Are You Ready for Aunt Raylene?

It looks like Nadine’s (Claire Coffee) Aunt Raylene is coming to Port Chuck! Soaps in Depth is reporting that Saturday Night Live alum, Mary Gross, has been cast as the wacky aunt with all those insightful views on life.

Not sure who Mary Gross is? She has a pretty large resume. I remember her as Annie Herman in the movie Troop Beverly Hills and she’s the sister of Family Ties star Michael Gross, who’s been spending some time over at The Young and the Restless as Lowell "River" Baldwin. Not exactly who I had pictured in my head for Nadine’s Aunt Raylene. As my girl Tina just said, we were thinking more along the lines of Lucy Coe’s Aunt Charlene.

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    WTF!?!?!?!?! Nooooooooooooo – I was holding out hope that the TMK would come back to life for one last victim. Perhaps Aunt Raylene is just coming for the funeral…

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    Aunt Raylene?! How about Uncle Mac, or Mother Laura, or Grandfather Edward?! Nothing against Claire Coffee but what is the point of Nadine again? How about adding characters who are integral to the history of GH. Claire could have been cast as Rebecca Holt or Susan Hornsby or Sarah Webber or any number of females related to long standing families in GH! Oh… I’m sorry… what was the question again?


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    Jamey Giddens

    Season I would generally agree with you about veteran casting, but Nadine is one of those few exceptions to the rule in my opinion. She is cute, hilarious and reminiscent of Lucy and Felicia and most importantly she’s helping to rid my memory of the stain that was the last few months of Nikolas and Emily’s necrophilic ghostmance.

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    I like Nadine (reminds me of the dearly departed hospital) and Mary Gross so I’ll check out the scenes, but its not enough to get me to watch that mess (sorry DC posters, but the show is crap).

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    “necrophilic ghostmance”

    Jamey, they should definitely add that to the greeting card section – somewhere between “condolences” and “congratulations.”

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    OMG I remember her playing Alfalfa on SNL particularly the episode where Buckwheat (Eddie Murphy) get’s shot and she as Alfalfa keeps saying, “I just can’t believe it”. She should be hillarious on GH.

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    Regan Cellura

    I like Nadine… not a fan when they take her quirkiness too far but I like the character and I think there is potential for her if written properly. There were RUMORS that they were bringing Nadine’s brother on but I don’t remember her ever mentioning a brother. No word on how long Aunt Raylene will be in PC but I really had this southern belle type in my head.

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    I have no problem w/ Claire but I would have preferred that she’d be cute and hilarious as Rebecca Holt or Susan Hornsby. I don’t think Rebecca has ever been seen on screen. They could have taken a character tied to a family on the show and made her what ever they wanted. Susan hasn’t been seen since she was a young girl, so they could have done the same w/ her, as well.

    So, instead, of bringing on Aunt Raylene, how about bringing back Jimmy Lee Holt or Paul Hornsby. Instead of Nadine’s brother, how about Susan’s brothers, Dillon and Paul Jr. Dillon could deal w/ his abandonment issues, oh… maybe even have an affair w/ his step-mother Jenny. Now, that’s soapy! Instead of Nadine playing Nancy Drew and Nikolas dealing w/ foreclosure woes.

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    I know, petitejolie. I’m all for new blood. Like I’ve said before if every character comes on connected to a family eventually inbreeding is going to occur. But as is the case w/ many soaps, of late, they bring on new characters to the neglect of existing ones. So, instead, of giving material to Aunt Raylene that material could have gone to someone else already on canvas.


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    I for one am happy! I love Nadine/Claire and I can’t wait to see the Aunt who helped shape who she is! If we can see Max and Milo’s father, we can certainly see Nadine’s Aunt.

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    I guess my problem with Nadine started when she changed from Nurse Tell-it-like-it-is to Nurse Gee-Mr.-Prince-I’m-so-tongue-tied-I-can’t-even-think-straight.

    Even Emily had moved out of that by the end of her teen years.

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    *slamming head against desk*

    Oh God, now Nadine will NEVER EVER EVER stop babbling like an overflowing brook, will she? Not even memories of Mary Gross playing Alfalfa to Eddie Murphy’s Buckwheat will make me watch this swill that makes my head ache just thinking about it.

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    OMG!!! I can’t stand Nadine! Now they are giving her a family. Maybe with her aunt coming she will develop a back bone and stand up for herself. The reason I can’t stand her she runs her mouth, acts like a fool and she is dumb blond. Give us blonds a bad name. I will be fast fording through all that stuff. God help GH!!

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    I like the character of Nadine, but do we need her family on here? No, I would make her and Nik a couple and I would bring on a legacy family or rebuilding the Quartermaines and the Webbers and toned down the mob. It shouldn’t be the focus of the show and it is bringing it down.


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