The Young and the Restless: Monday’s Preview

Even though we know Kay’s alive, I know I’m going to hollar like a damn fool Monday!

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    I love Nina. She hasn’t changed a damn bit. Yes, it was rude, but it was the truth! LOL Oh how I wish she would stay…

    I see I’ll have to get the paper towels out for this one.

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    I think the Emmy will have so much to choose from for Y&R it will not even be funny! Jill, Nikki, Amber I cannot even list them all, had great material and delivered.

    Love Nina, she always says what we are thinking inside.

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    friday’s epi was fantastic and I can’t wait to see today’s epi.

    Jill to Nikki: “You’re laying it on a little thick” LMAO!!


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