Why “Lipstick” Proved Wrong Shade For NBC

What do you get when you take fabulous women, living glamorous lives, set in The Big Apple, based on a phenomenon with origins in the writings of Candace Bushnell? Not a Sex and the City-esque hit for network television apparently.
NBC has cancelled Lipstick Jungle, one of two Sex clones that premiered pre-Strike, as well as Christian Slater‘s My Own Worst Enemy. Based on the novel by the same name from Bushnell, Lipstick Jungle was one of the most heavily promoted shows in recent television history and was touted as the heiress apparent to HBO’s smash hit Sex and the City, also based on Bushnell’s prose. 

Much like Cashmere Mafia, ABC and Darren Starr‘s attempt to recapture the "women-on-top" fantasy of Sex and the City, Lipstick Jungle, was a pisspoor imitation of the haute coture original. What creators of these knock offs didn’t realize is viewers didn’t fall in love with Carrie and Co. because they had fabulous jobs, wore expensive shoes and screwed like testosterone-enhanced she-bunnies (though that admittedly helped). We fell for them because they were fully-developed, well-drawn characters that we could relate to and root for.

My only hope is that NBC signs Lipstick‘s breakout star, the brilliantly-sexy All My Children alum Lindsay Price, to a holding deal and gives her a Samantha Who?-type vehicle of her own. That way at least something good can come from this particularly bad shade of lipstick.

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    Well Jay, we will not agree on this, but I never loved Sex in the city and I tried to watch it. I just don’t like slut, even when they are “allegedly” fashionable.

    As for Lipstick Jungle, I watch it a couple of time and thought that there was not one cliché they did not love, and fell into. It was awful.

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    Jamey Giddens

    It’s okay Timepass, I know not everyone loved Carrie and Co.. It is one of my top five favorite shows of all time and I never really saw them as sluts. I saw them as free, adult women who decided they could screw like a man if they saw fit. (Samantha was my favorite if you can guess, with Carrie as a close second! LOL) I think society tells us sex is only okay within the bounds of certain narrow parameters, if not, you’re a "slut". I don’t buy that business at. all.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I agree, women are usually more geneticially predisposed to require intimacy with sex, but there are exceptions to the rule. I have female friends who make me blush and Samantha sort of reps for them. Yet even with her, Samantha wanted to be loved just as much as the other girls, in the end she just realized that she had the love, support and nurturing she needed from her galpals, meanwhile men were for sex! LOL

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    Regan Cellura

    Less migraines… maybe I should try being a slut…LOL!

    I thought Cashmere was the better of the two rip offs but nothing is the original. NBC has some extra cash now… bring back FNL from where you exiled it on DirecTV!

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    I agree with you Jay.

    I must add that acting like a man is NOT being a woman.

    I love woman with healthy sexual appetite, and not afraid to live it. We woman need a relationship attach to our sexual accouter.

    For me a slut is a woman trying to be a man, having indiscriminating sex. It is a fact that man can have sex and have NO emotions tie with the person they do it with.

    Women are not like that!

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    That sucks. I was kind of getting into it. IMO, they started to flush out the characters more in this season. Oh well, on to the next rip-off.

    Jamey, ITA about Carrie & Co. It is one of my all-time favorite shows. When they show reruns on TBS, I know what epi it is just from hearing Carrie’s voiceover at the beginning. Remember when Big put the fart bag in Carrie’s chair? CLASSIC.

    So, I hate to bring this up but VM is out of a job. Those BLUSH checks will be running out soon. I’m sure Guza is dancing with joy. Time for another round of ‘Vanessa Returns?’ magazine covers.

    Help me Jesus. LOL!!!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Luke, see my definition of "good slut" vs. "bad slut". Good sluts are women like Samantha on Sex and the City who have sex for fun, not because someone hurts their yiddle feelings or because they are ashamed that they don’t have a GED. Good sluts are sluts like Carly Corinthos, who get the ultimate payoff by marrying their Johns. Sam McCall is a bad slut. She never has anything to show for it but a gnarly infestation of crotch crickets.

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    Oh please, Samantha probably had the first case of panty crickets back during the Depression!


    //**No one on the corner has swagger like us!**\\

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    Well that leaves Kim Raver available to return or guest star on 24 again.

    I never cared for Lipstick Jungle either. I liked Cashmere Mafia only marginally better because of the cast (love Peter Hermann) and also because I work for the company that made it. Other than that, I am beyond all that silly hopping in and out of bed stuff.

    I USED to be a fan of Sex and the City. I thought Samantha was funny. I pretty much lost it when Carrie couldn’t go through with the wedding to Aiden. Now I think the show is immature (perfect for cable) but I do not think prime time needs these types of shows and their influences and the ratings proved it. Frankly I am surprised NBC even gave it a second chance because it was dead in the water after the second episode.

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    How bad was the show and how low were the ratings that Lipstick Jungle gets cancelled and Knight Rider lives to bore another day?!


    //**No one on the corner has swagger like us!**\\

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    I don’t know about the ratings, season. However, I thought the show improved a lot compared to last season, which was a major SNOOZEFEST. I knew once it moved to Friday nights, cacellation wasn’t that far behind.

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    “Knight Rider hit an all-time low last night.”


    Are we still talking about the ratings? LOL!


    //**No one on the corner has swagger like us!**\\

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    Well I guess I can see why it was cancelled because I wanted to watch it and even have some saved but never have and I guess there’s no reason to.

    I guess it just really never caught my attention.

    They were all very nice to look at though.

  14. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Knight Rider sucks dong dong. They need to late me do a Dallas update, I’d actually cast Justin Bruening in the perfect role for him, Christopher Ewing. If anyone could revisit Patrick Duffy‘s awe shucks dumbfoundedness it would be Bruening as Bobby’s son.  I’d cast Justin Hartley as JR and Sue Ellen’s son John Ross and  Kristin Bell from Veronica Mars as Cliff and Afton’s daughter Pamela. Rounding out the cast would be Michael Graziadei as Bobby’s illegitimate son with Jenna Wade and Melissa Fumero as Inez, the secret daughter of the longtime Ewing maid Theresa! :p

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    You said Kristin bell so i would tune in right away….dang fanboy in me -.-.

    Not sad that either show is gone ;-/

    Ratings for Lipstick:

    2.3 Premier to the lowest 1.6, latest episode was 1.9

    So from 6 million viewers down to 1.6

    My own worst enemy started off with a 7.3 and hit a low of 5.2 with the latest episode.

  16. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    “Oh, Powers Booth would be real menacing as JR if they were to do a movie remake.”

    Season, if you and I could get this idea to TIIC of the stalled Hollywood version of Dallas, we would really have something. I mean they were going to put that IDIOT Jennifer Lopez in as Pam (or was it Sue Ellen) of all people.

    But I loved the series and I do not see the need for a movie version just like I don’t need to see a garbage movie of Magnum PI – for me there will only be one Magnum and that is Tom Selleck.

  17. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    I agree with you gush, that they have lost a lot of viewers.

    It seems that NBC hasn’t been the powerhouse it once was since Seinfeld/Friends/Will & Grace went off the air. They used to focus on really good sitcoms (Cosby Show/Cheers), but now there are way too many nights of Deal or No Deal and other garbage.

    Then again, every network has their own brand of turkey on the air too. I really wish they would move away from the stone age with the Nielsens and take into account DVR usage instead.

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    IMO if NBC keeps shooting itself in the foot they may as well shut the doors completely. There is little on NBC that is worth watching now IMO and now they are losing another good show. NBC needs to go stand in the corner and look ashamed.

  19. Profile photo of MarylandgirlUSA

    Brooke Shields: Lipstick Jungle Isn’t Canceled
    Monday November 17, 2008

    Brooke Shields attends the first annual Kidsfest event at the Urban Zen Center at the Stephen Weiss Studio on November 16, 2008 in New York City.

    Buzz up!Despite reports, Brooke Shields says her NBC drama Lipstick Jungle hasn’t been scrapped.

    “They thought that because My Own Worst Enemy has been shut down that the same thing had happened to us, and it’s not true,” she told reporters at Sunday’s Kidsfest in NYC.

    “They’re not breaking down the sets,” she added. “We’re still working. We still have more to do, so it’s erroneously presented that we’ve been canceled, thank God.

    “Our bosses are saying, ‘You’re not canceled, don’t worry. We’re just trying to figure out how to make this make sense.'”

    Shields said fans have already sent in tubes of lipstick to Jeff Zucker, president & CEO of NBC Universal, to show their support.

    “It’s been insane,” she went on. “I think that the public outcry has been crazy, and it’s kind of wonderful.”

    Is she optimistic for the show?

    “I actually am,” Shields said. “I mean, we’re basically No. 1 if you look at DVR. And you look at all that. So the public is watching it.

    “The problem that they have is it’s not the same day live,” she continued. “They just need to figure out how to reconcile advertisers’ money because the advertisers don’t want you fast forwarding commercials.”

    See photos of Brooke Shields and the best dressed stars at the 2008 Emmys.

    If the show gets canned, she said she’ll be heartbroken.

    “The family atmosphere and the excitement of being all together and working — that’s the perk,” she said. “I think they would be remiss if they decided not to
    continue next season.”

    Co-star Kim Raver (who also denied that the show’s been canceled) said she would take the cancellation “really hard.

    “The main thing is that me and Brooke and Lindsay [Price] have such a great time, not to sound corny,” she said.

    She added, “I think on Monday there are emergency meetings as to what’s going to go on. But I know the executives are really pushing it and believe in it.”

    Source: http://www.usmagazine.com/news/brooke-shields-lipstick-jungle-isnt-been-canceled

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