Jay Kenneth Johnson Clears out Dressing Room

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that contract negotiations between Days of Our Lives and Jay Kenneth Johnson have broken down and the actor has cleared out his dressing room. Reportedly, Days is looking to recast the role.

This news comes after word was announced that Days of Our Lives has been renewed but that the show would be making some "onscreen changes."

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    Dear season1217,

    Dena Higley is the show’s head writer. She has no input in casting–that is the duty of the casting director and the executive producers (Gary Tomlin and Ken Corday).

    The only Passions star who could’ve played Philip is Eric Martsolf, but he’s Brady now.

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    Dear AlistairCrane,

    Thank you. But just to make sure let me get this straight. Dena’s only responsible for the disastrous writing and not the disastrous casting?


    //**No one on the corner has swagger like us!**\\

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    This is not good! I love him as Phillip, though I haven’t been too crazy about his story lately. If he leaves then just let the character leave… I know recasts are a part of soaps, but Days does it waaay too much. IMO Soaps should recast in only certain situations, not for every actor who leaves the show.

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    JKJ is going to be missed. As Philip he played a good rising young Kiriakis. What the show needs to do is exile itself from some of the newer young castings as they all seem to be bimbos with nothing going on between their ears. I want characters like Phil that are savvy as well as sexy and not a lot of trouble making air heads. Days is overloaded with youngsters that are one dimensional and just look good.

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    Yes–Dena’s only responsible for headwriting the show, nothing else. JER, however, had a special producing credit during his last tenure which allowed him to play a part in the casting process (essentially approve and select casting choices).

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    Well, I think the look on his face in this picture sums up how I felt when I first heard this today. Honestly, this sucks the big one! Other than Days being renewed, I don’t think Days had done anything to make me excited about the show since May! JKJ’s a nice guy and a great actor, I’m sure he’ll find something else where they treat the actors with more respect than Days has been lately.

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    Not the Dimples!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so bummed out right now. JKJ was one of the reasons I’ve hung on so long with Days. This is so depressing. JKJ’s out and I have to suffer through Passion’s actors now?

    Thank the lord for James Scott, but this sucky writing is even destroying my enjoyment of EJ as well.

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    Luke Kerr

    This is going to be heresy to many but I preferred the last Phillip. I’m with ssjohn on this one, I’m not sure there is a point of Phillip at the moment on the show.

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    Because I don’t like them. JMO, no reason to get huffy about it.

    Luke..I see your and ssjohn’s point. Poor Philip has recieved the short end of the stick at Days lately. My god, look at the “leading ladies” they have stuck him with this year.

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    Jillian Bowe

    I’m a bit torn on this…. I like Jay he’s really grown up before our eyes and has come into his own acting wise. I would like to see a show utilize his skills and we are just dreaming up where he should land.. If he were to some how land GH it would be a coup on their parts and he can finally be in a real storyline and get his acting abilities molded and schooled a bit more. However, we all know that GH is notorious for snagging other shows golden gems only to back burner them or screw them over completely.

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    Becca Thomas

    season1217, I figure they have Jason perennially stuck at about 30, why not de-age AJ by a decade when he comes back to rule Port Charles and kill Sonny?

    I enjoy my delusions. I’d be fine with Lucas too, though being optimistic that current GH would write a decent storyline for a gay character is probably just as delusional. Argh.

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    So this explains why there were no clips of Jay from DAYS on the RS cruise.
    Jay did reveal that he auditioned for the role of Lucky but it went to JJ.
    Jackie Z. commented that if he ever decides to leave DAYS, he could come over to GH one day as the actor playing Lucky keeps changing.
    Obviously she didn’t know that he had left DAYS.
    The cruise was the 13th – 17th.

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