Days of Our Lives: John and Marlena Tribute

The daytime industry is in shock with news surfacing that NBC, Ken Corday and Days of Our Lives have fired Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn. Fans from all parts of the world are still reeling in a state of disbelief, shock and anger. As reported right here on Daytime Confidential and The Suds Report with Nelson Branco, the couple best known to the show as John and Marlena will be released from the show early in the new year.

Have this supercouple fallen victim to the axe from an organization in panic and disarray? Or, have we had the wool pulled over our eyes for yet another storyline with producers calling our bluff in a ploy to win back it’s fan base and the much desired number one spot in the ratings race?

In other rumours circulating from the set, this firing may be the first of what people are calling a ‘bloodbath’. Josh Taylor (Roman), Lauren Koslow (Kate), Blake Berris (Nick), Bryan Dattilo (Lucas), Molly Burnett (Melanie), Stephen Nichols (Patch) and Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) could all have their heads on the chopping block, with only weeks or days to live.

While Days of Our Lives continue to battle through its personal identity crisis, we remember the couple that brought much joy, love, heartbreak and much cherished memories to our television screen. As a fan of the show’s veterans, I have engaged with this couple for years, following the highs and lows through the shows finest hour and classic storytelling. Here we remember: John and Marlena.

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    Brian Peel

    Thanks crew. This is one moment in daytime we will never forget. I’m scared to think who’s head is next to roll. Then again Molly Burnett may be next in line for the firing squad? BANG BANG!

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    Brian Peel

    Stefano just came back. I doubt he is next, but would love to hope Josh Taylor and Molly Burnett are next. Axe away. I think Lauren Koslow is in a bad position to be in – cancer? Not looking good for Kate…CHOP!

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    Having John and Marlena off the screens and off Days is suicide for Days…wait, Days is dead already. I really hate that they had been let go…such a complete waste of talent. I hope and pray that both Deidre & Drake find the show that would treat them better than they had been treated at Days these months. THEY ARE STILL & WILL ALWAYS BE MY GREATEST SUPERCOUPLE!

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