Rick’s Rewards Plan

For years every single Forrester kid had to compete 
with the shining glory of their big brother Ridge. No matter what the rest of Eric’s children did, they could never hold a candle to their elder brother.

When it was discovered that Ridge was the biological son of Massimo Marone, Eric continued to fawn over him as if he were The Second Coming, as did Stephanie, Brooke and Taylor. Sure, Eric and Stephanie have always tried to deny their favoritism, but Ridge has never denied his status as The Chosen One. Hell, he’s even bragged about it and reveled in his standing as the favorite Forrester spawn. The Dressmaker has always seemed to get a kick out of knowing that he can never do any wrong in the eyes of his parents and the women who obsess over him.

Over the years, it’s been Thorne who has had the hardest time dealing with living in Ridge’s shadow, but this time it’s Rick who has finally had enough of the scraps his parents have thrown his way, while Ridge gets a feast fit for a couture king. Unlike Thorne, who failed in futile efforts, like whining to Eric and Stephanie or going to work for the competition, over his Ridge-based frustrations, Rick has decided go after the one thing Ridge loves more than himself, Forrester Creations. More after the jump!

Even though it was pretty underhanded for Rick to use his temporary paralysis and Eric’s near-death at the hands of Ridge, Rick got what he wanted. He has Ridge out of his mother’s life and has a huge chunk of the Forrester Creations pie. Not bad for a kid that was hoodwinked by Death Valley’s own Amber Moore. After all the years of being in Ridge’s shadow Rick has finally gotten Ridge by the short hair, but the question is, how long until The Chiseled One strikes back?

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    KL is sooo great at playing a jerk. I love this new version of Rick – sneaky, manipulative, determined to wipe that smirk off of Ridge’s face! Go Rick! I just hope it lasts, and I’m really hoping that Ridge doesn’t come out the winner in the end, which I’m pretty sure *is* going to happen.

    One thing though: he’s yet another adult “child” that’s still boo-hooing about his parents not being together – what is wrong with these people?!

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    Darren Lomas

    Rick’s way more interesting as an arrogant jerk than stuck in drippy storylines like last summer’s Boldface Challenge sing-off nonsense. If only more B&B characters would try to take Ridge down a peg or two.

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    I love this storyline! What I hate is how Throne is all in Rick’s face about sticking it to Ridge. If anything, they should both have been brought closer together considering how they have been second fiddle to the golden boy all these years…

    ***///11.09.85: The Ultimate Soap Viewer Was Born…\\\***

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    Yeah Darren, that storyline was horrible! At least it provided a lot of laughs though: Rick and 5’2″ Supermodel Phoebe’s “romance” (one of the worst B&B pairings ever, imo), Constantine Maroulis “acting”, Phoebe’s Goth/Rock Makeover – oh the memories, lol!

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    Rick is taking a page out of “Stephanie’s handbook guide to Manipulation”. I glad someone is sticking it too poor little Riwwidge. I so sick of him I want to throw Ridge over the balcony instead of Rick. I don’t have much hope on the writer because he is writing the same damn thing over again and he needs to step down and give the show to someone who can write the characters with heart and someone to root for, not the same sluts screwing their way to the top and destroying lives and thinking that fans will root for them. I am on TEAM Rick.


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