Lauren Holly: “Nothing Good Can Come From Daytime TV”

Sigh. Another star who once reaped the rewards of a gig in daytime is now dissing the medium. All My Children alum Lauren Holly, she of such big screen gems as Dumb and Dumber, revealed to our pal TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco that she feels the soap opera genre, which has been hugely successful for much of it’s 70-plus years in broadcasting and could very well be again if certain execs got out of the way, is basically designed to well, suck. Hmm, tell that to fans of late Doug Marland, the late Bill Bell, Claire Labine and of course, Agnes Nixon who created All My Kids.

Here’s Holly’s defeatest quote:

I know you love the genre, Nelson, but nothing good can come from daytime TV. The entire medium is set up to work against good writing and acting.”

 If this had been Eva La Rue, Cady McClain, Peyton List or any other daytime grad who had the misfortune of enduring these last, depressing days of the genre, where characters are brought back one-by-one and assassinated, sometimes via a plate full of sticky carbohydrates, then I could sadly nod my head, but Holly was on All My Children in the pre-O.J. late 80’s, when the soap and much of daytime was still good, damn good in fact, so sorry, this just sounds like another snobby starlet who has forgotten where she came from. She does redeem herself, however, with touching remarks about her late costar Eileen Herlie in this week’s The Sud’s Report. Read it all here.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I would get that if she was talking about the current state of the industry, but to say it is designed to be bad, is beyond an over-reaching statement, especially given the time she starred on daytime.

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    Listen, MANY current daytime stars say the same thing to me off the record. It’s not like she’s saying anything I haven’t heard before. Heck, execs, writers, producers, and PRs say the same thing.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I love Lauren Holly, have since Picket Fences, but I cannot stand when stars do this. It’s just like Nancy McKeon dissing Facts of Life. Why do these shows then??? It’s not like everyday jobs that you do to pay the bills, you are getting the privilege to come into millions of homes, make millions of adoring fans, that basically pay for you to lead above average lives by watching the detergent commercials your network are selling, then after you move on, you say, "Oh it was dreadful." I mean, seriously. I can’t stand my day job, but people aren’t coming up to me going "Oh my God, I read that article about the War on Terror you wrote, you’re my hero!"

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    I guess it the “I don’t want to be stuck to this role forever” syndrome. I hate it as well. They should be grateful that they had a job that put food in their stomachs. Most people would kill to do a job they love and be remembered for it.

    I think it’s also part of the reason that most people who bash their old shows don’t really have that much post soap momentum. If you don’t appreciate the experience it becomes the lead balloon that follows you into every opportunity that follows.

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    She’s absolutely right. Haven’t you seen on the soaps, when one character is lying to another character, how they overact and indicate that they are lying? Like, “Um…no, Rock, This…isn’t what it…uh…looks like. Of COURSE I’m not…eh-heh….SLEEPING with your WIFE!”
    C’mon, that kind of bad direction and bad acting is ALL OVER daytime. As to “biting the hand that feeds you”, um, haven’t YOU ever had a crap job that you had to take in order to pay the bills or earn extra money or what have you? A job that, in hindsight, you’d just as soon not have brought up again to future employers? A starving actor will take any acting job offered to them, especially at the start of their career, even if it’s on some crappy show, because they have no other choice. It’s either accept a bad role on a bad soap opera or go work at Taco Bell. The choice is obvious, I mean COME ON! Which would you choose? And if you say Taco Bell, then you’re an idiot.

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    “Nothing good can come from Daytime TV”

    I guess that Emmy nom doesn’t really mean anything.

    Once again the industry is looked down upon by its former stars.

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    Yeah, there are ways to say something isn’t for everyone- but in the same interview she’s dissed the many greats whom still turn out amazing performances day in and day out with crappy material.

    Loved Picket Fences.

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    –I think Maurice Benard scared her — LOL!–

    Oh, shove it. Player haters. ;)

    All these stars who are big now, or were big, say bad things about daytime. Demi Moore once said in an interview that she wasn’t on GH, I saw it. I forgot which show it was, some years ago, but I’ll never forget the reactions. Only Meg Ryan and Julianne Moore still speak well of daytime and especially there time on it.

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    I never liked her – not from an acting standpoint or how she comes across personally. I found her acting stiff and I totally thought her whole relationship with Jim Carrey was nothing but flagrant gold digging. THIS statement seals the deal for me.

    Its like food – meatloaf isnt filet mignon – but some times its meatloaf that hits the spot. I would assume that working on a tv show that takes a week to film makes for better, less “suck”y, acting but then the same could be said for tv vs. films.

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    Now, look at these and tell me nothing good ever comes from soaps! If you need more proof I can do more digging!

    The argument about overacting, bad direction and production isn’t exclusive to daytime. Have you seen prime time and the movies produced by Hollywood?! It ain’t all Citizen Kane! If you don’t like the past work you’ve done that’s one thing it’s quite another to trash the medium that gave you you’re start. It’s more than some get!

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    What a tacky comment. I don’t care if she stopped working on AMC yesterday (sorry, I don’t consider these the depressing days of soaps and don’t think people would be so interested in the Daytime Confidential website if that is what they were) it’s just an rude comment and big insult to all of the talented people that work so hard to churn out these soaps for our enjoyment–or, for some people, their targets of ire–day after day. It’s also a comment she would be in no position to make if she had not been hired by a soap all those years ago.

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    “I don’t know why people call it biting the hand that fed you. Don’t we all have crap jobs in our past? I respect her honesty.”


    I’m sorry. Maybe I need to clarify my problem with her comment. She did not specifically say that working on AMC was a bad experience. She said “NOTHING GOOD CAN COME FROM DAYTIME TV.” That’s not talking about your experience on a job that’s talking about the medium as a whole. That is the problem I have w/ her statement.

    Like I said, it’s one thing to talk about your own experience, it’s quite another to trash the medium that gave you your start. Some of her comments ring true but GOOD THINGS DO AND HAVE COME FROM DAYTIME. Just because she hasn’t benefited from those good things is her problem.

    Also, no one is jumping down your throat, Thom. You just may need a lozenge.

    And, I love you, LIASONADDICT!:)

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    If this had been Eva La Rue, Cady McClain, Peyton List or any other daytime grad who had the misfortune of enduring these last, depressing days of the genre,…. then I could sadly nod my head, but Holly was on All My Children in the pre-O.J. late 80’s, when the soap and much of daytime was still good, damn good in fact, so sorry, this just sounds like another snobby starlet who has forgotten where she came from.

    Perhaps this “snobby starlet” keeps in touch with those former coworkers still toiling away on soaps. And perhaps her comment reflects what what she’s heard from THEM. Perhaps Lauren made this comment because she CAN and others can’t.

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    I hardly think that daytime actors are being “exploited.” No matter how much resentment one may have towards the genre, they aren’t exactly being worked in the salt mines against their will. The people working there willingly sign contracts and get paid good money to be on TV every day and have millions of people watch them and adore them. I certainly don’t think I need my eyes opened to the plight of the daytime tv actor making more money in a year than most people will ever make.

    Lauren Holly has every right to say what she said. Just like we have every right to call it out as an ungrateful generalization if that’s what we think it is.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Nothing good can come from daytime TV as it stands now.
    Pre-cise-ly. Go talk to a Certified Nurses Aide who makes nine bucks an hour working 12 hours a day, five days a week because her hospital in understaffed then talk to me about being exploited. Some of these people live in an enormous bubble. And again, yes, we have all taken "crap" jobs, but our stints at Burger King didn’t net us millions of loyal fans who tend to feel betrayed when stars snub their perfectly sculpted noses at the very shows that made us love them.

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    mainstream entertainment doesn’t respect daytime because daytime doesn’t respect daytime. come on the storylines/scenes with a few exceptions are out there for example look at john’s lastest superman feats. maybe if the writing became more realistic those that critize would respect it more.

    if i was an actor, i would jump at the chance to leave daytime

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    Jamey Giddens

    Thom Hunt no one said she owed anybody anything, she expressed her opinion, which was her right and I gave my opinion, which is my right. If you have such a hard time dealing with people talking about entertainers, why read entertainment blogs?

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    Uh, Thom, I hardly think Lauren Holly owes me anything. I say with confidence she has no idea who I am and I am more than fine with that. What she literally owes to anybody is not something anybody here is pretending to know. But if she is going to denigrate an entire genre with a sweeping generalization, or even if she wasn’t, I do believe others have the right to give a response.

    The world is one giant food chain, and every career field is just another subspecies of another. Of course every actor’s ultimate goal is to be in the second coming of the Godfather and win 12 Academy Awards. I don’t kid myself that these actors would not want to do more. But so would every other human being on the planet. But realizing there is something more prestigious than one’s current job does not mean that one’s current job is “crap” or that great things can’t be achieved in it.

    Just as an example, actresses like Erika Slezak and Robin Strasser have in the daytime genre given some of the best performances on tv period over the past twenty years. That is why cavalier generalizations like Lauren Holly’s tick me off so much. I don’t think she really realizes the implications of her statement, particularly since her own career came out of daytime television.

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    She’s right IMHO. I love Daytime but even when it’s great it tends to be great…for a soap. It’s TV fast food. Even when it’s good it’s still fast food. I just don’t have a problem with good fast food.

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    Agreed about it not being exclusive to daytime, it is just far more noticeable in daytime than elsewhere. Cheaper budgets, cheaper sets (whole set walls that shake when doors are closed, anyone?)lower quality directors, actors, etc…NOT ALL OF THEM so don’t jump down my throat, anyone; Just saying in general.

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    Nothing good can come from daytime TV as it stands now.
    She didn’t say as it stands now. From my interpretation she said as a whole the entire system is set up to breed failure.

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    This is why I have problems with stories like that. It is the holier-than-thou, OH-so judgmental attitudes reflected by the people reading these items. Some of you place these people so high up on these stratospheric pedestals they become easy targets to then in turn knock them off. Maybe you shouldn’t deify them to begin with. Maybe they DO make a lot more money than you will ever see, maybe they ARE famous, but they are also just people. So WHAT if you are/were a fan of Lauren Holly? She’s an actress; that’s HER job, like mine is a psychologist and yours is whatever yours is. She doesn’t owe you, or me, her past employers or ANYONE a single damn thing. She was paid for her services. I just get tired of people taking potshots at someone THEY DO NOT EVEN KNOW. It is ridiculous to sit in judgment of an entertainer. OK, let’s have the backlash….

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    I don’t deny anybody’s right to express their opinion. As a former actor myself, I’m a probably a little biased and I get tired of people jumping down actors’ throats when THEY expess THEIR opinions. That is all I am trying to defend. You might not agree with what an actor says, and you have the right to express an opinion about it, but when people outright condemn other people for their opinions, that’s where I usually take offense. And I am not saying that YOU, specifically, Kerfluffles, has attacked anyone, but I AM saying that I have seen it happen more than once on this very blog. It is one thing to present an intelligent counterargument with evidence to back up an opinion; it is quite another to outright condemn somebody just because you don’t take the same view they do. Is that any clearer?

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