Days of Our Lives: Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall, Thaao Penghlis & Ken Corday Interviewed In Australia.

In light of the all the ongoing turmoil on Days of Our Lives right now, take a minute to watch this video. It almost makes me want to vomit. You know sometimes in life, words do come back to haunt you in some way, shape or form. In October 2007, Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn, Thaao Penghlis and wait for it…Ken Corday, were interviewed by Australian show host Kerri-Anne.

It’s almost like a complete 360. Deidre talks about her love for the role she plays as Marlena, while Drake and Deidre talk about their highlights on the show and their favourite character moments. But wait for Ken Corday. He starts his ‘speech’ by saying he was 14 when Days of Our Lives was on, and it was not cool to watch soap opera’s. He also goes on to say that he felt honoured to continue the legacy his parents left him. Complete and utter vomit.

At the end of this, you really start scratching your head trying to find the answers as to why Ken did this to Drake and Deidre. Thaao sat there and contributed when asked, but I couldn’t help but think that he may be next to pack his bags.

Ken Corday, this is your worst nightmare. Folks, tell me what you think. Are you reaching for the bucket yet?

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    Well, it’s not really any newsflash that Ken Corday is a lying hypocrite who could care less about the quality of DAYS as long as he’s getting his paychecks. Wasn’t this interview happening around the first Drake firing? I can’t keep them all straight.

    I am very concerned that Thaao will be next. Obviously NBC and Corday are gunning for the high-paid high-quality actors. The only man to be nominated for Best Actor in the Daytime Emmys for DAYS since Stephen Nichols in the 80s seems to be the next logical victim of this insanity.

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    Brian Peel

    The news of Deidre and Drake’s firing made it to breakfast radio news right here in Melbourne this morning. I’m telling you, EVERYONE knows who Marlena is.

    Corday has screwed up so bad here, that I am going to take a stab in saying that Deidre will make her usual comeback on DAYS. Don’t know when, but with all this outrage, Corday will have no choice but to bow to public pressure.

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    It may be the greatest stunt ever. But I have a bad feeling there is going to be more blood-letting. Micky/Maggie, Steve/Kayla, Abe/Lexie, Kate, and now it looks like they’re going to ship out Blake Berris. Which doesn’t make sense if they’re going to start catering exclusively to the youth sector. It was disgusting watching KC. Bet he wished he was golfing instead.

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    Jamey. Yes, I meant Best Leading Man. It’s ridiculous that after Thaao’s nomination, he’s been on the backburner ever since. Another example of how NBC, Corday, etc. has no idea of how to run their show. Why watch high-caliber actors or interesting characters when we might miss a day of the latest shenanigans of the Salem teens and underwear models?

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