BREAKING NEWS: Jay Kenneth Johnson BACK ON DAYS? Peter and Kristian Accept MASSIVE PAY CUTS?

This just in. A source close to the set of Days of Our Lives says news of Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip) leaving the sudser has proven premature.

"Jay is back!" says the source. "It was all just a stupid misunderstanding."

The source also reveals Peter Reckell (Bo) and Kristian Alfonso (Hope) agreed to take massive pay cuts.

"And good for them!" says the source. "It says a lot about Peter and Kristian for them to do that. It says that they are team players and want the show to succeed."

Even more top tier Days actors are being asked to take substantial cuts as well. Keep checking back to Daytime Confidential as this story develops.

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    Oh, thank god! If Jay had left, the hotness quota of the show would have been cut in half!!! And yay for Kristian and Peter!! It sucks that they had to take pay cuts, but the show really couldn’t afford to lose them right now – Days needs Bo and Hope!

  2. Profile photo of Lewis0817

    Why does Jay Johnson need to stay! He is a waste of money DAYS, oops we made a mistake with you, BUT NOT DEIDRA HALL!!!
    I feel bad for poor Kristian & Peter to get paycuts.

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    If they keep Bo & Hope (and if they took a paycut to do it, I’d like to personally thank them for taking one for the team) and JKJ’s Phillip, maybe there’s hope yet. Maybe we’ll find out that Melanie drugged Nick and hypnotized him into thinking he killed Trent, when she actually did. Maybe Dena Higley will get a job writing voiceovers for “Rock of Love” and a great new writer will come on board and find Hogan Sheffer’s lost year-long plan. Maybe the show I’ve watched since I was practically pre-verbal can still be saved. :(

  4. Profile photo of Laurie

    Thank God that Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso took the paycuts! At least, we will still recognize DAYS OF OUR LIVES when we occasionally glimpse Bo and Hope sitting around at the Brady Pub!

    Both Peter and Kristian have gone through their times of “pursuing other opportunities”. And they both learned the hard way that good acting work is not so easy to find. And in this economy, the opportunities will be far and few between.

    Hey, I’m minus an Xmas bonus and a raise this year because of this rotten economy. So it sux all over.

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    I have watched this show for somewhere around 28 years now, and have watched stars come and go. Doesn’t anyone remember what happened when they got rid of John and Marlena in the past??? Can’t they remember that the show was once #1, or at worst #2 in the ratings game, then they decided that they should play with the cast lineup and have never fully recovered their proper place again???? I am a bit confused about why they felt they needed to keep Philip on the show. He has no romantic prospects, he is not happy with his life and therefore we have no reason to live vicariously through him unless we want to pretend that having money makes us dpressed, and his mother appears to be dying, so when she is gone what is there in Salem to keep him there? Maybe he is “back” until his mother leaves or something. If they need to make cuts so badly, why not cut the fat, not the meat of the show. Thank heavens Bo and Hope will be sticking around, and are smart enough to see that in the current economy, pay cuts are far better than pay eliminations (aka working is better than not working). But I think this show is on its way out even with the recent renewal of the show.

    Btw, doesn’t anyone remeber something about Drake signing a contract that kept Drake on the show until 2011??? I seem to remember the last time they killed him off they did that. So what, the contract only kept him from seeking employment elsewhere, but not from them letting him go??? Man what has this world come to. I think that the powers that be got a bit confused somewhere along the way. I won’t stop watching, but if history has taught us anything, most everyone else will. It just makes me want to cry.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Freemommy actor contracts lock them for the duration of the contract, but it doesn’t lock the show, if that makes any sense. Soaps run in 13-week cycles and the standard contract for an actor has what is called an “out clause” where the show can choose to terminate an actor at the end of each 13-week cycle. So if actress A inks a three-year deal, keeping her on the show from 2008-2011, if the see that she tanks during her first major storyline, they can gut her at the end of 13 weeks. Sometimes even sooner. I don’t think Charity Ramer (the dreadful first Belle recast after Kirsten Storms left) even made two weeks did she? I try to block that time frame out. I believe with newbies they have clauses that they can gut you at any time, but with the veterans they have to at least give you essentially 13 weeks at a time.

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    Wise move to keep Jay on – he’s a favorite with the younger audience and one of the only original “days teens” left on the show. Sure his storyline sucks, but that’s the same all around on Days right now.
    My heart goes out to Peter and Kristian – they truly are devoted to their fans and it is much appreciated that they took one for the team.
    Drake and Deidre, while not replaceable, have characters that can survive a year or two hiatus. I’m not sure what more they can do with their characters right now anyway.
    As discussed on the firing podcast, I hope that Days starts to refocus on the younger generation. They took a huge hit when they lost Cook and Storms – and they’re still struggling to get back a talented group of younger actors.

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