Ignacio Goes From TMK to Privileged

The fight is on to keep primetime bubble shows from, well, bursting. According to TV Guide.coms Matt Mitovich, Privileged, the smart, wholesome dramedy based on Zoey Dean‘s YA novel How To Teach Filthy Rich Girls has decided to add a little soap sizzle in the form of General Hospital grad Ignacio Serrichio.

While I admittedly made every joke under the message board sun about Serrichio’s first stint as dim bulb stalker Diego, his reprisal for last year’s Text Message Killer storyline was badass and liquid hot. Serrichio returned to GH a more confident and lethally-sexy actor. Gone were the dopey stares and awkward mumbling, replaced by intense, precision-like delivery and command of a scene that made you hate he didn’t have a love interest the second time around.

Although I will never forgive Diego for not ridding Port Charles from Sam and her crotch crickets once and for all, Serrichio’s addition to Privileged will definitely have me tuning in. Thanks Megan for the tip!

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    Er, “badass and liguid hot,” Jamey? I’ll give him credit for the show adding a new layer to Diego. He went from merely dumb to MEAN and dumb. ;)

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    I’ll never forgive him for killing Coop. How he managed to kill a 6′ 1″ Iraqi war vetetan is anyone’s guess!


    //**No one on the corner has swagger like us!**\\

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