Bravo Susan Haskell & Trevor St. John!

I would like to take a moment to recognize Susan Haskell and Trevor St. John’s amazing performance today. For the first time since her arrival, I now understand why Susan Haskell’s return was looked forward to by so many. Her portrayal of an emotionally betrayed, unstable Marty holding a gun on Todd was gripping. At the same time, Trevor St. John did an outstanding job conveying the rationalization of Todd trying to make the right decision after realizing he had done wrong.

It should be noted that my applause of these individual performances do not negate my overall disdain for this truly awful rapemance storyline. At this point, it is what it is. Hopefully, One Life to Live can salvage something out of this hurricane-like disaster.

My suggestion, don’t give Marty her memory back all at once. Let Marty continue to have the occasional flash of memory, but require her to question everything and everyone. Haskell’s performance today as an innocent who has had the wool pulled away from her eyes, yet not knowing what or who to believe proves there is merit in dragging out Marty’s total recall. 

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    I agree Luke, both Susan and Trevor were amazing today. She was breaking my heart as she realized each lie he had told her. Hopefully, Marty’s going to let Todd have it as the craziness of it all sinks in.

    Did anyone else find John’s presence completely awkward and unnecssary for this show down? I feel like Marty needs to take care of Todd for herself in order for her to gain some of the power back that he’s taken from her. She doesn’t need John fighting this battle for her, she needs to fight it for herself. I really don’t want to watch John somehow make this all about him – because it’s not.

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    It’s performances like today and yesterday that remind me why this storyline was not a mistake. Are Todd’s actions despicable? Absolutely. However, the writers and producers of OLTL are not condoning this behavior any more than they were condoning murder when Ramsey was offed or jewel-thievery when Tina was in Mendorra.

    It also troubles me that many fans were referring to this storyline as a “rape-mance.” I do not understand how anyone could be under the assumption that Todd and Marty would be paired together in the end. In order for that to happen, Marty would have to never regain her memory or come into contact with the outside world.

    Ultimately, the Todd and Marty storyline accomplished what it set out to do. It was a thought-provoking, engrossing story that everybody had an opinion about. The real kicker? OLTL was the most watched soap on Monday 11/10 (when Marty learns the truth).

    What worries me is that we, as fans, don’t seem to have the patience we used to have. With the advent of the internet, we don’t let stories pan out and are much quicker to judge a storyline before we ever see it. (Don’t get me wrong… I love this site!) There was negative reaction to Todd/Marty from the moment he found her at Ramsey’s penthouse… before any of us were sure where this was going.

    As for Marty, this is not the end for her. Anybody who fears her triumph over her rapists has been negated should fear not. I have a distinct feeling that Marty’s story will be her making sure Todd pays for what he did. And that, my friends, is storytelling. There’s no heroine without a villain.

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    Smulgrew, I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I use the term “rapemance” I’m not saying that this is a couple that’s going to end up together. The term is used when a rape victim ends up falling for/having sex with her rapist.

    I liked the story in the beginning, I felt that it was disturbing and I was interested to see where it was going. However, I felt they crossed the line with the kiss (and then even more so with the sex.)

    Todd was already a bad guy, he was already a character I Loved To Hate, and by him keeping Marty from her family he was already a villain. There was no need for Tarty sex. The only reason they “went there” was to tell a sensationalistic story and stir up controversy. Unfortunately it was offensive to a lot of people who have no interest in seeing a woman be victimized by her rapist again.

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    I agree that OLTL is good these days, but not with regard to Todd and Marty.

    My heart broke for Star, Blair, and Marcie yesterday. I loved every bit of it. Now how long do we have to wait until this injustice is corrected and Hope is returned to her parents?

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    I loved Kristen Alderson and Kathy Brier’s performances in last nights episode (I watch it on SoapNet.) I can’t wait until tonight’s episode. Switching to a cable company that has SoapNet on basic was the best decision I have made all year.

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    justangel24, I agree with you. It is especially nice when you have missed episodes during the week because it conflicts with another show or something and Soapnet offer the weekend marathons to catch up. :-)

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    OK…I may be banned from the site after this comment, but here goes. I like One Life to Live right now…actually I LOVE OLTL. Granted some stroylines have dragged on for far too long, it’s truly the only show where I don’t wear out the FF button.
    I have been a fan of daytime for over 20 years and I am slightly biased towards ABC soaps. They have always been my favorite. OLTL to me was always my “summer” soap. They always would deliver when I was out for school break and then go terrible again. Now OLTL is my winter/spring/summer/fall soap. The writing/acting has been amazing. This current week has been the best week thus far on soaps this year period!
    I may post later (if allowed), but I want to make a comment about Todd and Marty. I don’t think of this as a “Tarty” love story so it really didn’t bother me as much as the rest of the web world. I usually don’t watch soaps to teach me right from wrong…rather, just for entertainment. To me the Todd/Marty story is just another Todd is an a-hole story. If Marty knew everything and had her memory then I would probably protest as well…but this story was about Todd not Marty (I believe we will see Marty’s story soon). Todd is evil. Always has been, always will be. Add Todd wanting to steal his daughter’s baby on the long list of Todd is an a-hole stories! In fact, I was MORE appalled by this story than the Todd/Marty storyline.
    Ok, I’ve rambled enough…but I have seen soooo many EMMY reals from OLTL this week (that is, if they have an an award Susan Haskell and Trevor have knocked it out the park! Susan needs to copyright this past week and ABC should make it mandatory for every new actress to watch it!
    So what will probably be as rare as seeing Russia from my backyard here in Atlanta…Congrats OLTL for an amazing performance this week…you have me glued and waiting for more…reminds me of the good ole days of soaps in the 80’s!
    **Repost…more appropriate here!***

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    The performances and dialogue have kept me coming back to the story, even though it is tasteless and overly sensational to me.

    I have to agree with smulgrew. I never ever ever saw this as a story that would end with Marty and Todd together. I have much more regard for Ron Carlivati’s sense of OLTL history and storytelling efforts than to believe he’d let this ultimately become a romance.

    Personally, I think that the writing and performances have done justice to showing layers to a story that ABCD has tried to pimp as sensationalistic all along. Todd is not just a black and white villain here. They story set him up with losing everything, and in his twisted mind somehow Marty is the key to his “redemption” for everything and the chance to make amends. I’m not defending Todd at all, but I think the writing and acting have bore out more nuances than people seem willing to concede to since the story started. And now I’m ready to see Marty’s POV and her ultimate revenge and emergence as the strong woman she always was.

    Ultimately, I think the show has done a great job mining whatever good can come from a hackneyed Frons idea. Kudos to Susan Haskell, Trevor St John, and the writers for letting some good come out of a terrible concept.

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    Just want to give an applause also to Starr, Blair, Cole & Marcy. I think they all have done really well. Jess/Tess/Bess, really just about everyone at OLTL acting has been really great lately!

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    Like I said before is it possible that in the future this story line will be praised? So many books, movies, stories, etc. that were vilified when they first came out are later lauded as being ground breaking and are now considered classics. I don’t think this s/l will be required reading or viewing in high school (LOL!) but it will be interesting to see how it’s looked at in a few years.

    And, Susan and Trevor deserve the praise. They sold this story as best they could.


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    smulgrew, how do you know that OLTL was the most watched show on November 10?

    I am LOVING OLTL right now. I respect those people who are offended by the Todd/Marty story, but I think it has been great. I am a 30+ year veteran viewer of OLTL, and this has been some of it’s very best!

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    I think that Susan and Trevor are giving great performances and they better get a Emmy nom next year. I don’t agree with this s/l because it went too far by having Todd sleep with Marty knowing what he did to her and that it is going to undo all the things her did to pay back for hurting Marty. By sleeping with her, this will not make Todd look good in for the viewers eyes.


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    Courtney fan4life

    Jamey you keep getting on my good side every post. I HATE JARED!!! oh my gosh every time i see him i want to punch him in his Alf looking face. Oh wait no RC now wants us to worship him and his natalie. they did nothing wrong. it was all Dorian. PLEASE!

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    smulgrew and uofmichgrad99…I’m so glad to read your comments. I was starting to wonder if I was the only one who felt that way about the Todd and Marty storyline!!

    I agree 100% with what you both said about this storyline. I think it has actually been a good, intentionally creepy storyline and that there has never been anything romantic about it nor did the writers intend it to be romantic. Todd has deluded himself and Marty for purposes of obtaining some kind penance for what he did to Marty all of those years ago. And he has been acting like a sick, deluded bastage to accomplish that from day 1.

    I think the confrontation between Marty and Todd has been riveting soap the past few days. SH has just done fantastic in showing her outrage and betrayal about finding out all of Todd’s lies. I haven’t been quite as sold on TSJ’s performance, though I usually think he is quite good.

    I’ve liked all of OLTL this week and on Friday. I think the baby switch storyline is good, too, and KA, KDP, MB and everyone else involved in that storyline has done a great job.

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    OLTL is my favorite soap right now. It’s must-see TV for me and I can’t say the same about the other 2 ABC soaps.

    TSJ and SH have knocked it out of the park with this s/l. The look on SH’s face today as she tries to put the peices together and figure out who to believe; I really felt for Marty. I wasn’t watching when the original rape aired so maybe I’m not as invested in that story as other fans were, but I know from the moement I saw SH and TSJ in scenes together that I’d be willing to go along with these two fabulous actors wherever they wanted to take me. The rape was reprehensible and I wonder how Todd will ever be redeemed from this, but the fallout once Marty finally realizes what Todd did will be spectacular. ITA that John should NOT “rescue” Marty; that Marty needs to rescue herself. Frons and TPTB at ABC need to learn that not all s/l’s need to involve McBrood. Llanview existed long before he came to town and it will survive after he goes (and I hope that’s soon!).

    My ONLY bone to pick w/ OLTL right now is that I’m having a hard time believing Starr and Jess’s babies would be the same age/size. Starr got pg in late March; when did Nash die? That’s when Jess found out she was pg. Everyone commented that it was too early for Tess to have the baby, so how come Jess is carring around a full-term perfectly healthy newborn and no one is questioning it? Also, wouldn’t said newborn have whatever the hospital does to a baby’s umbiblical cord, rather than whatever crude thing Tess was able to concoct at the cabin? Wouldn’t SOMEONE at Llanview hospital wonder why this baby had it’s cord professionally cut and tied off if it was born in a cottage? Am I thinking too much again? Must remember to shut off my brain while watching.

    Once again, kudos to all invalved in the Tarty and Tess/Bess Baby switch s/l’s. How many more hours until tomorrow’s episode? :)

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    They were great today, but Michael Easton was not. He’s taking non acting and over acting to a new level these last few years. What the hell happened to him, he use to be good.

    The actor is hot, but, John is so boring.

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    Elbugten, completely agree with your comments, on both the Marty/Todd storyline and the baby switch storyline.

    That is also the one thing bugging me about the baby switch story–even if Viki and Clint would not be able to tell, I would think a medical professional like Dr. Joplin would be able to tell the age difference between Tess/Jess’ baby and Starr’s. The show made it pretty clear that Jess was a couple of months behind Starr in her pregnancy, and even Tess said a few days ago when she went into labor that it was “too soon.”

    Nonetheless, I’ll give it a pass for now since I think the rest of the storyline has been so strong thus far. i’ve been watching soaps long enough to stretch credulity for a storyline that is otherwise working, for me anyway.

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    i also want to say how thankful i am that BLAIR did *not* find out about MARTY before MCBAIN…i thought that thats was were they were going…& that BLAIR would help TODD keep MARTY secret so that she could keep MCBAIN.

    THANK YOU, OLTL for not dragging out *that* bit of bizness!!!

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    b/c John isn’t needed.
    That character has run its course and he doesn’t have chemistry w/Susan’s Marty.

    But to get to the original topic. Today was a good episode all around. The writing and the acting was amazing (esp. Kathy Brier).

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    Jamey Giddens

    Courtney that’s the one aspect of this story I can agree with you upon, I want Jared the Killer to push John McPain through a ceiling like he did Nash. Only this time it will be deserving.

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