Eenie Meenie Minie Mo Catch a Hunk by the Toe

Amanda Dillon (Chrishell Stause) hasn’t been the luckiest in love. Every time she falls for someone something happens. There was Jamie (Justin Bruening), JR, Jonathan (Jeff Branson) and didn’t she even try to seduce Aidan (I’m a little fuzzy on those early days of her character)? Well now it seems that Amanda has not one, not two, but three men to choose from.

Sure The Powers That Be are trying to take Ricky Paull Goldin’s Jake Martin out of the running and she just slept with David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry) but now it seems as if the writers want to reunite her with JR (Jacob Young).

Personally, I’m not all that thrilled with a David/Amanda coupling but a Jake/Amanda/JR triangle would be smokin hot.

Who do you want Amanda with?

Eenie Meenie Minie Mo Catch a Hunk by the Toe

  • David Hayward (10%, 41 Votes)
  • Jake Martin (41%, 170 Votes)
  • JR Chandler (49%, 208 Votes)

Total Voters: 419


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  1. Profile photo of elle

    I chose Jake- but the truth is, I don’t want Amanda with any of them. I don’t really like her these days. I didn’t see any chemistry with Jake, I actually felt they were rather forced. I find her and David creepy. As JR is my fave, I want her far away from him, with her selfish, manipulating ways. JR has a son to raise, he shouldn’t have to worry about watching his back, and Amanda is written these days, as not to be trusted, imo. She comes across in the writing as being very into herself and her needs. JR’s son should be his focus and when it’s time, I would prefer they cast someone new for him. Someone who didn’t know Babe, someone brand new for him to meet fresh.

    Pratt allowed JR to grow up a lot during the JR/Babe storyline, and I’d like that to continue. Unless Pratt writes for Amanda to grow up a little, I don’t want her with him.

  2. Profile photo of terrifictam

    lUKE doesn’t seem like you have a bias at all with that hugeeee picture :)

    Even without the picture I chose JR and Amanda since the actors have amazing chemistry. I want a storyline for CHRISHELL so I’m hoping this will give her a frontburner one.

    AMC can thank TAMARA BRAUN for cementing a spot on my DVR again!!

  3. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Amanda & JR could raise a little hell together. I see early signs of Leo & Greenlee in them…

    ***///My life as a soap fan is on life support, waiting for a miracle…\\\***

  4. Profile photo of season1217

    ‘Amanda & JR could raise a little hell together. I see early signs of Leo & Greenlee in them…”


    I’m not really sure how I feel about that last statement.

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