Mary McDonnell Debuts on Grey’s Anatomy

All hail the President Laura Roslin! Ok, so she may still be President on Battlestar Galactica a while longer but I would like to think that Mary McDonnell’s debut tonight on Grey’s Anatomy, dressed in all red, is a nod to her critically acclaimed SciFi show. I’m fascinated by the quirks of her Grey’s character. It’s almost as if the character is a highly functional autistic similar to All My Children’s Lily.

What do you think of McDonnell’s new character?

Mary McDonnell Debuts on Grey's Anatomy

  • I don't like the character. (43%, 39 Votes)
  • I'm enjoying the character so far, I look forward to seeing more. (57%, 52 Votes)

Total Voters: 91


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    I didn’t vote yet. She’s certainly quirky but I don’t know if I like her yet. But I do know I hate the whole Meredith/Derek/Christina/Sadie thing. If I were Derek I would lock my bedroom door and not let Yang in and now he has another woman jumping into their bed. It’s not’s just annoying.
    Can I just say that I love how protective Sloan is over Callie? *swoon*

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    Actually, aspergers is not a high functioning form of autism. It is on the same spectrum as autism but high functioning autistics are below aspergers syndrome. Most aspergers operate in day to day life like everyone else just with problems with social interaction and sensory problems like not liking touch. I was really looking forward to this story and was severely disappointed. I have aspergers and we do not act as stiff and rigid. In fact most people after first meeting people with aspergers don’t even know there is any difference, except for a slight oddity in remark or response to social interaction.

    She did get a few things right though, focusing on one subject, avoiding touch and eye contact, but overall she seemed more high functioning autistic then someone with aspergers. We don’t do well in social situations and can’t read people well. Like sarcasm and joking, I’m not too good at and I think only very literally.

    But most people with aspergers are educated, have great jobs and lives. It’s relationships and social interations that are hard. She just didn’t ring true. There were a few things that were good but I hope she improves. My mom called me after and was so upset as well. If you want to see a good example of aspergers watch bones (bones has aspergers)Also a real life example would be bill gates.

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