Wishful Casting: Josh Duhon as Days’ Philip, Jay Kenneth Johnson as GH’s Lucas

As sad as I am to hear about the reported contract woes of Jay Kenneth Johnson —of course Days would go after its popular stars who play core character first, instead of getting rid of wastes of airtime like Molly Burnett, or actors with no ties to the canvas like Shawn Christian—you know me, the soap must go on!

If the brass at Days doesn’t come to their senses and manage to make a deal to keep Johnson, I think former General Hospital baddie Josh Duhon (ex-Logan) would make a kick ass Philip Kiriakis. Duhon was instantly popular on General Hospital before being sacrificed at the altar of Johnny and Lulu’s budding romance. I bet Duhon would crackle with electricity opposite Nadia Bjorlin‘s Chloe and provide a strong foe for Nu-Brady.

As for Johnson, he could pretty much write his ticket on any of the other seven soaps. I’m going to go out on a limb here and recommend him as a recast of Carly Corinthos-Jax’s little brother Lucas on General Hospital. If anyone needs a gay brother to manage her life, it’s that walking mess Carly!

 Lucas’s coming out story on GH was a bit before it’s time. ABC treated it as a cookie cutter, gay-bashing storyline and balked at ever exploring Lucas as a real human being or a romantically viable character. 

Now that ABC has basically become Gaytime TV, complete with a refreshingly-realistic gay love story on it’s cable cousin SOAPnet’s General Hospital: Night Shift and Bianca and Reese getting their Sapphic love on over at All My Children maybe now Lucas could get a proper storlyine? This would provide the mother ship the perfect opportunity to bring  the popular Dr. Kyle Julian (Adam Grimes) from Night Shift on board as Lucas’s love interest and provide a plausible reason for poor Jackie Zeman (Bobbie) to come out of hiding besides weddings and funerals.

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    As upset as I’ll be to see JKJ leave Days once again and I know I just said that I don’t want Phillip recast if he leaves in the other thread… but this would totally work for me! I love me some Josh Duhon and it was a shame what GH did with him. If they brought him on and improved Phillip’s storyline, I might tune in more than I do now.

    And GH totally dropped the ball with Lucas, it’s about time he came back! JKJ would no doubt rock as Lucas. We might even get to see Jackie Zeman! lol!

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    You can have a sunset ending for Phelle! i want Philip to take her off into the sunset and NEVER EVER EVER let her look back.

    It sucks to loose him but my question is about the character, is he really needed? yea i know people are going to jump on me about ‘he is a heritage character’ blah blah blah, but really the character of Philip could leave my screen right now and i dont think i would be able to tell the difference.

    Philip really isnt bringing anything to the show at the moment and i would rather they save money and air Jawndie 3 days a week then recast -.-.

    But i also think most recast are pointless (not all), there are other characters that can be brought back, you don’t just have to recast.

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    Who’s Shawn Christian?

    I loved when Maggie told Willow 2.0 about Willow 1.0.. I would have rewritten her lines to include something like, “Nick should take you out to visit the rock” or something. It should become some sort of place where they can just take bad actors and actresses or poorly written characters to when it’s their time to be pushed off the canvas.

    Where’s Melanie? Oh Nick took her out to the Rock. Cool.

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    Or maybe, if they did recast Lucas, then Sonny’s son Dante could be gay. Then it would be like Carly and Sonny really never could get away from each other, lol!

    I didn’t watch Night Shift this season, but didn’t Kyle have a boyfriend played by Chad Allen or something? Did they break up, or did he die?

    I don’t think I could ever watch Josh Duhon on another soap, as he looks just like Kin Shriner circa 1978. Perfect casting, yet again sacrificed for Guza’s Soprano ways.

    Tequila and dominoes-we will never forget.

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    God no, no! I’m sorry but Jay Kenneth Johnson is a waste of an actor. Take my mother off of chemo! In his bad acting ways. I know I’m offending his fans, it’s just not to be mean, it’s how I feel.

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    silver lining

    Love JKJ, but Phillip’s been pretty storyless lately – just floating from chem test to chem test.

    I’d love to see JKJ on GH, but not as Lucas – I always thought he had tons of chemistry with KS. JC, not so much.

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    I’d love Josh Duhan on DOOL has anything at this point, but if JKJ is leaving, give Josh a chance. But oh I almost forgot, DOOL doesn’t try to hire actors with talent. I really hope they change that practice.

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    Oh, okay. Thank you :)
    Like I said, I didn’t watch it. I just wanted to make sure Kyle wasn’t just gonna ditch him to fall for Lucas, as is the case so often on soaps :(.

    Tequila and dominoes-we will never forget.

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