DC #321: CBS & DAYS Ball Busting Broads

On today’s CBS and Days of Our Lives episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Mike, Melodie and Jillian discuss all the latest rumors and news including Ashley’s return to The Young and the Restless, Katherine and Marge, Lily and Billy and debate who Amber should go up against.

Boozy Taylor and teaming up with ball busting broads on The Bold and the Beautiful.

We’re throwing a party for Cassie leaving Guiding Light and Melodie has a problem with Grady.

We discuss the latest rumors of Austin Peck and Agim Kaba leaving As the World Turns and Sage following in her mother’s footsteps.

Sandra Ferguson returns to daytime on Days of Our Lives, Galen Gering makes his debut and EJ and Nicole.

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  1. Profile photo of snowi

    Totally agree about EJ. This is not the EJ I fell in love with and I can’t stand to watch him with Nicole. I was overjoyed when EJ gave her the verbal smackdown the other day! It was the first time in a long time that I actually clapped for a character on Days. And am I the only one not enthused with Galen? EJ used to be the man that called Sami out on her shit, but he has been castrated by Nicole.

    I’m seriously hoping that Brady takes Nicole out of EJ’s orbit. Not just because I’m an EJami fan, but because I’m an EJ fan as well. I can’t stand how this story has destroyed his character.

  2. Profile photo of season1217

    “I can’t stand how this story has destroyed his character.”


    I love it when EJ fans say that this s/l with Nicole is what destroyed his character. How quickly we forget him floating on a sea of endorphins while Lucas lay near death in the snow with a huge beam on top of him. I like EJ but let’s put things in perspective, shall we? LOL!

    What I don’t get is why DAYS isn’t utilizing the Lumi/Ejami fan base and going full throttle w/ that love triangle.

    Also, I’d like to see Galen’s character in a love triangle w/ Bo and Hope. If they had made Hope Police Commissioner and Rafe Bo’s partner that would have been hot.

  3. Profile photo of snowi

    Season, at least EJ acted like he had a brain in his head during that time. He certainly wasn’t a character that could be lead around by “the short hairs” back then. Sorry, but this story has destroyed the EJ most of his fans fell in love with. Not bat shit crazy EJ, but confident, intelligent EJ. He never would have let someone like Nicole nag him the way she does. That’s why I loved EJ blowing up at her annoying ass. I’m sorry, but even if I wasn’t a EJami fan, I still wouldn’t want him with Nicole.

    Oh and I haven’t forgotten that time period. At least that EJ would have fitted Nicole with some cement booties and thrown her into the Salem river back then.

  4. Profile photo of season1217

    “At least that EJ would have fitted Nicole with some cement booties and thrown her into the Salem river back then.”


    Wrong show. GH is that way. Although, I can understand the confusion, with the misleading promos, the possibly deportation of American citizens, the lack of veterans being used and characters being written out of character.

    And, I’m sorry. I assumed that using some one’s life as a bargaining chip for sex then gloating about it afterwards would ruin a character quicker than being lead around by “the short hairs”. I have a lot to learn, so forgive me.

  5. Profile photo of snowi

    Well apparently it didn’t ruin his character. And I think you are completely missing my point.

    I’m talking about what I am seeing now. A dumbed down EJ. EJ of last year knew Sami was pregnant right away just because she didn’t drink alcohol. 2008 EJ has seen Sami fainting, wearing clothes made from circus tent leftovers, and has his own 1 year old son pointing to his mother’s stomach and saying “baby”. He is a completely different character, one that most of his fans do not enjoy seeing. Higley had to dumb him down in order for this “dual pregnancy” plot to work. He is being written out of character (along with a lot of other Days characters) and it’s frustrating to watch.

  6. Profile photo of angmc

    Great podcast!
    Jillian – Thank you for voicing the frustration of so many EJ fans!

    I have never pretended to enjoy the EJ from Nov06-early May07…In retrospect you can enjoy BSC EJ because of James Scott’s acting but it was not a great time for EJ. When the actor thinks he’s going to be fired because of the way the character is being written it’s not a good sign. But the EJ before and after that time period was my favorite Days character hands down..with Sami coming in a close second.

    How the mighty have fallen! Dena Higley has almost totally destroyed this character for me. He’s missing so many body parts at this point I’m not even sure how he’s standing. Since June EJ has lost his brains, his balls and his spine. I watched the scene last week where he unloaded on whiny pathetic Nicole and I was hopeful that a bit of the old EJ was coming back but based on spoilers that was a cruel tease by DH. So as long as he’s around Nicole I can’t and won’t watch. He’s boring, common and just like any other male soap character which is unfortunate for James. I felt he had created a very interesting character when he came on as EJ but at this very moment there is nothing special about this character. Which is obvioulsy the downside of having such a frighteningly untalented writer like Dena Higley helming your show.

    I can’t believe that a year ago EJ and Sami were having their black wedding. That was followed by the hospital scenes with EJ, Sami and Stefano. Those scenes were so incredible that I could barely get through them without crying because they were all so amazing. Who am I kidding..I wept every time I watched those scenes. Now…I could care less. EJ and ______ or Sami and ________ doesn’t do it for me. At this point, after Dena has done her special brand of magic, I’m not sure if EJ/Sami together will get me to watch again.

    I love this saying: the opposite of love is not hate..it’s indifference. At this point I’m indifferent, which never happened under Hogan Sheffer and he was pretty bad for the character of EJ. Under HS he never boring. Crazy, psychotic and a bit obsessive:yes. Boring and common:no.

    Bravo Dena!!

  7. Profile photo of sodsince16

    Great Podcast as always.

    I really enjoyed hearing Jillian for the first time. I always appreciate when you discuss character as opposed to actors (ie the Billy-Lilly discussion).

    Also, this podcast saw the return of “on that note” as Luke’s signature sign-off.

    p.s. – Lizzie burned down the house she lived in with Beth and her step-father Jim Lemay (also Daisy’s adoptive father), but I think it was a mistake and she was a little girl at the time. However, it would be interesting for Daisy to recall that Lizzie was responsible for her father’s death.

    Does this make me the new P&G guru? Nope. Mike will hold that title always and forever……

  8. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    IA, Dena Higley is a hack who destroys the quality of the show for her own style. That’s why I don’t know why Corday didn’t get rid of her and have ED Scott as head writer. I feel that he was a better fit for dAYS than Higley ever was. I am for EJ and Sami, but after the blackmail sex thing, I never could get behind them. But I agree that they are characters that are not being themselves and I don’t know what they are. I with the fans, I want Sami and EJ together and have Higley fired.


  9. Profile photo of GusJaq

    Lizzie was suspected of starting a fire at her boarding school but I don’t think anyone could prove she was responsible.

    I’m pretty sure the fire with Jim was an accident caused by Christmas lights and Lizzie had nothing to do with it.

    I wish GL would give Lizzie a break. The girl can’t even get one frickin’ day of happiness…come on already!

  10. Profile photo of season1217

    I understand your point up to a point, snowi. The dumbing down of a character who is usually sharp and on point is always frustrating. I get that. I just think it’s a bit melodramatic to say just because EJ hasn’t realized that Sami is pregnant and he’s being duped and played for the fool that he’s ruined. If the character of EJ can overcome the vile mess that he did when Sheffer wrote for him then he can pretty much make it out alright of Higley’s writing.

  11. Profile photo of snowi

    I’m not saying he can’t either season, it’s just that right now, I don’t recognize EJ. And as long as this dual pregnancy crap is going on, I doubt I’ll see the real him for a long time.

  12. Profile photo of Mark

    I have to disagree about the Kevin/Luke election storyline. I don’t think they concentrated too much on the election itself instead of the characters. I think it was a smart move to have Luke run against Kevin. I always thought it was a missed opportunity to not follow up on the Kevin/Luke dynamic after Luke came out to him. We barely saw Luke for about 9 months before Noah came to Oakdale. But in this current storyline, the writers gave me scenes I’ve wanted to see two years ago. I think it’s great to see that Luke has these unresolved issues with Kevin and is still deeply hurt by it that he wants to beat Kevin in this election at all cost. Luke is losing himself and I think it’s interesting for Noah to see this side of Luke. I was getting tired of Saint Luke, so I love seeing him really mess things up (and I’m a Luke fan!). The elections are over, but I think it’s only the beginning of the story. Noah is trying to stop Luke from going down that self-destructive path, but it doesn’t look like there’s anything he can do. I think Luke might start drinking again. I’m so glad Van and Jake finally have some meaty scenes!

    I’m also glad that they’re in a story fit for their age. Will and Gwen desperate for a baby at the age of 19 was too much. I’d rather see something like this. I’m also glad that they’ve included Casey and Alison. Casey and Luke didn’t interact a lot onscreen when Zach Roerig was playing Casey, but that changed with Billy Magnussen. The Luke/Casey interaction was the best aspect of the whole Ameera mess. I’m enjoying their friendship. I hope we’ll continue to see it (even if they have their own storylines).

    About Casey/Emily: I agree, they have tons of chemistry, but I was not a fan of the couple. I didn’t like the way Emily treated Casey and I think he deserves better than that. I don’t if that’s Alison, but I enjoyed their scenes together. I think they have chemistry and I think it could work if they go slow. And then when they get together, bring Maddie back!

  13. Profile photo of terrifictam

    Great Podcast!
    Mike – hope you had a great vacation. You are so loyal to us fans :) thanks

    AMC can thank TAMARA BRAUN for cementing a spot on my DVR again!!

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