Caption This: Jared and Natalie’s Revenge

I saved this picture from the other day because it reminded me of the devil on one shoulder of Tina (Andrea Evans) and an angel on the other shoulder. Take your best shot at this Caption This.

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    Audience: WHO CARES?!

    Too bad I wasn’t able to see Tina in her heyday. The Tina I see now gives me very little reason to care for her. And, I wish that gun that Marty was holding would accidentally go off and ricochet all over town ultimately hitting Natalie and Jared, killing them both.


    //**No one on the corner has swagger like us!**\\

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    Courtney fan4life

    jared: i killed a man but i get the right to be a hypocrite

    natalie: You lied to protect your daughter while i lied to get more of jared’s dick but I still have the right to be mad.

    Tina: Oh gosh of all the people to teach me a lesson on lying THESE TWO IDIOTS are the ones.

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    What saucy language Courtney! In the future, pee pee is a more appropriate way to say d*ck. LOL!


    //**No one on the corner has swagger like us!**\\

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    Jared: “As punishment you will now only be in scenes with the two of us.”

    Natalie: “That’s right you get to be in the middle of a a jarlie sandwich for the rest of your days, Tina.”

    Tina/Andrea Evans: “That’s it! I’m leaving the show”

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    Tina: What did I do to be saddle with a dumb s/l and a bad return.

    Jared: I don’t even know what my character motivation is anymore.

    Nat: Why the hell you didn’t tell anyone that we are in the basement. You let that maniac Tess get the best of you, You are Tina Lord, the great schemer and manipulator. But Frons is butting in with Ron’s work, so this is what is happening with the show.


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    Andrea Evans: Thank God I leaving this awful show and hope that Y&R would ask me back since I live in LA.

    Nat: Take us with you, Andrea.

    Jared: I want to go, I don’t want to be if Frons is still got a job “consulting” OLTL.


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    Eh. I don’t believe they or anyone else has Nash’s blood on their hands. Nash’s death happened back when the show was actually good. By design, many characters and many little events all collided to cause the horrible tragedy of Nash’s death. Many people had a hand in it, including Nash himself. If I stopped liking characters every time they made a mistake, I wouldn’t have a soap to watch.

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    Nash was getting physical with Natalie and grabbed her out of a psychotic rage it was only natural for Jared to push him away from her and protect her. He needed to calm down maybe if Nash was a better business man he could of saved the vineyard don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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    Courtney fan4life

    Jammylove PLEASE!!!

    Oh my gosh nash’s evil finger is so dangerous. Beware of nash’s killer finger. he was going to break natalie in two with his finger. He was going to gut her with his finger. Lets all run from the evil finger.

    their was no rage. when has nash EVER been physical with a women. Either way jared KILLED Nash. jared fans need to stop sugarcoating it.

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    no he had the intention of putting his two hands on natalie and was going to start shaking her out of anger.That we evident He already PUNCHED out JARED.It is not like he actually carried Nash over the edge and BAM went down , it was actually choreographed really poorly because the way jared moved Nash he shouldn’t of fell. It actually looked a little sucidial… I love how Nash has to depend on someone someone who he didnt trust to begin with Nash was just stupid. He should of had a better plan but no he took out his anger on Jarlie because he effed up and trusted too quickly.

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    Natilie: You listened to Tess! You’re suppose to be the queen schemer! From what people told me about you, you could have wiped the floor with Tess and slapped Jessica back! You! You disapoint me.

    Tina: Don’t blame me! Blame Brian Frons for sticking his nose into Ron Carliviti’s work! Where’s that tunnel to Eterna, better yet L.A.!

    Jared: I’m just gonna stand here and agree with Nat. What’s Eterna?


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    Courtney fan4life

    Fist of all no he was not going to put his hands on Natalie. NASH NEVER DID NEVER WOULD! He wagged his finger. And yes Jared deserved that punch. he made him loose his vineyard and lost BE. Its a soap how they play it is how it happened. jared threw nash causing him to die. the whole thing is Jared’s fault. if he never lied none of this would have ever happened.

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    Tina: “I can’t believe I’ve returned to Llanview after all these years, and haven’t changed ONE BIT or learned anything.

    Natalie: “And I can’t believe there are still secret rooms being built in this house. I haven’t heard any hammering or anything.”

    Jared: “I can’t believe how boring I am.”

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