Vanessa Marano Y&R’s New Eden Gerick

This just in from the desk of Nelson Branco. He has confirmed that The Young and the Restless has recast the role of Eden with Gilmore Girls alum Vanessa Marano.

This follows the news Branco broke this morning that Y&R had fired Erin Sanders.

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    Wow, that’s an outdated pic of her. LOL!

    I recently saw her on an episode of The Closer and again on Ghost Whisperer recently. She’s a good younger actress, but the character of Eden needs a lot of work.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Couldn’t Eden just fall over that clif in Southern California again after shooting her mother during a psychotic break where she thought she was her dead brother Channing? Oh wait, that was on Santa Barbara.

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    I don’t think the character is needed. It is a waste of airtime for someone that no one cares about. They should be focusing on the legacy characters and getting rid of dead weight and spruce up the writing.


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    Like I’ve said many times on paper Eden is a great character, but the character needs to be played by a good actress (don’t know nothing of the recast, but now I would settle for a capable actress). Hopefully w/the recast the character starts to work.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I don’t think the character is needed either, but I love Lowell. I say give her a fatal disease and kill her off in three months, then turn Noah into a meth head due to grief, or have him join a boy band.

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    That didn’t take long! I’m not crazy about bring on new characters but new blood is always needed on soaps. There has to be because the epidemic of inbreeding has to stop! Also, let’s not forget legacy characters were once newbies, too.

    And, Jamey, where did you come from?! LOL!


    //**No one on the corner has swagger like us!**\\

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    They seemed to fire Eden Sanders abruptly, so I’m wondering if this NuEden will only be on for a short amount of time to finish Eden’s storyline.

    IMDB says Vanessa Maranco is contracted to do a TNT show that’s airing in January 2009.

    I guess she’s doing Y&R on recurring (like Erin Sanders did) until the TNT show starts airing.

    And no, Noah has not been recast.

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    I’m glad Eden’s being recast even though I don’t think the character is necessary, but I kinda like Noah. I wasn’t too sure about him when he first showed up, but he’s growing on me for some reason.

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    AH HELL!!! Just when you thought this terrible character was finally going away, Y&R hits you with this! Just when you thought Tracy Bregman was FINALLY gonna get a story of her own, here comes Eden 2.0. Why…just why?

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    Hmm..I think Eden will turn out to be the secret spawn of Sheila. Notice how close she and Lauren are getting. The allusions to her “dead” mother (on a soap, i don’t think so). The Baldwins and Fishers are very complex but can be rather boring if there aren’t sick twists thrown in. They are a family of sexual deviants, schemers, murderers and thieves. i hope they stay true to that with whatever they do to expand their family. And bring back Scotty!! Lauren is the only family he has and she never sees him.

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    Why would you want to replace a young girl with another younger girl. The age difference for the storyline would be out of whack. Why would a 14 year old want to kiss a 20 year old. thats just whack. I thought they would replace her with a much older woman so it wouldnt be awkward between the actors.

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    It would be a great twist if Eden is Sheila’s daughter, Lauren’s rival. Who would thunk that would be a great s/l of putting Lauren with Eden if she find out if Eden is the spawn’s child. I thought the character was a useless character, but maybe the writers are going with this and thank god for a new actress. The other one was awful.


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    I don`t nine new characters but the actors or actress need to know how to act ,I would have been happy if BB`s Steffy would come over to Y&R and be paired with Noah .Think of this way two teens from two very rich and powerful familys ,I know the rich boy falls in love the poor gril is what drama is all about but that gets boring to.

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    Whether Eden is a necessary character or not is up to the writers more then anything BUT I was happily surprised to see news of this recast. The young lady playing the role currently is, to put it simply, a horrible actress. Not only is her voice pitchy and annoying but her entire presence gets in the way of the story. I am so thankful that while most of the other soaps do not pay attention to the voices of the fan, Y&R has taken action for something their loyal viewers have called them out for. I hope the re-cast can make Eden likable, vulnerable and interesting. The character, being related to Michael and the other Fisher/Baldwins, has great potential to be a unique character. The show greatly needs a young love to root for. Noah and Eden seem like the perfect candidates. I do not think the guy playing Noah has really gotten a chance to shine, mostly because he has been saddled with this screechy girl. I hope this re-boots the story in a positive direction and maybe a long-term romance that we can invest in. Y&R, currently, is the best written, most traditional soap opera on air with a modern spin to the lives and psychology behind the people of Genoa City. I am thrilled to watch Y&R everyday and anticipate it much like I did when it was in it’s prime in the 80’s and 90’s. I am not saying the show is perfect but in this miserably uncreative period for the soap opera industry, the producers and writers at Y&R have recharged the essence of the show, taking it back to the characterizations and naturalistic situations that Bill Bell made the show for. “Eden” is such a small complaint for a show that has improved 100-fold and is running circles around all the other shows as far as what real, complex drama could be. There is more work to do, though and the writers should not just rest on their laurels and believe the hype. They need to continue writing as if Y&R is still a work in progress because once upon a time there were no bad areas of the show. It was a beautifully layered, mosaic of humanity and it is on it’s way. In light of all the negativity surrounding the state of the daytime drama, it is really nice to have a little bright spot leading the way and giving a reason for these shows to continue.

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    IA, KingTv, the show is better than most of the soaps, but it still needs some improvements on where the women are concerned and the plots that is not gelling with the fans. I am over the Victor grieving mess because he didn’t even get this upset about Hope’s passing, but we to believe that he is depressed about a woman who he known for six months. I think he loves Nikki more than any other women he been with and I hate what they did to her to pimp out Victor’s greatness. Nikki is not this pathetic to be groveling over Victor and I am glad that they are brewing with a Jill/Nikki rivalry. This show needs an older female rivalry like Dorian/Viki. I hate how the men on this show is being portrayed as dumb to wring a plot point. It is not working. I hope that the show is still improving.


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    I’m excited for the recast. Any potential storyline for Michael and Lauren makes me happy. I agree on the bring back Scotty storyline. Lauren needs more family in town!

    I’m liking the new Noah. He’s got some chops on him. I’m wondering now if they are going to SORAS Abby now that Ashley’s coming back to Genoa City.

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