Jesse Metcalfe Recovering From 40 Foot Fall

Former Desperate Housewives and Passions’ star Jesse Metcalfe fell off a Monaco balcony and was knocked unconscious, US Magazine is reporting. According to Metcalfe’s rep " he is fine and now recovering from some minor bruises in a London hospital." Perez Hilton is reporting he fell 40 feet at a World Music Awards after party.

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    40 feet? That’s about…4 storeys or so? How do you only end up with bruises from a 4 storey fall that knocks you unconscious??? He must have a pretty tough coconut and the lives of a cat. Talk about lucky.

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    I was wondering why he wasn’t on Jimmy Kimmel last Friday night, as scheduled. That is one lucky bastard for just getting minor bruises. Hopefully his amazing body wasn’t hurt in the process?

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