Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn Fired!

Days of Our Lives fans worst nightmare is coming true. Soap Opera Digest is reporting that both Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn have been fired. Corday told the magazine, "The couple will be happily reunited after a long period of angst and separation and will be off-screen after January for an unknown period of time. It was a very tough decision to make."

This news comes after Days of Our Lives was renewed  on the condition that onscreen cuts be made. I guess we now know what that quote meant in the Variety article. This is a sad, sad, sad day.

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Days Renewal, Firings & Departures

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    No this isn’t DAYS fan’s worst nightmare, i think this is soapfans worst nightmare.

    EVERY SINGLE SOAPFAN knows of John/Marlena.

    They know that Marlena was possesed by the devil and the whole mess.

    This isn’t someone you just toss to the wolves and this couple isn’t someone you write a temporary sunset ending for.

    But in reality will we the viewers actually notice a difference with them being gone? John and Marlena have been on and off our screens all year so will the few ‘Jarlena’less months be really that much different?

    I doubt they will stay gone long, or well i refuse to believe they will.

    This is a horrible executive decision and I don’t care that you are trying to save the show, you don’t save the show by destroying whatever fanbase you have left.

    DAYS as it is right now is doomed and I really expect Guiding light to kick its butt in the ratings here shortly.

  2. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I may have to try watching it. Diedre Hall was the one of the reasons that I stopped watching. She gives me the creeps for some reason. She’ll be back though so maybe not.

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

  3. Profile photo of Bangel Angle
    Bangel Angle

    Kathie Lee… ugh. Shoot me in the eyes with a bb gun.

    I give it 6 months before both of them are back and we’re missing some other popular DOOL stars.

    Why get rid of J & M and recast Phillip?

  4. Profile photo of ssjohn

    What’s the point of the renewal, then?

    To keep fans whatching while they get whatever little money they can get before destroying the soap.

    I doubt if days will be renewed again, this wasnt even a 2 year renewal so i don’t see it lasting :( arg i am upset just pissed lol.

    @Luke– any chance of a emergency / special episode of DC “NBC” edition to just talk about the fallout of D&D being fired and the effect this will have not only on DAYS but on the industry?

  5. Profile photo of season1217

    “I bet Stehpen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans are next.”


    As true as that statement will probably be, it still hurts.


    //**I’m so hood!**\\

  6. Profile photo of east.west

    Well Ken should just call it a “Day” and cancel the show b/c these two basically are the show along w/Kristian and Peter.

    I think it’s crap when you can get rid of a couple of ppl. that are half the cost of Drake and Deidre’s check.

    Ken’s parents must be rolling in there graves 24/7.

  7. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    This is truely, truely the death toll on Days. I’ve become a lapsed veiwer, but I still know what’s going on. This is, pardon my french, fucked up.

    I agree that Patch/Kayla will be next. Bo/Hope will soon follow, Lucas most likely. It’ll be Sami and non-acting newbies from here on end. This is disgusting.

    No matter what state AMC is in, was in, ever in, they would never fire Susan Lucci, she is the show. The same applies to John/Marlena, Hope/Bo on Days.

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    Haven’t you guys seen the writing on the wall. It was happening during Hogan Sheffer’s tenure there. When Ken corday mandated that the veterans not be written for the show TANKED in the ratings. It called insanity when you keep making the same decisions expecting a different result. I am so disappointed but not shocked as this is NBC were talking about here.

    The fact is that NBC no longer wants to pony up the money because not only is their daypart failing so is the primetime lineup. Jeff SUCKER (Zucker) in his infinite wisdom all ready put a wreath on the coffin of this show by stating Soaps are dead. I guess this is the last gasp he was waitng for.

    I have to say that Dena Higley is not the right headwriter for this show right now. They need someone who can work magic with the anemic cast they will soon have. I have a suspicion that Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso better make sure they can take a paycut because their the next victims in the crosshairs.

    It’s funny because this show is really an island, Melaswen even. It’s the only one on this network who has Martha Stewart in some markets as a lead-in. It’s just not going to work out well in the end.

  9. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I’ve got a great idea! Why don’t they get rid of all the Bradys and the Hortons too… Uhm, and blow up the hospital. And we don’t need that Sami girl, she’s never been all that important to the show. And Stefano? Who’s that? Clearly the heart and soul of the show is Melanie! She’ll save DAYS!

    *UGH* I’m getting angrier with every minute that passes :(

  10. Profile photo of kerfuffles

    I haven’t watched DOOL is 20 years or so, and even then I was not a Marlena fan. I actually disliked her. But still, this is just insane news. It would be like getting rid of Viki and Dorian on OLTL. Marlena is a symbol of what DOOL is, for better or for worse. It just says to me that no one is safe on any soap, no matter what their status on the show.

    That said, I can’t imagine TPTB would have done this unless they absolutely had to. But I worry it may be as successful for DOOL as the new production process has been for GL–not at all.

  11. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Call me cynical but I just cant believe this is a permanent thing. Someone else used this word, but its surreal.

    When I get asked by non-soap fans how I could possibly watch this genre, I tell them in part that its like comfort food. There is something that feels consistent about soaps – seeing these people over the course of time. Do the main stars shift over time – sure, the torch has to get passed because the stars may WANT to retire or have less on screen time, but its a gradual thing. Will Sami eventually be THE star of the show – if it survives yeah – but right now and for the last 2 decades the one name that everyone associates with Days is Deidre. I dont even watch Days and I know that.

    IF they go heavily with Bo and Hope, perhaps it wont be as bad, but if they fill the whole with newbies, they might as well have cancelled the show altogether.

  12. Profile photo of ssjohn

    I’ve got a great idea! Why don’t they get rid of all the Bradys and the Hortons too… Uhm, and blow up the hospital. And we don’t need that Sami girl, she’s never been all that important to the show. And Stefano? Who’s that? Clearly the heart and soul of the show is Melanie! She’ll save DAYS!

    *UGH* I’m getting angrier with every minute that passes

    Oh thats it????

    No Daisy sorry you are missing the rest of the storylines.

    EJ yea he’s gotta go, Nichole, seeya, Passions guys adios.

    The show is Melanie but she can not carry the show on her own, its time for some big stunts, two actresses and two characters will return.

    Charity Rahmer as Belle Brady (Dimera Black Kiriakes), and The Actress that played Willow will return in a shocking storyline .

    The show is going to crap so why not? oh give the character on screen endings? Nah they will just go off screen one day and never return, closure who needs it?

    i am going to go before i get even more pissed and want to strangle Ken and Dena even more then i do right now.

    Btw good post EET, and i do agree but since I started watching DAYS in 06 it has been the Sami/Ej / Teens show ;-/

  13. Profile photo of pchca

    Seriously? SERIOUSLY!?! I haven’t watched this show since Jason Cook and Kirsten Storms left, but I know plenty of people that still do. Ridiculous. As annoying as their characters are, they ARE days of our lives. Why can’t they take the money out of the writing staff. Pay a bunch of teenagers who write better fanfics than these overpaid “professional” writers could ever dream up?
    Lets send them all over to GH – that soap needs a good psychiatrist – and Maxie needs her mamma back!

  14. Profile photo of JackieG927

    Wow…I don’t watch DOOL but even I know who these two stars are! This is crazy! I am so mad for you Days fans and honestly, more than a little nervous for the rest of the soap world. If they can fire Deidre and Drake, who else isn’t immune that we thought would be??

    And to the person who said that it was like the Britney Spears of daytime, that is a strange and eerily accurate description…and it sends chills up my spine wondering if it’s going to bleed to other networks.

    *fingers crossed that this insanity is only at NBC studios*

  15. Profile photo of Lewis0817

    I Officially Quit Days! THERE IS NO WAY THEY SHOULD BE DOING THIS!!! They fierd Drake last year and they knew it was a mistake! Now They do it to Deidre! DEIDRE HALL, A ICONIC SOAP STAR!!!!
    Here is a though fire all of the other bulls**t actors like hmmm (melanie, nick, chelsea (whom i like), Stephanie & Max (whom i like as well) but too bad. I would rather see them cut the shows cast in half then destroy its legacy. Here is another thought to save money, cut Days to a half an hour, and cut the cast to just the veterans. At least give us that, because i know without a doubt that Days will be cancelled after this contract.
    Once they are gone, i am done with Days. And if they fire other actors like Stephano, Bo & Hope, Patch & Kayla, Lexi & Abe, Maggie, or anyone else i dont know what Days would look like!

  16. Profile photo of Revafan001

    I althoug I haven’t been watching days for that long, I done after Marlena/John are off the show.. Now I have a felling GL ratings will go up, For Days will go to the bottom, and with GA ruturning…

    GL/AMC/ATWT/GH/B&B/Y&R/Days Fans!!!!!!!!!

  17. Profile photo of Purple Crayon
    Purple Crayon

    All good things have to come to an end. Just like Doug & Julie and all those before them, it’s time for them to take off on an around the world cruise.

    They’ve had their thirty years it’s time for them to step aside.

  18. Profile photo of Dr.EvansBlack

    Ok so I ranted before, but I don’t know what to say. I mean this HURTS it freaking HURTS. I mean this is the first show I watched, they were the couple that got me started in soaps…. I loved everything about them. Deidre is a fabulous actress and one of Daytimes Queens…. well it looks like Ken C planned a coup d’etat. When I first heard the news I cried, now I am in a state of shock…. the anger will come later. I don’t know what will happen after they leave, but all I know is I won’t be watching the channel to see it.

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    Actually, the Britney comparison is wrong because Britney’s staged a big comeback with her #1 hit single Womanizer and her new album Circus.

    If anything, Days is like Amy Winehouse: already dead, but still walking.

  20. Profile photo of kitten_2424

    Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn are great assets … wherever they go seperate or together they will be great. Sad to see them go from Days a terrible loss for the show and the fans…I cant fathom why they would sack two such rating winners… Wake up Mr Corday it aint gonna save you money if you dont have and veiwers to watch….They are the reason I started watching every day a again…..To Ms Hall and Mr Hogestyn thank you for the Great stuff you have done over years Job well done…. Mr Hogestyn bring those cannons back AUSSIE Please !!!!!

  21. Profile photo of season1217

    No, I’m sticking w/ the Britney comparison. GL is more Amy Winehouse. DAYS is pop entertainment like Britney. You don’t take it too seriously. GL is an Emmy winning show that people look at and say, “all that talent gone to waste” just like I say about Amy Winehouse. And, as sad as Amy’s life has been going I wouldn’t call her dead!

  22. Profile photo of Jiggs

    Why bother renewing for 18 months? Why not take that 18 months and get rid of all the characters nobody cares about and actually cater to the long time fans? Now it will just limp to it’s death bed.

  23. Profile photo of DOOLJunkie

    According to Radar Online, the Days firing has left Deeva for broke once again. She said Drake was bad with money, but apparently, she isn’t too good herself. Tsk tsk.

  24. Profile photo of donshay092


    I am writing in regards to your show. I feel that your longtime fans are being disrespected. All we get on our screens everyday are a bunch of young actors and actresses with no talent and no sense of good story. 20 and 30 years ago “Days” was about supercouples and alot of good stories. Please bring back the good old DAYS and bring back John and Marlena ( DEIDRE HALL AND DRAKE HOGESTYN). Us fans are being cheated. The whole story with Phillip, Melanie, Daniel, Chloe, Nathan and Melanie is BORING!!! Get rid of Chloe, Stephanie, Phillip, Abe, Lexie, and Roman! They have no story anyway. Make Stefano BAD again! Carly is also boring but i can deal with her. I feel John and Marlena and Bo and Hope made the show. I love Bo and Hope but WE THE FANS want J&M! I even have a good way to bring them back but i’ll get to that in a minute. Bring back the 90’s when the ratings were high. Bring back Carrie and Austin as well. But get rid of Kate unless you have a good story for her.

    But this is my story for John and Marlena:

    Stefano is out for revenge against Sami for shooting Ej. John calls from Switzerland and asks has anyone heard from “Doc”. Sami says no and John says she left for Arizona and he hasn’t heard from her (which is strange). Sami informs Rafe about it and they go to inform Roman who responds by saying thats not like “DOC”. The first place they head to is the DiMera mansion where Stefano claims his innocence in the kidnapping. But all evidence points to him when Marlena’s passport is found at his home. He’s taking in for questioning when John shows up and slugs him and demands to know where Marlena is. Stefano still pleads innocence. Meanwhile, Marlena is shown locked in a room with a shrine of herself all over the room.

    One stormy night, Sami, Rafe, John, Roman, and Will all grab guns. Stefano is sitting in the living room when the lights go out and he gets up to flick the light switch and when he turns back around he is greeted with two gunshots to the chest and “dies”. Kate runs downstairs to find him bloody and “dead”. The police and paramedics arrive and announce him “dead”.

    Sami and Rafe both arrive home at different times as Will is spotted throwing a gun off the dock. Roman arrives home puts his gun back in his drawer. John is spotted searching the DiMera mansion and is immediately a suspect.

    Later on, Marlena’s captor is revealed…… IT’S ROMAN! He has been in love with Marlena all these years and it finally drove him to his breaking point. He has all kinds of pictures of him and her over the years. He explains how he plans to give his resignation to the police dapartment and after that he will take Marlena far away from Salem so they can start over. He is holding her captive in a Panic room at Mrs. Horton’s home because no one goes there anymore.

    Jennifer Rose comes to the house and goes in the basement to find something and hears a scream that is very muffled. She listens and hears “It’s me Marlena! Get me out of here”! Jennifer is stunned and pulls out her cell phone as Roman comes up behind her and chloroforms her. He then locks her in with Marlena. News spreads that Jen is also missing and the town starts to wonder if Stefano is really dead.

    Roman goes to the docks and contemplates his next plan of action. He pulls out a picture of Marlena and kisses it. Lexie comes on the dock and they start talking about Marlena and Roman says he needs to leave. He walks away but leaves his phone and Lexie picks it up and finds some incriminating evidence and is about to go see Abe when Roman comes back and asks her what did she see in his phone. She says nothing but he doesnt believe her. She says she needs to get to Theo but Roman says “I’m sorry. But you won’t make it home tonight”.

    Carly and Bo happen to be walking along the dock when they spot a strangled Lexie in the water with a rope around her neck…….

    I have plenty more thoughts!!!!!

  25. Profile photo of sonyab1974

    It was happening during Hogan Sheffer’s tenure there. When Ken corday mandated that the veterans not be written for the show TANKED in the ratings.
    What does that mean? You mean when the veterans weren’t written for the show then it tanked in the ratings?

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