Days Of Our Lives: It’s Just The BEGINNING!

Brace yourselves Days fans. The casting blood bath that started with Jay Kenneth Johnson clearing out his dressing room and top stars Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn being written out is just the beginning, says reliable sources.

"Don’t be surprised if you hear some more big names that will shock your readers," said one source. "[Days] really hasn’t figured out how to adapt with the changing times. It’s really sad."

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    What is there left to watch?

    *glares at Brooke* No wedding for you…… i don’t want Ali and James to leave and you already jokingly said it and put it ‘out there’ so sorry your not leaving. Who is up for kidnapping a Aussie to DI?????? *sigh*

    This is horrible :(

    I am in absolutly horrible mood.

    Today will go down in history as the start of the end of daytime.

    ((Days will fall, GL and ATWT will follow, AMC and OLTL will be whacked off next and then we will have 3 ;())

    Arg I want to have hope, i want to have faith in this industry but right now i feel like i am completely 100% jaded and believe the whole thing is doomed ;(.

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    I wonder how they are going to do this. Does anyone think we are looking at a JER serial killer blood bath? Will all of these couples/people go happily off into the sunset with the possiblity left open for a return? I’m not confused by the casting cuts . . . None of it surprises me from KC, but what I’m more interested in knowing is if they have an overall gameplan for the soap or are they just firing the folks with the biggest salaries . . . I’ll be very interested to see where this is going.

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    If JER was writing then i would sit back and try and enjoy the ride, he isnt Dena is and if we were going to get a serial killer storyline the only people dying would be pointless (meaning less then Melanie) characters -.-.

    I believe Jarlena are for sure riding off into the sunset (From what Ken C said), and Philip is being recast so ;-/.

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    Bangel Angle

    They love James Scott so he’s not leaving. I’m sure “Lumi” fans will be the one to get the shaft, once again.

    I’m also sure “Tanna” or “Stayla” fans will be struck down.

    Why? Because all of those couples involve vets.

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    Okay here who i bet are gone:

    Lucas (openended)
    Kate (death)
    Steve/Kayla (openeneded)
    Nichole (Death)
    Stefano (yet another ‘death’)
    Tony/Anna (openended)

    I dont see them getting rid of Bope as well, i mean I won’t be shocked but it will probably be the first/ only thing to have me talking like a sailor -.-

    Stupid IDIOTS over at DAYS, why couldnt they just end the show on a high note????????

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    At this point in time it makes no difference who they get rid of as Days is dead. They have totally destroyed this once great soap. It is being taken over by empty headed over sexed booze guzzling young supposedly adults. The stories are turning into garbage and the actors we want to see are being relegated to the back of the closet. Why doesn’t Days listen to the fans? We support the show and this is what we get! Something is drastically wrong somewhere and it is taking this show down with it. This is all so sad. :(

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    I’m thinking Bo and Hope are safe… but bye-bye Steve and Kayla (what a mess has been made of their return!) I swear if they fire Lexie again, I’m going to scream!! And I’m wondering if Kate’s out too…

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    Bangel Angle

    Ha! Jamey, you sound like my mama!

    Yep, Tony and Anna. I don’t care much for squishies either, but it saves me time on writing.

    They won’t touch Bope or Sami. And it looks like EJ gets more respect than other vets so I doubt he’s going.

    Sorry Steve and Kayla fans. I see them being the next ones to go.

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    Jamey Giddens

    You guys have much more faith than I do. I don’t think anyone other than Alison and James are safe. If they will gut John and Marlena, Bo and Hope, Patch and Kayla are just as vulnerable.

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    OH. MY. GOD. This is certainly the beginning of the end of “Days of our Lives.” I started watching soaps sitting in my mother’s lap watching DOOL and AW. DOOL has had a profound influence on me, from my love of soap operas (which has become an actual hobby of mine) to even my career choice of editing books for a publishing company. I enjoy the dramatic lives of people no matter the genre but it all began with soaps and the people in Salem. If Ken Corday and the network brass at NBC think that this is going to help save the show by reducing the budget and leaving over the minor characters whom no one cares about, they are greatly mistaken. I would rather watch Marlena, John, Hope, Bo, Patch, Kayla and their immediate families then any newbie(s) they can get for cheap labor. I implore the fans to start to boycott the show. Stop watching NOW! On the other hand, it is entirely possible that TPTB are doing this on purpose to shorten the shelf life of the show. I think they want to cancel it, save the money they spend to produce it and get out of the soap business once and for all. Woe is me! This is quite the ominous sign of things to come. If DOOL can just throw their veterans away like nothing, treating them like garbage, then I no longer hold this show in my heart. It is not the show it from the beginning to around 2000. This decade has been all about cutting costs, poor writing and bare bones everything. My head is spinning with thought, mostly negative regarding NBC, the state of daytime drama as a whole and what will happen to all of these talented actors. Obviously some of them will find work on other soaps but a large percentage of them will find it tough out there competing with every other actor in Hollywood. As soon as I read this post, I have canceled my TIVO season pass for the show. I cannot watch the show fall into the abyss and be further disrespected and crapped on. Why did they even bother renew the show through 2010? What was the point? They must have know last week that these firings were coming. UGH! I am frustrated, angry, pissed, sad and I want to strangle Corday, Higley and anybody else responsible for the show’s demise. Other then GL, DOOL has the great honor of being one of the worst soap operas currently on air. I have nothing more to add. I suddenly find myself going through the stages of grief. Right now, I am spent and speechless. I can only hope that viewers feel the same way I do and decide to stop watching. BOYCOTT DOOL!

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    They don’t have a strong enough younger set to be getting rid of all their vets and established actors. I understand that having the vets around is expensive, but at this point if they get rid of them who are we going to watch?

    And on a s side note as long as we’re getting rid of people… I don’t care if that Melanie costs $5 an hour, get her off, before you start cutting anybody else loose!

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    Well it’s not exactly faith… I think Bo and Hope are safe only because I would imagine that they would want to keep one vet couple on the show. Obviously they don’t think Marlena/John are worth keeping :( and they seem to have little use for Kayla/Patch :( So that leaves Bo and Hope – who I think TPTB might see as being more “useful” because they’re cops. Obviously, I have no idea what is going on in these people’s minds, but I’m *trying* to think like them… sad, sad day

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    Bangel Angle

    Then Phillip will flip out and leave. Lucas, after losing his beloved mother will be so heartbreaken he’ll hand over his rebound chick, Chloe, to Brady and leave to go to Will.

    And I’ll leave to watch some All My Children.

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    I think the sand in the hourglass is finally running out for good. Why couldnt they just cancel days bring a bunch of actors back and then cancel the show on a high note, i am so sick of them destroying this industry.

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    I can’t believe they are firing J&M when the problem is they don’t have a head writer who knows how to write. Unbelievable!

    Fire the talentless head-writer and hire a writer who actually understands writing basics and has an understanding of romance who could maybe actually tell a story vs. just filming sex with interchangeable partners. A young writer fresh out of school couldn’t be worse than Higley and would probably be tons cheaper. Maybe the young writer would have enough talent to *gasp* maintain two stories at the same time!

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    I would really prefer if the characters that are eating the show go first.
    If Lucas leaves then I’m done. I don’t love him, but at least he’s a Horton.
    Kayla can go, but can we keep Steve? He’s so likeable.
    Tony and Anna should have been the first ones gone.

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    NBC must not have gotten the memo last year. John & Marlena fans are psycho. I give it 2-3 months and they’ll be back. They don’t want a day with us…

    ***///I’m whistling Dixie until my prayers are answered…\\\***

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    What happened?????
    I just got back from the Rick Springfield cruise – where JKJ was a guest.
    Obviously there was no mention of his being let go.
    I found it interesting that on “movie night” where there were videos of all the stars and their shows, movies, etc. (Rick, Doug Davidson, JKJ, Jackie Z.) that there were only clips of Jay from some tv series that he did. He said that didn’t get picked up so he went back to DAYS.
    Someone asked him what his fave storyline was and he said when Philip & Chloe were first getting together. He really likes working with Nadia B. as an actress.
    He didn’t interact much with the fans (1200 of us)but seemed to be in good spirits.
    Saw him with some dark haired girl at dinner Sunday night.
    They asked him about relationships and he kept saying, “I’m a bad boy!”

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