Kelly Monaco Topless!

No, she’s not doing another Playboy spread but General Hospital star Kelly Monaco (Sam McCall) will be joining Spice Girl Mel B (Dancing With the Stars) on the Las Vegas stage. is reporting that the ladies will star in PEEPSHOW at the Planet Hollywood Casino and Resort.

Neither Brown nor Monaco will be topless, but the showgirls surrounding them will be. Brown will be "scantily clad, but in a classy way," she says.

Monaco’s character in the show will be "Little Bo Peep," a timid and lonely girl who is guided by Brown’s character, "Peep Diva."

Monaco spoke about the Las Vegas show at Super Soap Weekend. According to fan reports, it should not interfer with General Hospital.

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    Nothing new really, Kelly Monaco can be view topless on You tube any day of the week.

    There are clips floating around with her playing card and removing her top. Must be when she was with Playboy or something.

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    Brown will be “scantily clad, but in a classy way,”

    Um, really?

    I think Kelly showed her ta ta’s off in the movie Ideal Hands? The ideal hand of death is feeling her up. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen that movie but ya. Just throwing it out for the guys who might wanna see, lol. I think PC and GH are the most decent things she has ever done. I wonder why daytime atracts all the soft porn actors, ha. Most were on Passions, one was on Days as a recast and one’s on B&B. I know this because I have a male best friend who tells me about it, I have to laugh at it.

    Not a big deal. her fans will go see it, her male fans that is. Well, it is Las Vegas.

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    The net rumor is that she will get more airtime so that they are “challenging” her to be able to do both jobs at the same time. That sounds like passive aggressive IIC.

    Hey, you got a lot of weight on your shoulder. So find somebody to come home to, somebody you can trust and believe in. -Maximus

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    This isn’t as salacious as it sounds…

    The Creator/Director/Choreographer, Jerry Mitchell, is a Tony award/Drama Desk award winner (Legally Blonde, La Cage Aux Folles, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Hairspray, The Full Monty, among others). The rest of the creative team are also highly accomplished Broadway professionals.

    Yes it’s burlesque-like, but it’s a perfectly legitimate show and an amazing opportunity for Kelly Monaco.

    If anyone is interested in the show:

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    We have such a skewed view of nudity in the U.S. compared to Europeans, it’s vulgar only because we make it so. Vegas shows are usually top of the line, big dollar productions and very classy. Now the bo-peep and peep diva thing made me snicker a little but i’m sure it’s all top notch.

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    WOW a show in Vegas where some women are topless! (but not the woman in the headline of this article) Its really SHOCKING. I dont think any movie or television show should EVER hire anyone who has the audacity to expose their breasts (society fell apart when we stopped branding women like this with a hot poker). Hacks like Oscar winners Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry – NO WORK FOR THEM – esp. if they ever wanted to do daytime. Once someone does something like this, we should make sure to label them and in case that person is talented enough that their career evolves to include other things, we should keep it alive on youtube so that the stigma we created sticks. The moral sanctity of our society depends on this, the minds and souls of our nation’s youth are at risk. I am going to go right now and start a group on Facebook – Citizens Against Tits or CAT for short. LOL

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    EricasEvilTwin, that was a little funny and over the top. Poking a little fun isn’t a crime don’t take it so seriously. I don’t care that KM got naked or any other actor for that matter. Who the hell cares, people are just joking around.

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    A little more info if anyone is interested. I listen to the ATW (American Theatre Wing-Downstage Center) podcast (for anyone interested in the theater, I highly recommend this podcast – it’s great!!) Anyway, I looked through their archives and found an interview they did with Jerry Mitchell and not only is he really accomplished but he sounds like a great guy. He mentioned Peepshow briefly (this was recorded a year and a half ago).

    It turns out he created Broadway Bares – an annual show that benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. It started out as a small male burlesque show, and now 17 years later it’s a big event with hundreds of Broadway stars. It’s raised more than $4 million for the cause over the years. I thought that was pretty cool!

    He said that he considers Peepshow a “spinoff” of Broadway Bares (though I’m pretty sure all the profits aren’t going to charity for this one, lol)

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