Red Rover, Red Rover, Who’s Sending Sarah Palin Over?

Red rover, red rover, who’s sending Sarah Palin over to Desperate Housewives? Page Six is reporting that Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry wants to have Sarah Palin make a cameo on the show. ABC is denying the report saying "there is no truth to it" but since we know that both Bree and Sarah Palin love hunting one has to wonder if Palin did appear on the show if they might not visit the shooting range. I wonder who is a better shot? No offense to Palin but my money is on Bree.

Should Palin make a cameo on Desperate Housewives?

Red Rover, Red Rover, Who's Sending Sarah Palin Over?

  • Hell no! The election is over, let Palin fade into a distant memory. (65%, 103 Votes)
  • It would be a huge ratings ploy but I wouldn't watch. (5%, 8 Votes)
  • Yes! I'd love a Sarah Palin cameo! (30%, 48 Votes)

Total Voters: 159


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  1. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    Given that Marc Cherry is an a proud, avowed Republican, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Palin show up for May sweeps.

    God knows, the most dangerous place to be in the US right now is between Palin and a camera.

  2. Profile photo of ssjohn

    Just letting everyone know abc denies the rumor.

    ABC has denied speculation that Sarah Palin is to appear in Desperate Housewives.

    According to the New York Post, the show’s creator Marc Cherry is eager to bring the former vice-presidential candidate in to star in the season five finale.

    “Marc is highly enamoured of Sarah and sees her as the ultimate guest star [playing] a similar version of herself,” said Hollywood publicist Hal Lifson.

    “The idea has gone over surprisingly well with execs at Disney, who see it as a blockbuster based on Sarah’s huge ratings on Saturday Night Live.”

    ABC has said that there is “no truth” to the Palin rumours, while Cherry has so far declined to comment.

  3. Profile photo of season1217

    Frankly, I thought all Republicans were closeted homosexuals. Well, the ones in public office, at least.:P


    //**No one on the corner has swagger like us!**\\

  4. Profile photo of Becca

    I don’t watch this show at all. But goodness knows I’ve seen enough promos to have an idea what it is all about.

    Sarah Palin would give me more of a reason to watch than anything inherent in the show itself. But, I still wouldn’t. This is a loser show that jumped the shark a long time ago.

  5. Profile photo of sweetiepie

    ita, to get between this woman and a camera could be dangerous. I fully expect her to announce her bid for the White House on Innauguration Day to try and upstage the President.

  6. Profile photo of Axl4ever

    Could this women please just go away. It was bad enough when the rumors of Beyounce coming on were happening. I would prefer real actors/actresses has recurring or guest roles than non-talented people.

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