Barbara Walters “Resents” Ex Co-Hosts Dumping on The View

Barbara Walters came out swinging in her oh-so-polite away saying that she "resents" a couple ex co-hosts dumping on The View for their own publicity.

Translation: The political season is over, what better way to keep ratings at all time highs than to take on the big R and big S again?

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    I watched this live, and honestly, maybe they should move on as well. As it is, they can’t even acknowledge Rosie’s name, when they refer to a past segment, Rosie’s brother helped Joy out, for something in Joy’s neighborhood, I think he’s a councilman, and Joy couldn’t even say, “Rosie’s brother.” and BW, EH and Whoopie have mentioned “one” tumultous year. Rosie didn’t have the greatest time either, so maybe all of them can get off their high horses. EH MOST especially. Rosie doesn’t need the publicity for her new show- she was interviewed and asked a question and she answered. Starr, on the other hand, has said very nasty things.

    I wouldn’t want EH as a friend either- sheesh, you need to watch your back

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    Barbara knew exactly what she was getting when she hired Rosie. She stepped on that land mine knowing full well what to expect!

    And w/ regards to Starr, Barbara did Starr all kinds of wrong. Barbara lied for the longest time about Starr’s employment. She knew that Starr was not going to be on that show once Rosie started and had Starr lie about it too! Then when Starr said enough is enough and announced that she was leaving, earlier than what the producers had planned. Barbara started acting like she was betrayed by Starr! The nerve!

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    Sorry, I disagree with you above ladies. Rosie’s show was cancelled on ABC, it started out good and once she got political, I think it went downhill. Barbara bailed her out when she had nooone else ringing her phone to do anything. So Rosie should just end it with knocking the View and everyone on it. As far as Star Jones, she was lawyer but after that, she was also a nobody and then she lost the weight and then left. So she left but again, nobody knew her as a lawyer, only on the View, since then, she did other things, shows but if not for Barbara, she would have stayed a nobody. If you didn’t like what when on at the View, end it, move on, don’t knock the person who gave each of them a chance. You don’t hear Merideth or Lisa Lin complaining about anything because again, if it wasn’t for Barbara and the View, we wouldnt’have known of these people.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Forget Barbara! I don’t even like Rosie, but she fed her and Starr to the lions den after she used them to boost her ratings during the last days of her career. I really cannot believe she allowed her show to descend into this unseemly circus. This woman had a stellar career as a broadcast journalism, then she allowed her last great project to become a freak show all for ratings. What is she a soap opera exec?

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    I Agree Jamey, Barbara needs to get over it. She did Starr wrong asking her to lie about how she was leaving and the whole Rosie thing was not just Rosie’s fault. EH and BW have to step up and acknowledge their part in that.

    What about Debbie Mantanopolous. BW just fired her after 18 months and gave her no farewell, just an announcement and she co-hosts the Daily 10 on E!

    Audiences are not dumb Barbara we know your not BFF’s so stop making it seem that way

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    Rosie didn’t have a show on ABC- she had a show on NBC and it wasn’t cancelled, she decided to end it. She was perfectly happy in her retirement. She made a documentary, a brilliant one, might I add, for HBO, I think, of which the subject was the R Family Cruises. Barbara saw it, got very emotional, touched by it, went to Rosie and asked if she would join the View. Rosie wasn’t sure, but did for Barbara. Rosie was quite well known well before the View stuff. She didn’t need the View to make her famous. And, Rosie doesn’t just knock the View, out of nowhere. She’s asked questions and she answers, she doesn’t reach out to the press, for the sole purpose of putting them down.

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    I agree Jamey.

    I used to love and respect Barbara Walters but no more.

    she should move on she destroyed her own reputation has a journalist and now she is destroying her reputation as a lady.

    Ladies do not talk that way, about anybody!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Okay, LOL let me be the fact check police. 1.) The Rosie O’Donnell Show show was both on ABC, NBC and maybe even CBS and FOX in some cities because it was syndicated, meaning it was independent of any one broadcast network and could be licensed by various local TV markets. In one city it aired on the ABC network, in another the NBC. 2.) The Rosie O’Donnell Show was not cancelled, far from it. It was a ratings smash. Rosie gave up the show on her own to focus on gay activism, most notably the rights of same sex couples to adopt children in Floria, which I applauded her for, and to focus all her maniacal attention to dismantling the former McCall’s magazine (rebranded Rosie), which I lamented her for.

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    Luke Kerr

    This was a purely strategic decison by Babs to help create a bigger feud to keep people comiing in after the election. How does one avoid ratings sinkng after the lead up to a highly controversial, you pick a fight with the person you gave you the highest ratings prior to the highly controversial election.

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    Jamey Giddens

    And Rosie didn’t even diss that old prune. In the article she talks about being tired of talking about poltics and is happy to get back to what she once did best, make people laugh. Barbara needs to get somewhere and sit her old ass down!

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    Barbara is merely responding to Rosie’s latest harsh comments about her time on The View. It was Rosie that once again opened this topic in order to promote her Rosie Live, taking time to once again feed into the never-ending perception of strife behind-the-scenes.

    Rosie O’Donnell, promoting her forthcoming NBC Thanksgiving Eve variety special/backdoor pilot, told reporters yesterday that being on “The View” — from which she departed hastily and publicly — left her with something akin to post-traumatic stress disorder.

    The experience was like gathering the whole family at Nanna’s for Thanksgiving and Nanna wanting everyone to get along and pretend everything is hunkydunky even though one couple is on the verge of divorce and another family member is a drug addict, O’Donnell elaborated.

    In much the same way, O’Donnell said, “The View” exec producer and sometime star Barbara Walters “wanted everyone to believe and think and act as if [the show’s on-air personalities] get along and are really good friends and happy and hang out together and . . . that’s just not the reality.”

    “I’m not saying we loathed each other, but there wasn’t a lot of off-camera camaraderie. . . . What happened on the show was a personal argument with a friend [Walters] that was publicly displayed. I didn’t want to be paid to fight.”

    Rosie apparently didn’t mind the mood of the set when she guested multiple times and when she joined the cast – maybe it was her that caused this so-called lack of camaraderie?

    Barbara is savvy, but she is also defensive of her girls as much as possible. But once they bite her, she’ll take their head off. And I say, as much as I enjoy Rosie, good on Barbara for biting back.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Barbara already bit back, in her Best Selling Memoir at a book store near you! LOL She is no victim in all this. Why can’t Rosie use the drama to pimp her project? Lord knows Barbara has.

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    Luke Kerr

    Well on the bright side and making a giant pitcher of lemonade out of these three huge lemons, at least I don’t have to say nice things about Sam for a month. lol

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    To hell w/ Sam and her panty crickets and Liz the Human Incubator! Combined they both beat McDonald’s for customers served.
    And here you are making me laugh through my tears Season. “how rude!” LOL

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