sucks lol.

    The writers know the past and even show it to us using flashbacks so we will remember, they are setting up for her to remember her past and know everything so you can’t forget the past.

    Yes these two have amazing chemistry but the writers / BF have completely dropped the ball on these two.

    I would love to see TSJ/SH in a ‘real relationship’ but the way they did it, there is no salvaging it imo.

    I do agree that it is a soap and we don’t need to take it ‘that’ serious thou.

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    “Sorry but its a soap. PPl need to stop taking it seriously.”


    I’m tired of hearing “it’s just a soap”. While, I do believe that soaps shouldn’t be taken as seriously as some have made them (Alison Sweeney shouldn’t be accosted in a supermarket because she broke up Carrie and Austin), I do believe that in some cases they do need to be taken seriously, at least, when it comes to certain s/l’s. I’m just not going to accept any old thing just because “it’s a soap”. If that’s the case then let’s bring back the guy that raped Jessica as a child. Hey, if the chemistry is hot enough, why not?! There are boundaries that need to be set. I’m not as disgusting and offended as others but I understand their feelings. Just as you are entitled to yours, so are they.

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    Luke Kerr

    Imagine if AMC decided to bring back Erica’s rapist and have her fall in love with him after she’d drank something David Hayward had spiked with a memory eraser. This thing with Todd is the same thing. "it’s a soap" is not an excuse for this type of s/l imo.

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    “… “it’s a soap” is not an excuse for this type of s/l imo.”


    Exactly! Monica’s breast cancer, Robin learning she had HIV, Stone dying from AIDS, BJ’s death and Maxie getting her heart, the list goes on and on of stories from so many soap operas that were more than just s/l’s on a soap.

    History matters in soaps. Marty has became an entirely different person because of the rape. They can’t erase that or try to minimize it. I don’t believe that this story is being written as a love story but is a story about Todd’s psyche. Todd is supposed to come off as lonely and desperate and he’s living in a fantasy world. If they wrote the story properly I think there might be less disgust and people would be more captivated at watching Todd completely lose his mind to this fantasy of a happy life w/ Marty.

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    Courtney fan4life

    Ok then want to take it so dam seriously then ok.

    Tad should be in jail he killed a man.
    Greenlee should be in jail she kidnapped a baby
    Jason and Sonny should also be in Jail they killed over 100 people.
    Luke RAPED Laura he should be in jail.
    Oh gosh its all sickening. oh gosh im disgusted. Killers and baby stealers are getting away with murder. Look at the crap ppl have done yet you still love them. So really just shut it because you all sound hypercritical.

    its a dam soap. Sorry if you take it so seriously stop watching.

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    Tad should be in jail he killed a man. – YES

    Greenlee should be in jail she kidnapped a baby. – Greenlee did not kidnap that baby. She was asked to drive him because Kendall had to be escorted to the hospital. She had a brief moment of weakness but decided that it would be wrong to do it. If someone thought about stealing from a store, in desperation, but decided against it, would that make them a thief? No!

    Jason and Sonny should also be in Jail they killed over 100 people. -YES! YES! A thousand times, YES!

    Luke RAPED Laura he should be in jail. – YES, but Laura was too dumb and naive to do the right thing and press charges. Marty, on the other hand was strong enough to do that and face her attackers in court!

    And, you didn’t answer my question. So if it’s just a soap you’d be fine w/ Jessica being w/ the man that raped her as a child if the chemistry was there?!

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    Courtney fan4life

    Greenlee kidnapped that boy. She was driving AWAY from pine valley. SHE KIDNAPPED HIM!!!!

    And chemistry has something to do with it but that’s not it. i hated Todd before this. Everything about him i just hated him. But when tarty first began i went oh god its Todd being as ass. but a different Todd evolved a Todd i actually liked. The way he was around her. The chemistry yes helped that.

    Can i answer that question about Jess and her child raper no becasue I have to see before I judge. i really just have to see.

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    “Can i answer that question about Jess and her child raper no becasue I have to see before I judge. i really just have to see.”


    I’m confounded by that response!

    Anyway, Greenlee was driving away but then she drove back. If not for the accident no one would have ever known that she even considered taking Spike. She realized what she was doing was wrong and then decided against it. That’s not kidnapping.

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    One word EW. It was vile and disgusting. This sounds totally wrong but I wished she remembered the rape while with Todd and put a stop to it. And airing that PSA did NOTHING to redeem OLTL and whoever’s demented head this s/l came out of.

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    “WTH is wrong with Brian Frons? For someone who claims to want to save ABC soaps, he sure does a lot things to ensure no one wants to watch them!”

    Truer words were never spoken SusieQ. I remember the Marty gang rape storyline. It was one of the most riveting and disturbing soap storylines I’ve ever seen and having these two have sex is just disturbing and very unfortunate. I was listening to Episode 319 today and I believe it was Tina who was blaming writer Ron Carlivati (sp?) for this storyline but I almost sure I heard someone on an earlier podcast confirm Ron was following Brian Frons’ orders. So which is it? I personally can’t believe Ron would want to do something like this.

    I think this is a very sad day in soaps.

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    Like ssjohn, I was a big supporter of this s/l in the beginning. I thought it was disturbing and suspenseful and I couldn’t wait for the truth to come out! I also felt that this would have major long-term consequences and would be a great example of ripple effect storytelling. However, they’ve taken the story waaaay too far.

    Maybe I was naive but I honestly didn’t think they would have sex. I didn’t even think they would kiss. There was no need! What Todd was doing to Marty was already bad enough, and the developing “friendship” between them would have been enough to complicate things, so there was no need to take it further. I’ve actually stopped watching these past few weeks and this story is one of the reasons.

    **Forgive my political incorrectness, but *Retardy* makes me sick!**

    I’ve written about this so much, but it bares repeating: The way soaps deal with rape is atrocious!

    -I never want to see a rapemance again

    -I never want to see a rapist turned into a romantic leading man again

    -I never want to see a rape story told with a *gimmick* twist again!!!

    -I never want to see a rape s/l on a soap and feel offended, degraded and insulted as a woman *AGAIN*

    TPTB, if you can’t tell a rape story with the respect and sensitivity it deserves, THEN DON’T TELL IT AT ALL!!!!

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    Courtneyfan4life please shut up, if u fall in love with someone who raped u, then we’ll talk, k. What Todd is doing to Marty is wrong and u know it. And by the way Courtney was a terrible character and most people are glad she is dead.

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    Man w/unpopular opinion again.
    I am buying this story and I think it has been one of the most interesting stories that has been told in a long time (it providing commentary from the fans). And I remember J Bernard posting his in depth analysis about the storyline and I feel the same way. Todd is living in a fantasy world and even knowing what he did in the past and knowing how what he’s doing now is so wrong he just can’t help himself (STONES THROWN AT ME). For me this is one of the top storylines in Daytime this yr.

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    Courtney fan4life

    Agim87 please grow up. First MY NAME IS COURTNEY!. I thought it would be funny to have a pic of the character of courtney since she shares my name and its a soap site. im basically saying im my number one fan.
    Second ok Courtney is dead. ONCE AGAIN its a soap ok Courtney died i was over it the next day. i dont care that much for a fake character. Second I dont care if ppl hate who i like. that does not affect me. So what if ppl hated Courtney I LIKED her. thats what matters. yes what hes doing to her is wrong but I still like them.

    So why dont you grow up because you are acting like a child. When you want to discuss this AS ADULTS then post again.

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    I see the point Courtney is trying to make…here is the difference FOR ME….some stories are written so out of character, or because of things going on with the actors contracts, or the story line is so crazy that the bad deed sort of becomes – I cant explain it but kind of put aside?? if that makes sense. Tad burying Greg Madden was completely random even given the enormous stress he was under and it was such a silly story – the mad sperm doctor rearranging fertility plans all over PV. C’mon. Jax on GH getting raped by Jerry’s random, believed dead ex while on a some sort of boat in the middle of nowhere – I was tired of rape stories but I wasnt wanting to burn my tv.

    On the other hand, certain stories are extremely personal for viewers because of their realism. Think about who the viewers often are – people like mothers sending their kids to college for the first time, women going off to college, and here is a gang rape at a frat party played out in graphic detail. Yes, I could support Todd back in the day, because the story was that his father was so abusive to him that he turned out messed up and blair’s love gave him a chance to grow. He was humanized by his relationships with Vicki and Starr. Now they have totally undone all that growth because when given the chance to revisit his choices, he STILL chose to victimize Marty.

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    Oh my God! Did Nelson Branco actually say that? I haven’t listened to the episode yet but I can’t wait to her Nelson say something I’ve been waiting for someone other than us board posters say for a looong time. I’ve always liked that Nelson.

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    Courtney fan4life
    Im sorry i went off on you i was having a terrible day, We are all entitled to our own opinions to each his own, i dont think ive ever even talked to you. Sorry.

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    What Brian Frons has done with the whole Todd/Marty storyline, it’s gross, disgusting, disturbing! It’s a slap in the face to all long time OLTL viewers, a slap in the face to rape victims, a slap in the face to Agnes Nixon (creator of OLTL), Claire Labine, Micheal Malone (the original writer of the gang rape storyline) and all who have wrote ground breaking, socially issued, historic soap opera storylines.

    Brian Frons should be fired! He needs to leave soaps alone, otherwise he will be the death of daytime! He makes me sick!



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    Jamey Giddens

    Tad killed a man who stole his child. Perfectly justifiable in my eyes. Greenlee kidnapped a child that was originally conceived for her. She was emotionally devastated and not in her right mind. It was wrong yes, but it is not the same as unloosening your belt to sexually attack a woman with three of your homies.

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    I think Tea is supposed to be back in December, and I’m not sure for how long. At least I think December is what I read somewhere.

    Question, was Tea Todd’s lawyer during the rape trial after Nora quit? I was thinking she was, but now I can’t remember correctly.

    Tequila and dominoes-we will never forget.

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    Courtney fan4life clearly doesn’t understand the concept or consequences of rape, so it’s best just to take her wildy-uneducated opinion at face value and not listen to her.

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    “but it is not the same as unloosening your belt to sexually attack a woman with three of your homies.”

    Wow, that should not have made me laugh….but it did.

    At least there canbe humor somewhere in this storyline :)

    Tequila and dominoes-we will never forget.

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