REACTION: Call DC Hotline to Share Your Thoughts on Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn Firings

You can share your thoughts on the firings of Days of Our Lives’ Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn on the Daytime Confidential Hotline. Call now and leave your thoughts and they will be added to upcoming podcasts!

CALL NOW: 917 – 677 – 9757 

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    I just called and I am so upset and then to let not only Drake and Deidre but Jay as well.

    Dena Higley needs to go. I miss the Action and adventure that Days went on what in the heck is going on??? Where are the hero’s at???

    Give me the raines and I will come in and save the day!!!!

    Action and adventure Dena we have been asking for I am so tiredf the same old BULL S**T.

    My friends on my “DaysDailyChat” on MySpace (Link Below) are talking about going to “All My Children”.

    Come on we can’t give up now.

    We need to get rid of Dena, now I am sick of hearing about her family and her private life and she needs to stick to working what she is to.

    I could give a RATS A$$ for what is going on in her personal life!!!!! As she mentions in her blog. I feel it is possibly a tough job but HELLOOOOOOO what direction is this soap in??? Huh, Ken???

    Sami & Lucas needs to be back together, and Chloe needs to pair up with someone else that she has chemistry with like Brady.

    For Lucas to propose marriage and let’s see Sami and him haven’t been apart all that long. Plus there hasn’t been any real time for them to be together like let’s see we have watched 15 years of Sami and Lucas to get together and now this is WRONG so wrong to destroy such a powerhouse of a show.

    Sami and Lucas were working on being the next John/Marlena, Steve/Kayla, Bo/Hope and on and on.

    And Nick what the heck?
    Melanie where did they find her…. KB Toys?

    Let me write for Days it would never be the same again. And the show would fly off the map!!!!!!

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