Jesse McCartney “It’s Over” Music Video

Check out Jesse McCartney’s "It’s Over" music video.

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    Nice job Jesse. He still has that boyish look to me. Did anyone see him on SVU last week, it was pretty good. Im watching OLTL right now on Soapnet, and Susan Haskell is bringing it. She is giving me chills, she better be up for that Emmy next year, i dont think that faux Marty could have pulled this off. Bravo OLTL.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Oh yeah, he will definitely go big in Hollywood. He’s already booking guest gigs and everyone has their occasional flop. Will Smith had that dreadful movie with Nia Long, Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldbery and even went bankrupt, look at him now! LOL Jesse is the rare triple threat. He can act, sing and dance, that gives him viable careers in music, movies and Broadway. There aren’t many true triple threats. Will Smith was a joke as a rapper, but he did have his success. Madonnna can sing and dance, but she’s no actress, but every so often there is someone who can do it all.

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