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Here’s the Scoop! 11.19.08

Another Re-Opening? Shouldn’t Luke be more concerned about Kelly’s getting torched and trashed? I would think so BUT nope, he and Johnny discuss getting the Haunted Star back up and running today.

Speaking of Luke… what’s going on with his marriage? RUMORS say Tracy files for divorce. Will Guza break the Q’s out for a scene? It looks like Tracy’s divorce has Monica and Edward getting dusted off and they SHOULD be guests at Robin and Patrick’s Christmas Wedding.

Who else is getting dusted off? Alexis! She’ll have scenes when Jason is arrested and RUMORS say her airtime will pick up next month. Will we ever see a reaction to Jerry’s death?

More on the kidnapping… Jason SHOULD try to ease Elizabeth’s fears but he’ll of course have to leave. Both parents feel responsible for Jake’s latest crisis. Will this have Elizabeth walking away from Jason? It’s out there Liason fans.

Carly wants revenge… and we all know what that means. She’s either got a plan cooking or she’s going to do something really stupid. There were RUMORS of Carly going off and sleeping with a random after catching Jax and Kate. The LATEST? Get a salt shaker… the man Carly has her one night stand with turns out to be her new guard. Do we really need another character? Where have Max and Milo been? There’s a mob war going on and Sonny’s guards are nowhere to be found.

Dante, Dante, Dante… will he forever live in Olivia’s phone? There were plenty of RUMORS out there over the casting of Dante. The LATEST? That we MAY not meet Dante in the flesh until after the new year. What happened? Well it looks like things got leaked before the paperwork was signed and then it fell apart.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Another wedding? Tracy and Luke may be saying I Do, again. More Matt and Liz rumblings although that RUMORED date never happened. Another Matt RUMOR… he and Maxie MAY kiss. Olivia vs. Claudia. Alexis steps down as DA. A new DA already waiting in the wings?

Don’t forget to check the comments. SCOOP gets dropped all day long and well, we’re an entertaining bunch! Here’s what you may have missed yesterday:

I am not sure how long Jake is gone… some say he’s back and safe mid-December others are saying that he is still missing at the holidays. There are RUMORS that it’s all too much for Elizabeth and she heads down the road that most of the women of GH find themselves on…RUMORS of Elizabeth having a mental breakdown. Like I said… she kills a man, her son is taken and everything she’s done up to this point was for nothing. A girl has her limits.

Rebecca Herbst urged fans to write in for Liason. Her attitude gave me the impression that Liason is not heading in the direction Liason fans would hope.

I mentioned yesterday that Sam is not shot by Jason but she is at the warehouse when guns are blazing.
Why? Well she wants to work with Jason he tells her no and she goes to Sasha hoping to still work undercover on her own. Sorry Sam but your cover is blown when Jason doesn’t shoot you. It’s Jason who brings Sam to Elizabeth’s where Lucky will be.

I have to give kudos to whoever is behind Scrubs’ writing lately. They were extremely cute and REAL yesterday (Monday).

Elizabeth Scoop… some have her going crazy, some have her making deals with the devil. Who is the devil? It SEEMED like Sasha but what if it’s someone else?

I’ve been waiting on a little more,
maybe even a little birdie to confirm, but hell I’m a girl with too much work and very little time. LOL. So here it is… there are RUMORS about an Agent coming to PC…an FBI agent. Would make a lot of sense if it was Jagger coming back but he was written out of Night Shift and back to Cali (is that where he was prior to the return?) to deal with his baby’s momma. So the LATEST RUMOR…SCOOP…maybe Fanfic is that an FBI Agent comes to help in the kidnapping investigation. Possibly being played by Mark Pinter (Roger Smythe, AMC; Grant, AW). This Agent will take an obvious interest in the mob element in town as it was the Russian Mob who took Jake and Jason Morgan’s interest in the missing tot will also have the agent going hmmmmm.

Another re-do? Isn’t this how we met Reese? Is there a dictionary in the writer’s room at GH? I’d like for them to look up the definition of ORIGINALITY.

Here’s a thought…
how about you have the PCPD succeed in something. Maybe Mac can find Jake? Maybe Harper can…he’s hot, I wouldn’t mind seeing him more. It’s a fellow officer’s son that is missing AGAIN… let them rally. Your precious Mob stays in tact and the PCPD don’t look like idiots…. wait, I’ve said this before haven’t I? Gee… think it’s because it’s what the fans would like to see? KUDOS to John J. York! He rocked his scenes yesterday (Tuesday)!

So now let’s guess… this FBI Agent being brought in (IF THE RUMORS ARE TRUE) we all know how this story goes. He’ll wind up being someone from someone’s past… Sam’s Dad? Maybe Spinelli’s? Jeff Weber with a new face?

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  1. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    i am surprised that loo-loo was the only at kelly’s when it burnt down

    where’s bobby and luke?

    forget about jerry’s death what about her daughter almost blowing up to pieces? where has alexis been?

    who cares about dante!!!!

    i still have hope for liason, but a girl has needs so elizabeth should move on just for a little while.

    LIASON FOREVER !!!!!!!!!

  2. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    Not another FBI agent. They never work. Anyone recall Hannah? I liked Lisa Vultaggio, she just never fit. Reese, ugh. She did have great chemistry with Ric, but then she got fired and her feelings hurt and sued. What a grown up, I’m hired to save shows. I’m off topic, I’m having to much fun, making fun.

    I’m looking forward to these spoilers, except Carly. When is she gonna grow up. These sound like meaty material for Liz, if she has that break down. I mean poor RH, she’s been given crap lately. No decent story lines and forced to wear white coats that if you flap your arms fast enough you could fly.

  3. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    Liasonaddict, family ties appear to be fleeting on this show. People are related to one another but they don’t seem to know it anymore. The Spencers are nowhere to be seen while their diner, their aunt’s legacy, is torched. Alexis’ on and off boyfriend is apparently blown up and her daughter is nearly blown up with him yet she’s not around… but then again, remember when Nikolas was having brain surgery? Alexis was absent then too.

    The writers need to remember that they can’t ignore the fact that people are connected and they don’t all live in a vacuum.

  4. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    There have been RUMBLINGS about Liason scenes for early December that center around the kidnapping storyline. I would imagine they are heart breaking as their son has been kidnapped and their relationship is falling apart.

  5. Profile photo of kgbmc

    The news seems scarce not to mention disappointing, except for Scrubs. Very little movement and romance or storytelling.

    Is it because GH is keeping something more under wraps? Or am I just feeling hopeful?

    I have to mention that MB has been amazing.

  6. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    It’s typical for info to drop off the closer we get to Sweeps ending. But there is this stunt of Guza’s that’s been pushed back. Plus, the promised twist at the end of Sweeps.

  7. Profile photo of kgbmc

    It seems like it has been pretty accurately spoiled her and in the promos so far.

    There has been few surprises so far. Even Sonny appears to be marrying Claudia despite the promo questioning who the groom is.

    Are we expecting surprises after Thanksgiving? What do you think?

  8. Profile photo of txriotgrrl

    reading this makes me glad i deleted GH from my DVR schedule. what a waste of time.

    OTOH, OLTL has got a new viewer. the past two weeks fallout from the tarty stuff has been simply amazing. i have watched OLTL for only 1 1/2 weeks and already i see what a real soap can be.

    DEATH to GUZA indeed.

  9. Profile photo of kgbmc

    I really do hope that the Jason and Elizabeth do not break under pressure, as much as people say they or she will. Of course Elizabeth will crack, but I hope she does not turn on Jason.

    When Liason wrap themselves around each other like yesterday, I am confident in them as a couple. Keeping my fingers crossed here.

  10. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    Good moring everyone. Regan, didn’t you mention that if Liason break-up we could blame Frons for this one? I found a number on another site for Frons 818-460-7020 to leave comments. I called it and it seemed ligit, what do you think? I will call, call and call if it’s for real!

    PS: Also saw an email addrss

  11. Profile photo of justliason

    so if we can’t get liason, can we get a little more coleman or mac
    coleman for some hot lovin and mac for the soft sweet romance
    come on gh, bring back some sonny-brenda days!

  12. Profile photo of blackjack21

    regan, we are an entertaining bunch aren’t we?

    a slight dig with hope at the end for liz/jason fans – with liz’s track record of continually changing her mind and what she thinks is best, even if she does walk away from jason, i expect her to want him back again in, oh, about a week.

    thank you everyone for your well wishes yesterday, they were a bright spot for me!

  13. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I do not know anyone attending but would love to hear from anyone who will be there. PLUS… it’s Ohio State – Michigan Weekend so I am sure Steve will be watching our beloved Buckeyes before he hits the stage! GO BUCKS!

  14. Profile photo of allikat

    Okay, so I live an hour away from Disney and didn’t get to make it to SSW because my three year old got sick BUT I was watching the GH stuff on YouTube and couldn’t believe the difference in Becky Herbst from this year and last year. She is normally very energetic, sweet and warm and I know that there aren’t clips of all of her stuff from this weekend but did anyone else get the vibe that she is just not happy? Don’t know if it is personal or GH related, but as a Liason fan it gave me a bad feeling……Anyone else see this?

  15. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Elizabeth is definitely getting some screen time. She’ll have a decent arc through mid-December. Rebecca usually takes some vacay and GH (if my memory serves) has a holiday break. Whatever time Becky Herbst will be away from set, it MAY not affect her air dates too much. RUMBLINGS are that she will/has pre-taped some scenes.

  16. Profile photo of Karissa

    Praise the Lord!! No more Liason :) I can’t stand that couple. Jason used to be so cool but with Elizabeth he has turned into one big tool. I want her to take those kids and hit the road. She should realize that she and Jason can never be together mainly because she isn’t strong enough to live the life that Jason leads. I may dislike Sam but the girl can handle herself. Elizabeth is too fragile she should date Matt

  17. Profile photo of kgbmc

    I like the idea of of Cody, Jason and Johnny being the new mob. I hope they go with it. That should make for some interesting dynamic between Johnny and the new bride Claudia.

  18. Profile photo of roe0824

    Hi Regan, thanks for the spoilers but of course I disagree with you on Liason, I still think in the end all will work out. I do agree though with the part about her having a breakdown. Her son is kidnapped, she kills a Russian, I would loose it too but I think Jason will be there to help her through it(he better be) and I think that will bring them together. Years ago, it was Elizabeth backing down, Jason wanting more, now Elizabeth wanting more and Jason backing down, somones gotta give in now. I also like the idea of them using the characters they have like Mac and Harper? Hello, remember them GH? Why bring in an FBI agent to help find Jake? Bring in the FBI agent to investigate the mob and the Russians, that makes more sense. GH does have a police force that they can use and even Lucky should be helping too.Regan, and the rest of us, we should just write GH and then send it to the writters and maybe the bells will go off in their heads.

  19. Profile photo of roe0824

    Definately love the idea of Jason and Johnny working together. They seem like the bad guys trying to do good. Carly and a bodyguard? Where is Max and Milo these days? I also miss Max and Diane toghether, I need some comedy.

  20. Profile photo of samrocks

    “Where is Max and Milo these days?”

    Seriously guys, if you were either of them, would you want to be anywhere near that hothead Sonny? Although I love both of the actors, I think the characters may have had a flash of brilliance and decided to abandon ship! :)

  21. Profile photo of samrocks

    Regan, here’s a thought: Since Sonny and Jason have broken up and OLTL’s Marty has amnesia from a brain injury…

    Maybe she could come to Port Chuckles and be Jason’s enforcer!

    (Hey if Skye could cross over (AMC to GH), along with Anna (GH to AMC and back to GH), when why not Marty?)

  22. Profile photo of kgbmc

    I have a question, did anyone see Maxi’s expression when Lucky arrived at Sam’s on Monday? She looked more than just uncomfortable, she looked like she could still have feelings for Lucky.

    Also what were we to make of Lucky’s comment that he doesn’t yet see or believe Maxi as a nicer person?

    Is there a possibility that Maxi and Lucky could be rekindled in the near future? Any rumors out there about them?

  23. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    Liasonaddict – I love your comment “who cares about Dante” LOL – I sure as hell don’t!!!! Nor do I care about his mother. It makes me sick to watch as Olivia is a Kate wanna be and a redo. Just another example of Guza’s lack of creativity rewriting what was told last year. Aughh. Oh and she is just so bad and not buying any of Sonny’s lies – yeah, right Kate nailed it – she’s a hypocrite that just wants to do Sonny all over despite being horrified by watching him shoot a man multiple times, kick him and spit on him.

    Regan – any hope left for SKate in the future?? Really I don’t want to be like so many fans strung along only to learn “they are going in another direction”. I feel so bad for Liason fans! I remember way back in March they were promised a wedding in May for with just about the shortest, abrupt proposal ever and really can’t even remember a love scene in a good six months?? That is just wrong.

    At this point I watch for one reason, Megan Ward. I adore Kate Howard and as long as she’s doing her thing and if that thing is with Jax – so be it. BUT I WANT MY SKATE BACK!

  24. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Liason is the only reason I watch I love that couple and Jason needs this kind of balance in his life. He has never had a family since his accident and even before that he just turned up on the Quartermaine doorstep…his mother was murdered so he needs balance.

    I wouldn’t want him with another gun totin Annie Oakley type..Jason needs to get back to his roots something where he has to defend the Qs (its not many of them left) Elizabeth is the perfect woman for Jason after Robin and Courteny…after Robin she “knows” Jason Morgan and has never taken advantage of him for money that is what he needs.

    I think the Second Annual Liason Fan Event Becky will clarify but all actors/actress suggest writing so its not unusal for them to say this it doesn’t mean the couple is a no go it just means write and voice your opinion.

  25. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I agree its their time I don’t know how or why their storyline has been taken over by Sam but I for one have been calling asking why not more Elizabeth and Jason scenes..their relationship hasn’t even been firmly established enough to fall apart for me. I don’t want this unneccessary angst. I want them in their own story without Lucky and Sam hovering over it.

  26. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Well from what I heard we better get out the kleenex BY THE CASE!!!!!!!!!! They where so cute yesterday, when she went to walk away he held onto her hand. It’s almost like TPTB are letting you see why they are great together only to tear them apart. Do they want a reaction, I’m so confused. Isn’t there another character that can have heartache, Even Kate was still blaiming Jason for everything and he was only offering to help Olivia. Hello, enough already

  27. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2008
    Zanies Comedy Club
    230 Hawthorn Village Commons
    Vernon Hills, IL 60061
    Showtime: 4:00p.m

    Hey guys anyone going that can get some info? Regan do you know anyone going?

  28. Profile photo of hrycko48

    Remember all that talk about Johnny and Jason teaming up? Well it MAY be coming as Jason is RUMORED to ask Johnny for some help.


    Yay! I think my screen might melt if these 2 are on at the same time! ;)

  29. Profile photo of JaSamLover

    kgbmc, I caught that look too! But I saw it differently. To me, it seemed like she was annoyed that Lucky showed up, because she was trying to get Sam to admit she still had feelings with Jason and wanted him back. Which Maxie would want, because it would mean Elizabeth gets hurt. I don’t think she has any feelings left for Lucky.

    As for Lucky’s comments, I think that may have been a little bit of foreshadowing. Like he knows she is still trouble (trouble this time bringing hurt to Liz. well, that’s practically everytime).

    Tequila and dominoes-we will never forget.

  30. Profile photo of katclaws

    cyberologist, ICAM! LIASON is the only reason I watch GH anymore as well. I can not understand why they are not together yet….well, except for Guza’s sick attempt to drive the fans crazy & keeping inciting fanbase wars! I’m so sick of Guza’s push & pull for them & for us fans. LuSam was actually starting to grow on me AND redeem Sam McCall’s character. I’d much rather see her with Lucky having that “miracle” baby, than dodging bullets.
    And I agree, Jason needs someone(Elizabeth & Family) he can come home to & put the violence of his life aside. And, for heaven’s sake, if ANYONE can protect his family it would be Jason. jmho

  31. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I would be unhappy too, this is a meaty storyline about her son and the man she loves and she’s virtually been pushed out of it. I think her suggesting writing/calling isn’t about Liason but more of her being pushed aside in her storyline with her son. As a Becky fan everything is not about Elizabeth with Jason. I look at it she is suggesting our disappointment with the “Elizabeth” storyline. Her kowtowing while Sam is all in it as far as I’m concerned this is many of her fans I post with intepretation of this request for writing and calling. This is the “stock” answer they all give if you are unhappy write/call to express it. Its not unusual for them to say this so I don’t take much stock in it.

  32. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I am still struggling with plot point vs character driven story telling but I think this is what Jamey means when he and Nelson Branco speaks about it. If I’m understanding what they are saying, this is the “result” of plot point storytelling (your vaccum). Not sure if I’m correct just trying to test out my new stuff. LoL

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