The Young and the Restless Weekly Promo

I need a cigarette after that… This is the Victor we are dying to see not moping over Cherie Jubilee!

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    I love Victor, but seriously him talking to his son that way, no matter what he did, is sickening.

    I would not mind if it was Jack but I will NEVER get behind a father that treats hi son the way Victor treated Adam.

    It is not a father place to destroy his son life no matter what he did, and Victor did just that when he id not let Adam find another job, and wants to do worst!?!GMAFB! :sick:

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    But this has always been Victor- he is by no stretch of the imagination “father of the year”, and Nick should heed his own advice he gave Adam months ago….

    But this changes the dynamics of Genoa City, they are setting up Nick with a worthy rival, and once this sharon/Jack/Nick/Phylis story hits the fan, it won’t be long before Jack joins hands with Adam, and starts playing stepfather once again to one of Victor’s kids. Too bad I’m not a Heather fan, otherwise I would be 100% behind Adam…

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    They need to recast Heather so I can get behind the couple, but I just am not feeling her. And I love that Jack/Adam bond because it will make Victor realizes how he behaves with his other son.


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