1981 Flashback: The Edge of Night

is an amazing thing. If there was one soap I wish that I could watch on television every day, it would the The Edge of Night (1956-1984). Mysteries, murders, intrigue and trials ruled the soap for years before it was cancelled. Many actors are still held in high regard and fans of the show still mourn it’s loss.

What makes this 1981 clip so much fun is the people who are in it. Test your knowledge and see if you can figure out who they are! Find out their names after the jump.

Chris Goutman (Executive Producer, ATWT); Mady Kaplan (Marie Kovac, ATWT 1985); Lori Loughlin (primetime and movie actress); and Mark Arnold (primetime actor). Their characters were Matt Sharkey, Bobbie Gerard, Jodie Travis and Gavin Wylie.

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    This was the first soap I ever watched. My grandfather watched religiously at 4 pm and guess what was on right before it – yep, GH. And then when summer came, on rainy days, what was on before GH, yep OLTL. Thats how I became an ABC gal – when my mother stopped watching DOOL, it became THE channel.

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    I loved EON. Raven Whitney was one of my favorite characters.

    Remember when they all moved into the same building owned by Alicia Van Dien and her brother? The whole town was being watched through their cable system!

    The last episode was a classic soap moment. It was campy but really well acted – the antithesis of Passions. Also, it was perfectly timed after school, just like Dark Shadows was for an earlier generation.

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    My Mom watched that show all the time! Thanks for posting! EON Rocked back in the day. That’s when soaps were soaps!


    ***”Tick.Tick.Tick..The Hunt For Ron Carliviti Is On! REDEEM OLTL! LEAVE RON ALONE!”***

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    Mike Jubinville

    “My Edge of Night love is well-known, so thank you Mark!!!”
    I was waiting for your comment, but it’s Mike not Mark. I doubt Mark is old enough! :)

    I was watching this clip and could not figure out for the life of me why this guy looked familiar, then it hit me like a lightning bolt. You’re right B, he hasn’t changed a bit. Love the 80’s tight jeans, tucked in shirt.

    I wonder if he was practicing his “will they won’t they” about Luke and Noah having sex. “Red light, green light, red light, green light.” HA!

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    First time posting–but have been lurking and listening to the podcasts since the summer. Really enjoy everything.

    I loved EON and watched it since I was a kid. Did you all know that Mady Kaplan was Frances Heflin’s (Mona AMC) daughter? I remember that being kind of a big thing whe she came on the show. I also remember Mady from ATWT.

    Would love if they would put EON of soapnet.

    I have watched almost all the soaps for some amount of time–but am down to ATWT and AMC. Goutman–whenever I say that name I seethe like when Seinfeld said “Newman”

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    Mike Jubinville

    Welcome Crustee! Thanks for posting. I did know that Kaplan was Heflin’s daughter, but I forgot to pop that up. Mady came to ATWT in the middle of one of it’s best known storylines…Douglas Cummings stalking Kim Hughes.

    I don’t think I’ll ever hear Goutman’s name again without saying it like Newman. I loved Seinfeld!

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