Note to Days’ Dena Higley: STOP Writing Blake Berris Into A Corner!

As the onlaught of Passions hunks begins on Days of Our Lives, I have to say, I am particularly troubled about the reveal that Horton great-grandson Nick Fallon, played by the brilliant and underrated Blake Berris, will next week be revealed as Trent’s killer, according to Soap Opera Weekly. Is Dena Higley trying to write possibly the best actor on her canvas into a corner to make room for more eye candy? If so this will be the latest in a long run of this writer’s costly mistakes.

One of the few highlights this show still has to offer is watching Berris, an actual theater-vetted actor, make even the most ridiculous and implausible plot points believable, due to his earthy, realistic acting style.  Speaking of ridiculous and implausiable, I don’t buy for one second that sensitive, creative Nick would kill anyone, let alone allow Grandma Brady or a pregnant Nicole Walker to take the fall all for this Melanie person he has only known for five minutes. This plot point is a, wait for it, hot mess!

Were it Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) who Nick killed someone for I might buy it, since she is the only girl he has ever loved. You can tell me he loves Melanie all you want, but until she show me, I won’t buy it.

SPOILERS for next week indicate Nick will lie to Melanie when she starts to catch on, telling her that she did in fact off her pervy daddy. He will then try to convince her that they need to leave Salem together.

If this storyline were in the hands of a head writer who understood nuance and possessed the ability to pen an articulate storyline that could effectively redeem a fallen hero, I wouldn’t be so nervous, but since Higley’s writing isn’t known for its shades of gray, all I can say is I hope her boss Gary Tomlin recognizes what an amazing talent Blake Berris before its too late.

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    Brooke has given me a heads up on a few upcoming spoilers and trust me imo it keeps getting worse lol.

    Dena hates her fans, i seriously have to believe that, because while you mite not like the on slaught of new passions people, they are at least 20x better then the annoying red blur on my t.v. every single day.

    There is no reason that Days should be in the state it is in, I am craving those horrible letter readings back, i should NEVER want to hear the word letter again on DAYS but dang it have Don pop back from the postoffice with a bunch of letters for him and Marlena to read and we will all be happy!.

    Like i said in my ‘Days Dish’ on the forums.

    When watching Sand fall threw a hourglass is more interesting then the DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

    There is a problem ;-/.

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    Jamey Giddens

    ssjohn I actually like Galen, the other one…well, okay. But I just don’t think it’s right bright to even think about getting rid of, or writing core characters like Lucas and Nick into corners to make room for actors from a now defunct show. At least they are making Male Hair Model No. 2 John’s son, but still, overstuffing the show with actors from a dead last show is not the answer when all the storylines aren’t worth the pot I pee in.

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    I agree, when a show starts introducing an onslaught of new faces, many of which are from other shows, that usually spell trouble (hello-goodbye Santa Barbara!) I’m trying to keep an open mind, and I’m hoping that they’ll keep the ones that work, and quickly toss the ones that don’t.

    I *hate* that Nick is the killer. Like you pointed out on the forums ssjohn, there are some possible pluses to it – like the fact that the killer is actually someone we care about and not some day player – but it does seem like Nick is going to be written into a corner.

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    … poor passions :( hey at least it had its moments at #1 in demos (like that means anything to these networks lol)

    I totally agree thou, but if we are going to be forced to watch a bunch of ‘newbies’ I would rather Galen and Eric over Melanie, Willow, Jeremy (bambam) Horton, the Cop dude that chelsea was inlove with for a whole two seconds, etc.

    I would much rather see a big storyline with Lucas vs. Philip for Titan or the Brady’s dealing with Caroline hooking up with Victor.

    But the writers are NOT going to give us anything interesting so I mite as well try and look for the good in this pile of crap, and Eric/Galen are at least what I am looking forward to.

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    Since, Dena arrived at DAYS she has pretty much shown that she could care less about the character of Nick. The fact that she would make Nick the killer and have him let innocent women take the fall and allow Melanie to believe she did it just shows that she’s never cared about him. She put Chelsea together w/ Dr. Dan and completely disregarded the Chick fan base. Same w/ Lucas. She totally disregarding the Lumi fan base for Ejami or Rami or Ejole or whatever unholy couple of the week!

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    I have to say Dena has done one thing right with DAYS and that is what she has done with Philip. Pre-Dena he was kidnapping babies, playing daddy for a day with Tyler, wrecking marriages with Belle.

    Since Dena he hasn’t really been horrible, he returned to Titan, gave his brother a job, got a little bit of love from Morgan and Chloe and really hasn’t been completely destroyed.

    I really like Philip and Stephanie together, and its kinda weird that Philip works SO WELL with the ‘young adults’ on this show then he does with the older generation lol.

    DAYS does have a problem with having 0 teens, everyone is mid 20’s +

    Back on topic thou real fast i do agree that Dena has shown she doesn’t like Nick from Day ONE, he had no storyline this summer outside of helping supersmartmax look supersmart and then being with the scene hog -.-.

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    “… and then being with the scene hog -.-.”


    LOL! I was pissed at the s/l where it was revealed Max was a genius and was “correcting” Nick’s work.

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    The only good about this storyline is Blake’s amazing acting and the fact that Gary Tomline was a headwriter in the early 80’s during the time Nick’s mother Jessica Blake had multiple personality disorder.

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    “The only good about this storyline is Blake’s amazing acting and the fact that Gary Tomline was a headwriter in the early 80’s during the time Nick’s mother Jessica Blake had multiple personality disorder.”


    I didn’t know Nick’s mommy had multiple personality disorder! Does Higley know? Could she possibly be writing it that Nick may suffer from the same disorder? I’m trying to believe in you Higley! Give me something!

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    Yes, I am hoping that they are going to actually let history play into it. Jessica Blake (Nick’s mother) wound up experiencing multiple personality disorder in a storyline that is way too complicated and sordid to explain in detail. You might want to look it up and report it here as I’m afraid I’ll get details wrong.

    Anyway, it’s possible this could turn into an awesome story in spite of the setup being out of nowhere. (It’s obvious they decided this way after the Trent murder was set into play). But I’ not sure how it can correct the Mick story. I know you didn’t care for Melanie and Nick but I liked them as a possible alternative to Chick (though I still love Nick with Chelsea, I was quite willing to watch Chelsea work hard to win Nick’s heart back). The problem is it’s Dena writing it.

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    WTF???? I was under the impression that Melanie was the killer. If she didn’t kill Trent, then WHY was she being haunted by him? And why did Trent’s ghost accuse her of doing him in? Plus all the other clues, such as she had her father’s wallet, planted it on Stephanie and her total lack of sorrow about her father’s death, unless it suits her. Sorry, I don’t buy this. I did see Nick downing a couple of pills, so maybe he got hooked on pain killers while recovering from the bullet he took for Melanie. What is DH doing to my “young Jimmy Stewart”? :-(

    It’s good to see Galen/Luis again! And happy that Eric/Ethan will be appearing soon! It’s gonna take awhile for me to think of those two with their new names…lol. But Sami needs another man to add to her stable? ACK! Not sure how I feel about Dan and Chloe, but I know I don’t like her with Lucas. Ditto with Philip and Stephanie. Maybe it’s time to bring Shawn and Belle back….

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    I too hate that Nick is the “killer”. This isn’t a shocking twist, just a head-scratching one. He did this for Melanie? Why? And the pill popping excuse is not good enough. In fact I don’t think there is an excuse DH & Co. can come up with that won’t be lame. Poor Blake, he is a real talent on a show that is sometimes oversaturated with pretty faces. I think he deserves better than this.

    I don’t trust Higley as far as I can throw her. So hoping that she can make this into a good story seems like a waste of time.

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    What are they doing. I don’t watch Days anymore because it gives me a headache but what they absolutely need is less eye candy and more actors. This guy is a good actor and the character is funny and interesting. The killer should have been Melanie that way she would leave town. No wonder Days is sinking with writing like this.

    In addition they hire the guys from Passions? Passions was horrible only a few people could act and you can count the amount on one hand. I was so happy when it was cancelled. Also you keep mentioning Santa Barbara and I miss that I wish they would use some of that wit on AMC it would rock.

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    Mike Jubinville

    Isn’t Nick the one that accidently killed Willow? One accident on your record is one thing, but nobody could buy two. If he’s hell bent on accidently killing people, have him contact me…I have a list!

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    Only a few people on Passions couldn’t act, and most of them were killed off or locked up or something by the end of the show lol.


    Yea he was fighting with Willow on the beach over the stupid hair brush and he pushed her and she hit her head on a rock and died.

    Ugh I hated that storyline yet i remember every moment of it lol.

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    having nick kill trent is crazy you don’t turn from a sweet guy into killer #1 overnight what motive does nick have trent gave him a hard time about his project but that’s it come on dena you can do better than that shame on you for ruining Nick

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    Blake is such a good fit on this show, but I would rather him leave than to stay on a show that is penned by one of the worst HW in this show’s and OLTL history (she has to go).

    This is someone who could be in movies, TV, and the stage.

    He’s too good for this crap so I hope he finds work on another soap (Y&R would be pefect) or in any of the fields I mentioned.

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    I really don’t understand Nick being the murderer either. It’s like he woke up one day and become a bat shit crazy murdering psycho – I don’t get it! I mean, sure I’ve watched nice characters go psycho for Love, but usually the writer shows you some sort of journey into their decent into madness – but what has higley shown us with poor Nick? A DUI and then suddenly he’s a nutter who’s obssessed with Melanie? I am beyond confused! Maybe Higley should go watch some of JER’s old school Days and watch Kristen’s decent into madness over John, because at least we got to see how and why she went wacko! I’m so sick of Dena playing all of her story off screen! Why doesn’t she just have the actors act out a story outline and call it a day! Poor Blake, he just deserves so much better then this – well actually all the actors on Days deserve better!

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    I agree, no lol.

    Love Lumi when they are cute and snarky and written like they have been lately but they have really sucked for awhile.

    Lucas on his High horse and tossing a baby fit after he TOLD HER TO MOVE ON.

    I do like Lumi, but i loved pre-rape Ejami, now i am kinda digging Rami or whatever their squish is .

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    Hot mess sums it up. I love the character of Nick too but this is just silly. Even if they do the multiple personality thing, I won’t give a rats ass at that point.

    And I agree we didn’t need to introduce a bunch of newbies on the show. I am not feeling the whole Sami and Rafe thing either. It is so forced like “see you like them you really do -aren’t they cute – isn’t it kookie and fun.” Whatever.

    And the show sucks for all fans right now. Ejami fans, Jarlena fans, Chick fans, Dansea fans, Payla fans, Bope fans. All the wrong couples are together and even if your couple is together they have nothing interesting to do.

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    She acts like she could simply just care less.

    Driving Days into the ground like Hi I’m drowning the show, is the way she acts.

    Then to tell EJami Fans not too worry, hummm hello who RAPED who??? Sick bas – tard

    I believe and always have believed that Lucas and Sami have chemisty and lots of SPARKS. GO LUMI!

    Now for EJole, yes they have chemisty.

    Sami & Lucas have history just like:

    Tom and Alice
    Doug and Julie
    Bo and Hope
    John and Marlena
    Mickey and Maggie
    Shawn and Belle
    Austin and Carrie
    Philip and Chloe
    Lucas and Sami Forever!!! Sparks always fly!!


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