PREEMPTIVE STRIKE BREAKING NEWS: Let the Vanessa Marcil Return Rumors Begin!

With word that NBC has canceled Lipstick Jungle one just knows that Brian Frons has popped a bottle of champagne. It is this hunch, and this groundless hunch alone that we here at Daytime Confidential are taking a preemptive strike by starting the return of Vanessa Marcil to General Hospital rumors ourselves before it has a chance to be splashed on any magazine cover with a misleading headline. Let the rumors begins!

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    Vanessa Marcil. Or as I like to call her, “the reason Ingo Rademacher still has a job”.:P


    //**No one on the corner has swagger like us!**\\

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    I heard they will probably go until December 19th, but doesn’t Vanessa have some other reality show or something?

    I won’t fall for any rumors until I know she doesn’t have other projects in the wings.

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    Jamey Giddens

    She better hurry up and poop or get outta the cat litter or else Brenda’s big return storyline will be "The Menopause Storyline You Thought You’d Never See…Except On The Golden Girls!"

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    “She has Blush on Lifetime but I believe that is only like 6 episodes or something.”

    Well, I guess that isn’t a big commitment. However, I’m sure she will be busy for pilot season. I still don’t see her coming back. Usually when I say things I am wrong, so here’s hoping I will be wrong on this one too!!!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Pilot season is going to last about as long as Eric Forrester without his Viagra this year and ‘Nessa is knock, knock, knocking on 40’s door. She better go on ahead and reprise her one signature role before Frons decides to have Brenda on perma-droll in Shady Pines while Lulu shrieks to high heaven for her to wake up and take her shopping for a pair of those cute silk pajamas Brenda used to wear in love scenes with Jax.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Oh, Jamey Giddens. You make my day! LOL

    But for realz realz, in my bizarre little world, the perfect development would be CBS’ Barbara Bloom escalates her war against Brian Frons and manages to hire Nessie and Josh Duhamel as “Marah Shayne” and “Alan Michael Spaulding” on Guiding Light.

    Frons would melt down faster than an Alaskan governor in a Zogby poll.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Bernard if it’s one thing I am able to predict as well as I am able to act out every scene from Gone With The Wind with sock puppets, yes even the Atlanta fire sequences and the destruction at Twelve Oaks, it’s that there is no way in high hell Ms. Vanessa Marcil is going be all up under that bad lighting with some intern following her around with a handy cam, while Ellen Wheeler plays a violin.

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    oh, Jamey. How I loved those silk pajamas Brenda use to wear. Also, had a weakness for the black knee high boots and short skirts her and Lois use to run around town in. Good Times, Good Times. **sigh**

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    LOL Luke, well I can see why they cancelled Lipstick Jungle. It had 3 beautiful women and I love beautiful women and I tried and tried to watch it but I couldn’t.

    I still have 5 shows saved that I have never watched. I guess I can delete them now since its gone.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Jamey, did I not say it was my bizarre little world? LOL And yet I had in mind scenes with Guiding Light’s cast further reduced to the size of “All About Eve” with Reva transformed into Margo Channing, Jeffrey O’Neill becomes Bill Sampson, Dinah becomes Karen Richards, Mallet as Lloyd Richards and Alan Spaulding the new Addison Dewitt. Lillian could be Birdie, Lizzie Miss Caswell, and Buzz the new Max Fabian. Then Nessie could take on Marah-as-Eve Harrington.

    Bloom could then move GL to sparsely decorated 50’s-style warehouse sets and film in black-&-white to save more coin.

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    Jamey frons needs to be aggressive in his pursuit of marcil.Maybe shes holding out for a great storyline but on the other hand if v does come back guza needs to cut down the female ratio get rid of kate and olivia i wanna see a cat fight between brenda and claudia

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    Vanessa is too smart to come back to the sinking ship that is GH – at least I hope she is. They would write her like crap, they would have no idea how to write a good storyline for Brenda. It would be the same ol’ same ol’…all about Sonny and his magic stick. The last thing we need is yet another woman sacrificed at the mob altar. Guza can’t write his way out of a paper bag! My advice to Vanessa, stay away, stay far far away from this pathetic show. Until Guza is gone, there is no hope for improvement. I’m back on hiatus now that Genie is gone – she was the only reason I tuned back in recently. Now I can rest in peace again at 3 pm instead of torturing myself with Guza’s crap!

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    At this point if the Brenda were to be brought be back I ask for two things. Recast so it won’t be short term and waiting for more and not to be put with Sonny. I was never a huge Sonny/Brenda fan when she was on, but these 6 months storylines don’t make it worth the fans wild. It’s a little different with Laura since she has children to connect too, but Brenda, no. She has Sonny & Jax to connect with. Prety much all of her family or friends that were on the show are gone except for Robin. When they brought Robin back and didn’t put her with Jason, it made sense. It won’t with Brenda. The better thing to do is have that she was pregnat with Jax’s child when she left and come back with the child. I always preferred her with Jax over Sonny. Plus now that Carly/Jax are done, let him get someone that will stay with him.

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    Let it go. Vanessa Marcil is not coming back has Brenda and if she does it will for another stupid short term thing that will leave everyone wanting more. Either recast the character and put her with Jax or leave it alone. Plus she has that great new show Blush going on (NOT) so how could she leave that. Recast it, have her had been pregnant when she left and didn’t know and come back with Jax’s kid. That’s would I’d watch. Not another one of Sonny and his women who can’t handle his life chapter hundred.

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